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hCG Diet Success Story - Weight loss after pregnancy


I started on the hCG injections after the birth of my son. I noticed a significant loss of inches almost immediately, and weight loss from the first day. I continued the injections for 5 months. I needed to lose a total of 60 lbs.

I never had any side effects. I was surprisingly not hungry on the diet. Although the hCG diet consisted only of 500 calories, it was enough and the food I was allowed to eat kept me feeling full most of the time. I lost the 60 lbs without much effort and I kept that weight off until I became pregnant again, 2 years later.

After the birth of my second son, I began hCG shots again, although this time I only needed to lose about 40 pounds. I did it and felt great. I kept the weight loss off for 8 years, until last year when a severe back injury kept me in a hospital bed for nearly a year and unable to exercise. I am now getting ready to start the diet again, completely confident I will be successful. Deanna, Toronto


A 126 pound hCG Diet Success Story

I've lost 126 pounds.  Everybody asks me how, so I’ll tell you. The secret is… a few weeks of hCG injections followed by a lifestyle of eating less and exercising more. It’s not rocket science. I was fat because I ate too much, now I'm thinner than my initial pre-hCG weight loss goal and don't have to think about it much anymore. One day, my wife told me she was worried I wouldn't be around to raise our two sons. The next day I made an appointment with my doctor who suggested hCG obesity dieting or having my stomach stapled. I researched both, and decided to try hCG injections. Less than a year later, I'm 126 lbs and 8 sizes thinner.  hCG DIETER - Pete, California


hCG Diet Success Story: 23 pounds gone in one month

"I'm an hCG Success Story!  I'm down 23 lbs in one month! I'm wearing my little sister's clothes for the first time in my life and I'm on my way to being back at my high school, pre-baby weight in no time!  -hCG Dieter, Dierdre, London"


hCG Diet Success Story - 40 lbs lost

I'm not living in front of the fridge anymore!  I was 40 years old and 40 lbs overweight and shocked to learn that I'd hit the "obese" marker from my doctor. I've struggled to lose this 40 lbs since I was in my 20's and now I've done it after a few weeks of hCG diet shots. I've finally done it! I have 10 more lbs to go and am following Dr Simeons hCG book pounds and inches. hCG DIETER - Ellen, New York City.

hCG Diet Success Story Update:

2 years later, I've kept the weight off.  I'm a regular in the hCG diet info forums and I know this question comes up a lot. Yes, it's easy to keep the weight off but not effortless. I gained a few pounds back starting about 6 months after I finished my hcg diet protocol and realized i needed to watch what I was eating and not become a couch potato again.  Now I go for walks regularly and I make sure I eat as little sugar as possible and I watch the carbs. Luckily, once I had the taste of success with my weight, I haven't wanted to go back and post-hcg diet weight maintenance has come naturally.


hCG Diet Success Couple


My husband and I have both been on the diet for the past 2 months and so far so good. We had a little more than 35 kilos to lose between the two of us and we've tried everything from Atkins, to Weight Watchers without much luck. This definitely feels different and we're taking hCG Diet Info's advice and applying the diet to our benefit by already planning our "after-diet" eating habits. I can definitely tell we'll be able to eat healthy and exercise regularly- why? because we're already doing it and we love how it makes us feel!

hCG Diet Success Story Update:

We reached our goals and have kept the weight off for over one year. Our family and friends were so amazed, half of them have gone on the hcg diet now too. This diet worked for us and not only did we lose the weight together, but we bonded during the experience and continue to work together to live healthier lifestyles. Smartest choice we ever made.


hCG Diet Success Story: 68 lbs lost and now a size 6!

I've lost 68 pounds in 2 months. I was really skeptical in the beginning.  In fact, I almost cheated on the diet, the first day. Instead, I turned to support from my fellow dieters in this site's yahoo group and they reminded me I would be half way to my goal next month if I just stuck with it. I did, and I was!  The following month, I lost more than the first and surpassed my 60 pound goal.  I'm now in a size 6. I don't have loose skin or sagging or anything like that, which I had expected. My appetite has changed and I'm now making plans to eat right.  I'm planning to use Medifast delivery for weight maintenance and am seeing a nutritionist and fitness trainer so I know I will never again be overweight.


"How I lost 80 lbs and kept it off for over 5 years... Step by Step  Read the hCG success story...  the hCG Diet Info Editor's 80 pound success story!


1.  hCG Diet: Simeons VLCD regimen with daily self-implemented injections of 200 units of hCG.

2.  Yoga and Pilates, walking- got that heart pumping for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. (Felt great doing this a few times a day!)

3.  Alkalized.  Added a glass of Simple Greens diet supplement to my diet and Alkalizing drops to my water.  Never hungry after this- and clear-headed with plenty of energy!

3.  Increased calories through vegetables and negative calorie raw foods. Increased exercise to 30 minutes a day, sometimes twice a day.

4.  Exercised on regular basis.  Diet is high in fiber (35 grams daily) and alkalized.  I also try to keep my diet full of raw foods. 

Read this hCG diet success story...


30 pound hCG Diet Success!

I've lost 30 lbs!  Today I had cake at my daughter's birthday party and didn't feel guilty- not one bit- because I only felt like eating a few bites.  The rest, I gave to my daughter and didn't give it another thought.  Last year, I had almost half of my daughter's entire birthday cake! - Donna, Fit in San Diego


Once upon a time, I was 45 lbs heavier. 

That was just six months ago.  For the first time, I'm able to run on the treadmill at the gym without feeling my thighs rub until they hurt- and even better, I was able to run without feeling self conscious about how I looked wobbling all over the machine.  The best part has been seeing family and friends who see me frequently and have them say over and over again how they can't believe it.  I bet I've sent at least 20 future hCG dieters to  and will undoubtedly send more.  Thank you for all your help!  Steve L. in Rhode Island




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