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  1. Vlcd 16: 189

    Feels very good to be in the 180s.

    Intense emotional conversations with my boyfriend yesterday. My body is feeling it, today.

    But at the same time, the HCG is causing me to be less afraid of uncomfortable emotions! I'm in touch with my true feelings, not stuffing them.

    This is great!

    We both like each other, have the same values -- but are both somewhat cautious, and of course there are the usual man/woman misunderstandings and difficulties. ...
  2. evolving

    My CD yesterday didn't yield the results that I had hoped for. I found several reasons that could be the reason-- first, I didn't do a traditional SD. The steak sometimes gets stuck between my teeth and irritates my gums, so this time I chose to eat chopped beef-- after reading a post that chopped meat would work too. Secondly, I consumed some biotin gel tabs that I realized after consuming had soy and lectin in it ( both no no's for me). Thirdly, I was constipated and Lastly, Tom was coming ...
  3. Vlcd 15: 190.8

    Well, made it to 190 -- but not the loss of a pound. And I know why! I ate brussel sprouts thinking they were on protocol -- and they're not! Luckily, I had only one apple and one protein yesterday, so squeaked in at my 190 goal, but I shall have to be very strict today because I am going into the 180s by hook or by crook!

    14 pounds lost, 20 to go. I'm going till I get to 170.

    Drove my girls up to their aunt (my sister in law) and had a nice chat with her. She is going ...
  4. Trying to correct a past mistake

    I woke up to another slight gain. Up +.8. I reviewed my menu for yesterday carefully to try to find the culprit.

    breakfast- black coffee, 3 hard boiled eggs, peach (new)
    snack- avocado
    lunch- grilled chicken Jicama roasted in olive oil
    dinner- veal with onions and mushrooms sautéed in olive oil
    snack- cocoa crack made with coconut oil

    I can see several things-- I don't think I ate enough carbs and there are a couple of items that I ate ...
  5. Help - need HCG

    Where can I buy pellets or drops in the U.S.? Seems impossible . Highly recommended ones please
  6. Vlcd 14: 191.2

    Hello everyone,

    Well, I'm actually prouder of the fact I've been on this diet for two whole weeks, rather than the weight loss!

    A pound a day is great, and not usual -- but because I am still in the obese category (180 for my height at 5' 7"), that is one of the reasons I am losing a guy's rate instead a woman's!

    So two weeks done. Lost 13 pounds. About another 20 to go.

    I'd like to get to 170 so I will do 34 days. I have actually ...
  7. Nearly 1 month P4


    yep, it finally happened that I am up over my LIW 2 pound limit. Not just for one day but for 3 in a row. I'm not doing a correction day, though today will be a control day for me since I don't intend to exercise at all. I've pushed this week as far as exercise goes. 2 days of boot camp, 2 days of aerobic conditioning all in a row. On my control days the most I should be doing LISS, but after a couple of months with no exercise, it just feels so good ...
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  8. New Edibles

    Going through the thousands of posts here on this forum, I found a post about a vegetable called Jicama. I had never heard of it. It originates from Mexico and Central America. It is a fiberous root veggie. It looks similar to a turnip with a thick tan skin. You can eat it raw or cook it. Many seem to like to put it in a salad or use for dipping. I chose to slice up and roll in olive oil with sea salt and bake.... DELISH! Tasted like a cross between an apple, pear and watercress. Very juicy, ...
  9. Vlcd 13: 192.2

    Well, the pound a day weight loss continues.

    I am happy -- but it's not easy!

    I have eaten crab and chicken today, one breadstick, and no veggies. I will eat veggies as a snack later.

    I did eat an apple, but don't want to eat two. Just want to get into those 180s!

    I had insomnia again, so will not exercise. Looking forward to it though. And here in Chicago it is past 90 degree in the day, so you can't really go for a daytime walk. ...
  10. Dosing and Mixing Calculations

    For the clearest explanation of the whole protocol including buying, mixing and dosing:

    To calculate your dose no matter how you mix the HCG, use this formula:

    From a post by Tracy here:

    I'm going to post Scott's sister's mixing instructions- I find them to be the least confusing to me anyway-
    Here ya