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Buy HCG Drops and Injections


When buying hCG, there are a number of options. We highly recommend going through one of the US Based companies listed here:  http://hcgdietpacks.com.  Here you will find only the most reputable companies offering hCG injection kits and hCG diet drops (both hormone and hormone free homeopathic available.)  These companies work with medical doctors and nurses specializing in hCG diet plan telemedicine. This means you have the benefit of licensed medical professionals for guidance and support, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with a US based company that is approved by the FDA's rigid standards for safety and quality. 


Please note:  While many hCG dieters choose to oversee their own weight loss plan, HDI advises the use of Doctors and clinics.  PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE HCG FROM OVERSEAS. Read more here:

Helpful articles from HDI's thorough Guide to Buying HCG:



Buy HCG Online 

 Quick Tips for buying hcg diet drops and injections:

There are a few quick and easy ways to find the right HCG diet supplies for your protocol.  If you are looking for specific suppliers and  weight loss clinics in your area, we suggest checking the  the HDI Provider Directory  or using the hCG Diet Search.  Also, the advertisements and reviews on hCG Diet Info and our recommended hCG Diet Products page include only HDI-approved suppliers of quality products and services.  Read on to learn more....



The hCG Diet Provider Directory

Looking for an HCG diet provider, coach, weight loss clinic, or weight loss medical professional?  We frequently update the Directory with weight loss clinics, providers, physicians and mail order suppliers in your area.  We make every attempt to research the providers prior to listing, for your safety.  Please check back frequently if you do not yet see a provider in your area.   Regarding directory submissions: If you are an HCG specialist and wish to be listed in our HCG Diet Provider Directory, you may submit your listing, as you would like it to appear via via email.  We really welcome third party recommendations and reviews as well!

Recommended hCG Products

We recommend reading the Diet Guide for this information.

hCG Diet Kits and Supplements

Advertisements and hCG Diet Plan Reviews

The largest HCG Diet resource in the world, HCG Diet Info is the preferred site for HCG diet specialists to advertise and promote their expertise, services and supplies.  Since HCG Diet Info does not charge for direct advertising, reviews, nor listings in our hCG Diet Provider Directory, we pride ourselves in being a credible source for finding HCG weight loss experts throughout the site.



HCG Diet Search

Weeding through the HCG Diet sites across the web can be a time consuming process.  Particularly since there are millions of HCG websites not related to the HCG diet.  To make this easier on you, HDI has customized a Google search box to return only HCG diet related websites, allowing you to weed through the unrelated HCG information more efficiently.  You can try the customized internet search here: HCG Diet Search.




hCG Diet Scam Warning- Please help us spread the word  

A ring of fraudulent HCG and HCG supply websites have sprung up requiring Western Union payments and bank transfers.... Read more.





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