hCG Diet Exercise

Best Exercise on the hCG Diet

Exercising with hCG protocol is not necessary however the combination of the hCG diet and exercise can be very powerful. When you are on the hCG diet you do not want to do stressful exercises that are very jarring and labor-intensive. You want to do exercises that are powerful yet gentle, that promote flexibility, tone the body and will releases toxin and aid in weight and inch loss.

So which exercises are good for the hCG diet? Yoga, T-Tap, Pilates, Callanantics, and the Melt Method. These five exercises meet the above criteria for hCG protocol plan. They are all non-jarring exercises that promote flexibility, increase strength, increase energy, decrease stress, promote proper body alignment and helps with weight control and inch loss.

While you are on the hCG diet plan and doing any of the exercises above you will see immediate benefits to your body and your overall health. Your blood pressure may become normalized, blood sugars it may stabilize, chronic pain may decrease and you may also decrease the risk of heart disease breast cancer osteoporosis and colon cancer. And the powerful synergy of the hCG diet and exercise can further decrease your appetite, promote fat loss, increase your rate of inch loss, and reduce the hCG diet rounds you may need to reach your weight loss goals.

When starting to exercise while on the hCG diet is important to remember that exercising may cause a momentary plateau. This plateau is because muscle weighs more than fat. This is why it is also important to measure yourself weekly on the hCG diet as well as weigh yourself. If you’re not losing pounds you may be losing inches, while on the hCG diet and exercising.

Again exercising on the hCG diet plan may not be necessary but in the long run you will reap the benefits long after you have stopped the hCG diet and for years to come. Exercising can help you maintain and control your weight loss, increase recovery from injury and surgery and increase your overall longevity and quality of life.

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