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Best Loading Day Foods

It’s All About The Fat Baby!

You load for 2 days, you pig out on FATS! The loading days help you make the transition from carb burning to fat burning faster easier and less of the dreaded hCG diet headache!

During the loading days you want to avoid high sugar foods as this also will lessen any hCG diet headache.

We we have complied a list of healthy fats to keep you heart healthy and to give you much better fat choice for you.

So what kinds of fats and foods should you eat?

Avocado Oil for cooking (high smoke rate) and salads
Olive Oils
Lake Trout
Macadamia Nuts
Brazil nuts

Natural or Organic Peanut Butter

Flax Seeds
Flax Seed Oil
Whole Eggs
Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Hurricane Mayo
Heavy Cream
Cottage Cheese

Can you eat other kinds of foods? YES! But make sure you make your hCG diet load days as fat as possible. You are not restricted to anything. These are just the best choices.

Remember eat till full!

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