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Shape Your Body by Walking - exercising on the hCG diet

by Lata Tokhi


The greatest myth about walking as an exercise is that walking helps only in reducing your weight and not toning your body the way you want it, by removing fat from specific parts of your body. Gym exercises and Swimming are looked upon as better options when body toning is in question.

This is not true, however. There is more to walking than just pleasure-walking and fast walking. There are many ways of walking and each of your body parts benefit from some way or the other.

Here's how you can shape your body the way you want, by walking.

1. Flat Stomach - Walk downhill with small, fast steps, stomach in, shoulders straight.
Make your steps as small as possible and very fast.

2. Shapely Thighs - Walk uphill with long steps, without bending your knees, stomach in, shoulders straight. This will shape your hips as well.

3. Slimmer Arms - Swing your arms freely as you walk. Feel the pressure in your upper arms as you stretch your arms back and forth.

4. Slim Waistline - Walk at a medium pace with your hands held high in the air above your head. Keep your hands straight and maintain a perfect posture as you walk.

Continued exercising in the correct way will bring you desired results. I suggest
continuing any kind of exercise regularly for at least 40 days before expecting results.

Losing weight with hCG generally calls for a 500 vlcd (very low calorie diet) according to most protocols.  It is important that exercise is implemented into the diet with care.    




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