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hCG Diet Shots: Tips for hCG Diet Injections 

 Appropriate Sites for Sub Cutaneous Injections.


Tips for Self Injection: Appropriate sites for sub cutaneous injections.

There are four sites on your body that are appropriate for sub cutaneous (sub q) injections. They are the upper outer arm, the hip, the abdomen, and the thigh. Only two of these really apply for the person performing self injections; the abdomen and the thigh. Most find using the hip and upper arm too tricky to do on their own.

When using the abdomen, measure 3 finger widths on either side of your belly button and inject there. Do not inject any closer to the belly button than that measurement, but you can go a little further away if you desire.

When using the top of your thigh, measure upward from the knee about the width of your hand, and downward from the top of your leg about the width of your hand. The area between those measurements can be used for a sub q injection. Stick to the top part of the thigh because the inner thigh tends to bruise more, and the outer thigh contains more nerves.


Preparing for your hCG Diet Shot


The best time to do your shot is first thing in the morning right after your shower. Most people have a morning routine they go through to get ready for their day. By incorporating your shot into this routine, you are less likely to forget to do it and you will be receiving the shot at about the same time each day.

Wash and dry your hands before handling your supplies. Have all your injection supplies organized so you can grab and inject without much thought about it. You need two alcohol pads, one clean syringe, and your HCG vial.

Roll the HCG vial slowly between your palms to assure the solution is evenly mixed. Do not shake the vial, like with insulin, it can make the HCG less effective. The rolling action also helps gently warm the HCG to room temperature. Wipe off the top of the vial with an alcohol pad. Draw back your syringe to the dosage you are using, for example 30 on the syringe. Pierce the HCG vial and inject the air into the vial. Pick up the vial and hold it upside down in one hand, while using the other hand to slowly draw back on the syringe and fill to the 30 mark with liquid. Draw slowly, because the needle is tiny and the fluid takes time to pass into the barrel of the syringe. Once filled, there may be a tiny air bubble in the solution. Make sure you have the correct amount in the syringe for your dose. To do this, you may need to draw more than 30 and then gently tap the air bubble to make it rise upward toward the needle, then gently push the bubble out. Don't worry about getting every tiny bubble out. Injecting little bubbles won't hurt you, but if the air is affecting the dose of HCG in your syringe, you may experience hunger.

Use the second alcohol pad to wipe the skin in the area of your shot. Be sure to allow the site to dry completely. Injecting through wet alcohol will sting....a lot! Also make sure there are no extra HCG droplets on your needle. Don't touch the needle, just allow it to dry while you are allowing the injection site to dry.

hCG Diet injection technique

OK, take a deep breath, and don't hold your breath while doing your injection- You can do this!

If you are not experienced at injecting yourself, it best to sit down for the first few times you do this. That way if you get dizzy, you can quickly drop your head between your knees. After you've done 2 or 3 injections, you can probably stand, talk on the phone, do whatever you like. It really will become easy for you with practice.

With clean fingers, gently gather the skin and fat in the area you cleaned with the alcohol pad. Don't pinch it tight. If you pinch it tightly, there is no room in the tissue for the fluid you are injecting, so your shot will sting more, you are more likely to bruise, and the HCG will probably seep back out the needle hole.

Insert the needle into the gathered tissue. You can either insert quickly with a quick flick of your wrist, or place the needle on the skin and gently push it in. Either technique is fine. If you feel a sharp burning, adjust your needle location by backing out a very tiny bit. Inject by depressing the plunger VERY SLOWLY. Try counting to 5 slowly while injecting. This will give you a good gauge of what a slow injection should be. When done, pull the needle straight out, dispose in a syringe disposal unit (available at any drug store) and apply gentle pressure with the alcohol pad to the site. Do not rub, or press heavily on the site. If a small amount of bleeding occurs, continue to hold gentle pressure until it stops.

Bruising, tingling, redness, pain on injection...why do they occur and what to do about them
Even following all of the steps above correctly, you will probably experience some or even all of these items. They are annoying, but not life threatening. So don't get discouraged when they occasionally happen to you too.

Bruising from hCG Diet Injections

Bruising means you got too close to a small blood vessel, or even went through it with the injection needle. They will fade and go away just like any other bruise you've gotten in the past. If you notice bleeding when you pull your needle out, you will probably get a bruise. Apply pressure gently until the bleeding stops. If you don't apply pressure, you might get a small lump in addition to the bruise...this is called a hematoma, or collection of blood under the skin. It will dissolve and go away in a few days.

Tingling, redness, pain on injection site
Just as with bruising, you will probably experience some of these even with perfect injection technique.

You can experience all of these if you get too close to a little nerve. There is no way to know where these nerves lie under your skin ahead of time. Generally, injecting in the areas outlined above in the appropriate injection sites section will keep you away from major nerves. Redness can also be due to the alcohol you used to rub the site with. And if you have fair skin, you are more likely to have some redness too.

All these reactions should go away within several minutes. If they don't, you can apply some ice to the area and see if that helps.

If you consistently have pain on injection, or are very anxious about self injecting, you can try numbing the area with an ice cube first. Be careful not to overly cool the skin. That can cause redness, and may slow down the absorption of your HCG.

And always remember to see a doctor if there is persistent redness, swelling, pain or signs of infection are present.


Still Have questions about hCG Diet Injections and shots?  Please feel free to ask in the hCG Diet Forums.




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