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Side Effects of hCG Diet Shots

First, it is important to understand the purpose of hCG and understand its effects on the human body.  hCG is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the placenta of women during pregnancy and produced synthetically for the use of fertility treatments and other medical purposes. It is important in triggering hormonal changes in women during pregnancy, embryo development and it can increase the production of natural male and female steroids (sex hormones).


The hCG used for hCG weight loss injections, drops, and creams is indeed natural, but it is also created in a laboratory through sterile cells.  If you have heard that hCG is derived from pregnant women's urine or animal urine, rest assured, it comes from a petri dish.



Positive side effects of hCG

1.  In recent years, hCG has actually proven to reduce the risks of breast cancer:

Fox News Report on hCG reducing chances of breast cancer

2.  hCG has proven to have far lower risks than the obesity it is used to treat. 

3.  Increased self confidence after hCG assisted weight loss.

4.  Many people have experienced the following improvements to their health while on the hCG diet:  migraines subside, blood sugars stabilize, increased energy, and of course increased metabolism.




hCG Diet Shots side effects when combined with Other medications

Taking hCG while using other medications?  Always discuss this with your hCG medical specialist but educate yourself too.  There are a number of free drug interaction tools on the web now:




A personal experience with hCG side effects

"I didn't feel much different than usual.  I had a very mild lower backache for the first few days, which my Dr. attributed to the hormone shift.  I wasn't worried because I get this just before my period too.   


Interestingly enough, I did not have migraines, which I had been having periodically for the previous year; my Dr. had attributed these to my weight gain after my daughter was born and my blood pressure was very high.  Which, incidentally, was the reason he suggested the hCG diet.  My biggest side effect was, believe it or not, was the loss of sex drive.  Completely unexpected.  I had never had an issue in this area but my Dr. sent me on my way with "Viagra for women" and that took care of it.  I have now lost over 40 lbs in well under 2 months.  I will be starting my final cycle of hCG (and my Viagra for women! lol) next week and hope to reach my goal weight in the next month."  Read the article:




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hCG Side Effects -hCG Diet News

hCG Diet Side Effects -hCG Diet News

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