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The Medifast Diet:  A Healthy Lifestyle


Medifast is a weight loss management program based on portion control, low-calorie eating  that helps you lose weight faster and more effectively than traditional diets, but can also be used to maintain a healthy weight- this is particularly useful for those transitioning off a strict diet regimen or wanting to maintain a recent weight loss.


The clinically proven, easy-to-follow 5 & 1 Plan helps your body burn fat and lose weight quickly. There is no calorie counting, no points system, no diet pills.  Medifast weight loss results in long term loss results and maintenance.  Read more programs for weight maintenance...




The last days of the diet

Behavior modification and learning to listen to your body

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Where astonishing emotional relief leads to profound physical healings.The information here is an introduction to EFT. The videos are on DVDs and can be ordered separately at






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HCG Diet Success Story: 5 years and still keeping it off!

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