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    Cycling Group

    Scully.... I also think that it is easier to maintain 3 weeks on protocol that 40 odd days... Being 100% on protocol can be very antisocial so I find

    FlirtyFlo April 24th, 2014, 02:53 AM Go to last post

    Please post QUESTIONS here- we will try to answer asap!

    I'm disappointed in myself. I finally got down to my goal weight after my second round, was very happy With myself and decided to treat myself to one

    shanedk April 24th, 2014, 02:25 AM Go to last post

    Ask Grammy

    Hi Grammy. How Are you? In week 2 of p4. Staying keep w high carbs 60-85. Feel really good. My appetite is still low most of the time but I'm not complaining.

    Joline April 24th, 2014, 02:06 AM Go to last post

    Aussie HCGers

    Thanks Lynne, I think I'm going to have no choice but to get hormone free. I can't wait any longer for another overseas package to come through, especially

    roxyfoxyk April 24th, 2014, 12:27 AM Go to last post

    April 2014 Loaders

    Good evening Ladies

    I second Dojami's sentiment of pride and frankly right now, y'all are the only humans I care to interact with it seems.

    Andro-MJ April 23rd, 2014, 11:15 PM Go to last post

    Start loading this weekend (8 Feb '14)....anyone on board?

    Ok...so "tomorrow" has arrived and the scale is not playing along.... 3 clean days and now it is standing still, But looking at the bright side,

    FlirtyFlo April 23rd, 2014, 10:56 PM Go to last post

    Anyone else loading over Easter weekend?

    Yeah. That's kind of me too. We're doing it this time though. No quitting! :-)

    lifechanger5 April 23rd, 2014, 10:09 PM Go to last post

    April 2014 Loaders

    Thanks. Hopefully this will be my last steak day for a while. !!!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    GailAnn47 April 23rd, 2014, 09:57 PM Go to last post

    Best Brands for Stevia with Flavors

    I have lots of sweet leaf drops that I love.. I use cinnamon in Apple cinnamon spice tea, apricot nectar in iced tea or hot fruity teas, peppermint in

    bluved1 April 23rd, 2014, 09:22 PM Go to last post

    April 2014 Loaders

    I don't know if it's normal or not, but sometimes it happens to me. We are allowed cream in our coffee during the day on steak days and I find that really

    Rhiannon8404 April 23rd, 2014, 09:21 PM Go to last post
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