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  1. GiGy 2015 R2P2VLCD6

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 264.6
    Dn: -7.3

    Yippeeee! Down 7.3 pounds in 6 days. SuhWEET! Love love LOVE the first week of P2. Just gonna keep on keepin on! Need to go update my ticker!
  2. GiGy 2015 R2P2VLCD5

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 266.0
    Dn: -5.9

    Down 5.9 pounds in 5 days, works for me! I love the first week of P2! Just a fly by post, have to check in on some threads and get back to work.
  3. tinker progress

  4. Grapefruit pectin capsules

    Hello everyone i really would like to share with you the following. ..

    Weight loss:

    Pectin being a soluble fiber also assists in weight loss. It makes you feel full much faster since it absorbs water during the process of digestion. Soluble fiber even slows down the absorption of carbohydrates. This keeps the blood glucose levels stable and keeps hunger pangs at bay.*
    Real Grapefruit Extract & Grapefruit Pectin

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  5. confidence

    The dress for my party arrived yesterday
    .. wearing a white dress .. dare i say? Yall know what im talkin bout its ..like why kim kardashian always wore black like the whole time post birth

    Updated March 26th, 2015 at 11:05 AM by lpr11354

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  6. GiGy 2015 R21P2VLCD3

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 268.2
    Dn: -3.7

    Down 3.7 in 2 days! Woot! Right on track and on plan. 28 more days to go! Got a party to attend this weekend, which should be interesting. I am taking Protocol foods as my contribution.....
  7. my ticker 3/25/15

  8. Willpower

    If you can go out and buy pizza for your other half without looking like a dog underneath the table then my friend.. YOUVE GOT WILLPOWER
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  9. somtimes lbs inches and sometime ounces..

    To all those who are doing this diet i really take my hat off to you for also what i can take from this experience is that i feel amazing and it hasent even begin the progress and sense of accomplishment that we all get when weve achive our goals .. dont get discouraged if your doing this for the first time the one advice id like to share is .. sometimes youll loose lbs sometimes inches and other days ..IT MITE BE OUNCES too so relax rome wasnt bulit in a day and focus on the end result.
    Tags: loosing lbs
  10. GiGy 2015 R21P2VLCD2

    SW: 271.9
    CW: 269.0
    Dn: -2.9

    Awesome! Lost my load weight first day. Love it! Today is my birthday, so happy birthday to me! What a great b-day present - the gift of weight loss!