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Welcome to the HCG Diet Guide.  Consider this your personal resource as both an introduction to the HCG Diet as well as a supplemental guide to go along with your personal protocol, whichever that may be.  More pages are being added to the HCG Diet Guide- check back often!

Note:  Some of these articles are still being migrated over to the new HCG Diet Info.  We apologize for any misdirected bookmarks that occur after the move is complete.

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The Basics:  How to do the hCG Diet

The NEW HCG Diet Plan

hCG Diet Review


20 Tips: Before Starting the hCG Diet Plan…


HCG Diet Plans and Protocols

hCG Diet Plans and Protocols: Which is best?

The NEW hCG Diet: Protocol*

The Original hCG Diet: Protocol

hCG Diet Drops Plans: Protocol*


Buying hCG & Diet Supplies

HCG Buy Guide:  Where to buy hCG

HCG Diet Directory: Find HCG Doctors, Online & Local


HCG Diet Phases

HCG Diet Phases*

HCG Diet Phase 1*

HCG Diet Phase 2*

HCG Diet Phase 3*


HCG Diet Side Effects

HCG Diet Side Effects


HCG Diet Foods

HCG Diet Recipes

HCG Diet Foods

HCG Diet Food Lists

Where to Shop for HCG Diet Foods


HCG Diet Menus

HCG Diet Menus*

Original 500 Calorie Food Menu

What to Eat on the hCG Diet


Exercise on the hCG Diet

Exercise on the hCG Diet*

Low Impact Workout*

Tips for Staying Active*


HCG Diet Maintenance

HCG Diet Maintenance Phase*


hCG Diet Resources

Dr. Simeons Original Manuscript

hCG Diet Tracker Spreadsheet

hCG Diet Acronyms and Abbreviations


hCG Diet Tips:

hCG Diet Protocol FAQ

Hunger on the hCG Diet Plan


DIY hCG Diet

How to Mix hCG Injections for Weight Loss

How to Inject hCG for the hCG Diet Injections

How to Make hCG Diet Drops

Sublingual hCG Mixing Instructions and Dosage


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