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The New HDI is coming.  In the meantime....read on to learn about the hCG Diet.


What is the hCG Diet? 

Chances are you've heard of the amazing, medically-approved HCG Diet: The diet plan that uses the HCG hormone to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat while maintaining muscle.  The result?  A muscle-toned body that sheds weight at a reported average of 1 pound per day.


The hCG diet is the ultimate weight loss program that changes HOW your body loses weight.  Using the "pro-hormone" hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to increase other hormones to maintain its own natural muscle, the body's metabolism is naturally stimulated to burn fat at an impressive rate.  Read the scientific explanation here:  The New hCG Diet Reviewed.


The hCG Diet Guide:  How to do the hCG Diet

We've created a thorough guide to explain how the hCG Diet Plan works, including all the details needed to get started.  This includes articles on the original hCG Diet, the NEW hCG Diet, Tips for buying hCG Diet Drops and Injections, hCG Diet Food Lists and Menus, hCG Diet Recipes, Phases and so much more.  Get a sneak peek at the new HCG Diet Guide.

The hCG Diet Forums - FREE HCG Diet Support and Coaching Community

Have questions? Ready to learn all about the hCG Diet?  Join the HCG Diet Forums:Have questions? Ready to learn all about the hCG Diet?  Join the HCG Diet Forums where our experienced and helpful moderators are happy to answer your questions and provide guidance for your hCG diet journey.  Better yet, enjoy sharing the experience with the largest hCG Diet support community on the web!  HCG Diet Forums:

HCG Diet Forums


About the hCG Diet Plan


The hCG Diet was initially created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons and outlined in his original manuscript, "Pounds and Inches:  A Guide to Weight Loss."  This plan was intended for seriously obese individuals already at high risk for serious health issues because of their weight.  Over time, the diet has been modified by individual physicians and coaches to meet the needs of today and to include what we now know about health and weight loss.  This has resulted in an entirely new approach to the original protocol, focused on getting people truly healthy, and not just thin.  Afterall, it's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy!  


For a complete overview of the original protocol including foods and dosages originally permitted by Dr. Simeons, see HCG Diet page.


Get Started with the hCG Diet in just a few simple steps....

  • Begin with the hCG Diet Guide where you can learn about the various hCG program options including the original protocol, "Pounds and Inches" by Dr ATW Simeons.  Regardless of the protocol you choose to follow, it will be helpful to know how the plan was initially intended.

  • Read HDI's frequently asked questions section, designed to answer common questions about the program.

  • Read hCG Diet protocol overview which covers more basics of the diet according to Dr. Simeons' original protocol.

  • Join the HCG Diet Forums where our knowledgeable moderators and supportive community of members are eager to support you throughout your weight loss journey.




HCG Diet Basics: HCG, Food Lists & Recipes

   An Introduction to the hCG Diet


hCG stands for Human Choriogonadotropin.  It is a super hormone that is produced by all individuals, men and women alike.  It is produced in large amounts by women during pregnancy and is known for being the catalyst hormone that stimulates the production of other hormones throughout the body.  These in turn, effect the body's metabolism, muscle tissue, digestion, liver functions and much more.  It is no secret that hormone function and balance is known to be one of the most common causes of weight challenges, especially severe obesity.  hCG's role in the diet plan, helps the body to balance out these issues, which in turn enables the body to function at an optimal rate of performance.  Few people know that simple "pauses" in the body's natural functions can cause an inability for the body to process and use fat as energy; the natural purpose for fat.  A liver that does not get enough Choline can make it impossible for the liver to process fat.  A digestive system that does not have enough of the right hormones to create enzymes cannot properly emulsify foods.  This is just two examples out of dozens of possible hold-ups in the body when it comes to processing and expeling fat... that instead shift the body into fat storage mode causing weight gain and obesity.


HCG Diet Foods & Recipes


Research studies have shown that small, daily dosages of hCG do NOT actually result in weight loss.  The foods and menu of the hCG diet result in the weight loss while the hCG changes HOW your body loses that weight.  For this reason, a number of food diets have been found to work with both hCG diet injection and drop protocols.

While the actual foods eaten on the hCG diet can vary according to which protocol the individual is following, the suggested higher calorie plans are recommended by the New HCG Diet Plan.  These range from 500 to 1500 calories, focus on portion control, increased vegetables and proteins, and have a food list that is much broader and less restrictive than the original.

The original Simeons hCG protocol, on the other hand, prescribed a strict VLCD (very low calorie diet) of 500 calories.  This approach allowed only a select number of foods per day, limited vegetables and fruits as well as the overall menu for each day.  While many dieters continue to follow this plan, there are few doctors that have not switched to suggesting the modern approach.  Read more: The original hCG Diet Food List.   Read more about HCG Diet Foods and Food Lists here.

HCG Diet Recipes


Already worried you'll miss your favorite hamburger on the menu?  Have no fear- there are hundreds of hCG Diet Recipes available for you to choose from!  From sauce recipes for Phase 1, to dinner recipes for Phase 2 and healthy dessert recipes for Phase 3.  Take your pick- bon apetit! 

The Original Dr. Simeons hCG Diet Protocol, "Pounds and Inches""


Dr. Simeons book, "Pounds and Inches" is the very detailed, original manuscript of the hCG diet.  It includes everything from body chemistry, to the very specific 500 calorie diet known as VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet.  Even if you are following a different protocol, it is still suggested that you read the original manuscript to understand how the diet works and the important aspects of the protocol that will ensure your weight loss. 

The original manuscript can be found here: Pounds and Inches" by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.

     Personal health care products and the hCG diet

While those who are following the original Simeons hCG Diet may be having a difficult time going without conditioner, lotion and chapstick, there are a number of hCG diet friendly products that have emerged on the market.  In addition, a lot has changed since the original diet was published, and now there are countless oil-free, diet-approved cosmetics and personal products available at your local Whole Foods Stores or Trader Joes.


For those following the NEW hCG Diet, worrying about personal care products is no longer a concern.  A less restrictive food diet has relented on the strict use of non hCG diet friendly items.  Go ahead, keep that favorite conditioner and moisturizer at hand! 




The HCG Diet Directory:  Tips for buying HCG and supplies, Doctors, hCG Diet Coaches, and Weight Loss Clinics


While many hCG Dieters consider following the diet on their own, a doctor is always recommended and are becoming more available every day. Weight loss clinics and doctors that specialize in using HCG for weight loss, now offer numerous variations of the original protocol based on modern knowledge of health and wellness.  They are available in most cities across the US and numerous other countries.  While this is certainly helpful, it can be daunting choosing the correct specialist for your particular needs.  That is why we have created a directory where you can find the right weight loss professional as well as suppliers. 

HCG Buying Guide

HCG Diet Directory




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