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  1. Who would have thought

    I love Stevia drops and found my favorite flavors. Seeing better losses thus far now and feeling pretty good about the future. I am going to do this!
  2. Completely Happy

    Woke up to a almost 5 pound lose to be exact it was 4.8 and in the past this has never happened before so I am excited. I made some changes and its too early to tell but I am almost positive as to why there is such a significant change right off the bat. Stevia in the Raw don't use it! My past rounds I never lost almost 5 pounds in one day but about that much for the whole week. Just made up a new hcg victory dance.

    However, I am hungry and I ...
  3. Wake me Up When October Ends

    So today is day 1 after all that gorging I can really see an increase in my cravings for sugar laden foods that is for sure. Wow and to think yesterday I was just saying how much I couldn’t wait to start the diet my mentality today was darn it I should have made sure to try out that cinnamon bun oatmeal I bought but forgot about, and oh yes I definitely forgot to get the staple of my recently found habit the infamous once a week vanilla shake from McDonalds with a cherry on the top. None the less ...
  4. carb question

    what is the average carbs we should be taking? Ph4 ended 2 weeks ago and I never really introduced sugar or starch- my understanding is the way to eat for life- I stabilized well and maintained until I ate some pasta! 5 forkfuls and I gained 3.8#!

    so now I'm thinking that I can't ever have pasta potatoes etc?? oh my! just wondering how much carbs should I take given this is how I should eat for the rest of my life--? again I know everyone is different but can someone please tell ...
  5. Day 12 part 2...

    by , September 16th, 2014 at 05:06 AM (Day 12. I hope I can keep this up!)
    Stupid you can blog here, but it limits you to 2000 characters only! GRRRR!

    In April of 2012, I was 140. I gained 2 lbs when we moved to a new house, and started taking hot yoga classes and doing ballet at home to try to budge the weight. It didn't budge. By the end of the summer, I was 155. By April of 2013, I was 165. By November of 2013, I was 175. And then in April of 2014 I was floating around the 185 range. All of this weight gain while eating the healthiest, ...
  6. Need to shed 5 pounds

    I am new here and have been successful stabilizing during P3 and P4--- I have not really introduced grains or sugar in my diet but I am craving:wanting to snack lately---

    but I really want to lose 5 more pounds and would like to get ideas if anyone has lost weight after maintenance phase-- also how much in carbs should we have a day? I know that it all depends but what is average?
  7. Hcg mixing screwup

    Quote Originally Posted by mariposa0708 View Post
    I mixed 30ml of BACTERIOSTATIC WATER with 10000iu of HCG, I know I messed up. Four years ago when I used HCG successfully my very dear friend mixed it for me and she has since moved away so I mixed it.....(bad idea). Can I still use this solution and if I can how much of an injection do I take for 40 days?
  8. Ask Grammy

    Quote Originally Posted by emblab88 View Post
    HI I really need someones help I started p2 and on the third day i stopped. i had so many thing going on that i just wasn't focused. This time i'm ready to try again but i don't know how to start. Can some one PLEASE HELP ME. i don't know if i should load again or how many doses to start with. Also is it better to do it for 23 day or 40

    thank you
  9. What did you eat for your loading days?

    What did you eat for your loading days? I am just curious. Here is what I ate:

    3 egg omelette, with spinach, tomatoes, and mushroom. 1 large avocado, 1 piece of toast
    Breve latte

    Mid-Morningsnack: banana, peanut butter smoothie, with with whole milk

    Homemade burrito bowl- Blackbeans, brown rice, steak,cilantro,salsa,avocado, sour cream,cheese.

    Afternoon snack: popcorn with butter, coconut ...

    Updated September 9th, 2014 at 02:30 PM by Waffles4me

  10. round 2 AGAIN

    I have a few questions. I am starting round 2 for the millionth time but while I was off living life I got really into making some smoothies for breakfast.
    They included the followng:

    frozen berries
    coconut water
    dandelion tincture drops
    macha green tea
    spinach or kale
    chia seeds
    and some natural sweetner
    I used to add almond butter but I know that i can't now.

    Anyone have ...