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  1. Round 1 P4 Here I come

    So - P3 sailed by so quickly it was like it never happened.

    I bumped up just over a pound the first week and then traveled for the next 2. I came home and was relieved (READ Thrilled) that I was just .2 over my LDW on my 2nd day following travel. Did I fudge on my trip - yes, yes I did. But not horribly. I had a Biscoff on the plane. I ate well all my meals except 1 - sticking to protocol. Had another Biscoff on the way home. They are so wonderful! Did not get nearly enough ...
  2. Coffee fix

    I am sooooooo excited Last night while at the store I saw a new product Safeway Select Sugar Free Coffee Enhancer (Folgers has it also). No carbs, no sugar, no calories! Woot! Woot! I'm drinking t caramel and chocolate, with my tablespoon of milk. It is heaven.
  3. Long story, short version....

    In 2011 I weighed over 300 pounds, I didn't weigh myself because I had given up. I lost 80+ pounds in 1 1/2 years and now weigh 234. I didn't use HCG the first time just healthier eating.

    I started HCG because I really want to get down to 140 and don't want to spend a year to get to my goal weight. Part of my motivation to start now is that I am recently single again after three years and I realized that I have spent half my life waiting....waiting to loose weight before I do ...

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  4. Here is my HCG Story (long winded story

    For those who havenít figured it out I am in the Air Force, 17 years now (almost 18 actuallyÖ scary thought Iím so close to retirement). I come from a family of bigger females... we are chesty and curvyÖ well somewhere along the way my curves got away from me and I wasnít happy... and I tried to eat away my problems. I noticed when I eat any type of pasta/bread/pastry/sweets my body didnít react kindly too it (but I didnít test positive for gluten intolerance) and chocolate isnít my friend... I ...
  5. Accountability started 10/07/14

    11/14/14 143.2
    11/15/14 142.4
    11/16/14 142.4
    11/17/14 142.4 ugh!

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  6. Question about dose of hcg and appetite suppressant


    I am new to site but have done hcg diet before (approx. 3 years ago). I am on my 4th day (started 11/8) and injecting 25cc 1x day. I am also taking an appetite suppressant (phentermine) that the doctor prescribed. I have not lost much and am following protocol exactly as instructed. I went to doctor today and I'm losing muscle (started at 130, now at 117). They told me they're concerned because I'm losing muscle too quickly so they told me to stop the phentermine and stay ...
  7. Where to get hcg in Canada

    I'm sure the info is here somewhere but where can I get hcg in Canada, and should i try drops or injections. My doctor doesn't support it.
    I tried MSD previously and really didn't have much luck but had too much stress and things going on that I wasn't POP. Any help would be appreciated. I'm new here!
  8. Sharing the Journey - Everyone's Welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by JenH1 View Post
    Red - congrats on the 100lb loss! Way to go girl!

    Flo - so sorry you are in pain. Hoping for a big drop for you in the morning and that you get past that wall into the 140's!

    Kansas - 1.2 is better than no loss at all! Get some sleep if you can and you know it will come off. You're on the right track!

    Lee - girl you know I'm so happy for you! Way to go!

    Eagerly anticipating tomorrow's weigh in. Hoping I didn't have the week 2 stall,
  9. A cautionary tale....

    I recently completed a 42 day round of HCG. I was POP for the entire round, and did moderate exercise (walking, light yoga) throughout the round. About 3 weeks into the round, I started experiencing some odd muscle pain that seemed unrelated to the type and amount of exercise that I was doing. I read in the forums here that muscle pain or weakness is not unusual, and so I didnít worry too much about it early on. The problem got progressively worse toward the end of the round; I was relieved ...
  10. The hardest thing I've ever done...

    ...is this diet. And it seems like the more times I do it (this is #4), the harder it gets. Ferocious hunger, desperate cravings, weakness, tiredness--that's what I've dealt with for the past 2 days. Adjusting dosage doesn't help at all; I'm just as hungry taking 6 drops 3 times a day as I am 12. I've been cheating constantly because I'm just too hungry. I'm still losing weight (down 0.8 this morning after eating... well, a lot of verboten stuff, healthy but verboten: carrots, veg butter, cheese, ...