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Releana hCG Weight Loss


Read more articles about hCG Diet Drops Plans here.


Releana is a sublingual form of hCG Diet Drops offered at weight loss clinics.  This particular hCG Diet plan is similar to the original hCG Diet designed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, although some clinics and doctors have been noted to adjust the Releana hCG Diet according to their own ideas of the protocol.  However, one aspect of this particular diet plan that does not change, is the uninterrupted phases.  Compared to the original hCG Diet, Releana does not take breaks throughout the weight loss process.  In other words, if you are one the original Simeons hCG Diet Plan, then you would take breaks from taking hCG and following the specific 500 calorie diet between phases (approximately 1 month's time.)  In contrast, the Releana hCG Diet Plan would continue the diet until the desired weight loss goal is reached without a break.

The Releana Diet Plan, when not modified,
stresses healthy eating involving proteins, fruits, vegetables and "good" fats. Some providers also provide lifestyle coaching so a patient can not only lose the weight but maintain their post hCG Diet weight loss. Releana Weight Loss Program stresses diet and supplements, and claims succes with patients who lost the weight and changed their lives. Read more about Releana hCG Diet Plan.



Having a difficult time going without conditioner, lotion and chapstick while on the hCG Diet?  hCG Diet Info has compiled a short list of hCG Diet friendly products.  We also share helpful tips for hCG Dieter Shopping: as well as updates about new hCG Diet products as they become available: New hCG Diet Products.




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