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Apple Day on hCG Diet

Occasionally while on phase 2 of the hCG diet, some dieters may reach a plateau for a few days.  A plateau is 4 consecutive days without inch or weight loss. While the body will normally work itself through this stage, it can cause unnecessary worry and stress during an hCG diet stall.  In those cases there is an alternative that you can use for one day called the “Apple Day”.    You will follow this for 24 hours, eating only 6 apples and a minimal amount of water – no other fluids are allowed.

All dieters will have a plateau sooner or later. A hCG diet plateau always corrects itself, but many dieters who have become accustomed to a regular daily loss get unnecessarily worried and begin to fret. Nothing will convince them that a plateau does not mean that they are no longer responding normally to treatment.  Often, even though the weight loss is not showing on the scales, they are still losing inches.  Your body is being restructured, though you may think the scales are telling you otherwise.

It is permissable, to break up the plateau by having an “apple day”.  An apple-day begins at lunch and continues until just before lunch of the following day. Dieters can have six large apples and may eat one whenever they feel the desire though six apples is the maximum allowed. During an apple day no other food or liquids except plain water are allowed and of water they may only drink just enough to quench an uncomfortable thirst if eating an apple still leaves them thirsty. Most feel no need for water and are quite happy with their six apples. Needless to say, on apple day you will still do your hCG drops or injections. The apple day produces a gratifying loss of weight on the following day, mainly due to the elimination of water. This water is not regained when they then resume their normal 500 calorie diet at lunch, and on the following days you should continue to lose weight satisfactorily.

9 Responses to Apple Day on hCG Diet

  1. Can Truvia be used instead of Stevia?

  2. I need help! I completed 21 days of HCG using drops. I completed one day perfectly of the 3 days of VLCD without HCG drops. I cheated on the 2nd day so today, the 3rd day I did an apple day. Should I proceed to the 1st 3 weeks of maintenance diet or do one more day of VLCD? I hope someone will answer me very quickly so I know how to move forward.

  3. what do you get to eat for breakfast.

  4. I was on a huge stall in my second week with almost no weigh loss. I did an apple day yesterday and lost 2.6 pounds this morning. I had 5 medium apples. 2 whole raw and 3 made into apple sauce Made with stevia cinnamon water and lemon juice! . I highly recommend it! I was surprised I lived through it!

  5. There is no such thing as a cheat day :) Just keep going!
    As for your questions- it sounds like you need extensive support- there is a great section in the hCG Diet Forums called Grammy’s Groupies- I like to call it, “Ask Grammy” – she’s amazing and between her and our other moderators, you will find all the answers you need!

  6. Try HCG 2.0

    No stalls whatsoever. The traditional diet is completely outdated.

  7. I did this Apple day and lost 1.6kg the day after I went back to the protocol ( that was yesterday) this morning when i weight me I had gained back 1.2 kg. Why is that?

  8. I am on vlcd day 27/40 and am on a 4 day stalled at 161.4. I am starting my apple day at noon today and it is to last until noon tomorrow. If I spread my apples so that I have 2 tomorrow, do I still eat 500 calories after noon?
    so confused…

    thanks, Karen

  9. Can you drink coffee or tea on an apple day

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