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hCG Diet Side Effects -hCG Diet News


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hCG Diet Dangers - Side Effects of the hCG Diet

When followed correctly, the low dosages of hCG (125-200 IU) in Dr. Simeons hCG Diet Protocol has proven to be beneficial for weight loss and lowering the severe risks that come with being obese.


You may have seen the recent articles published claiming there are dangers associated with the use of hCG when used for weight loss.  Some of these articles reference general studies done using hCG.  Others simply refer to general warnings regarding hCG overdoses or misuse.  It's time to clarify these claims.


When used correctly, there is no evidence that the minimal amounts of hCG used for weight loss are dangerous.


While hCG has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss treatments, it has been approved, and in much larger dosages, for many other medical  treatments.


We have yet to find any study showing negative side effects of hCG when used in the treatment of weight loss under the precise protocols described by Dr. Simeons or Kevin Trudeau.


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hCG Diet Dangers - hCG Diet News

hCG Side Effects - hCG Diet News

hCG Diet Side Effects - hCG Diet News









hcg diet dangers and side effects

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hCG Diet Side Effects

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