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  1. Weight Tracker - Starting Point

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  2. Back Again

    Here I am... back again. I had trouble during my last P3... but stabilized nicely in P4 thanks to fmd... but after a few weeks of structure on fmd, I quickly felt suffocated and needed to have more freedom in my eating choices... which of course led to some weight gain. I do well on a diet, just not well once I go off. So I'm up a bit-- quite a bit... around 8-10 lbs-- but that's ok... I had planned on doing 1-2 more rounds... so now it's definitely 2 more.. I'm not going to beat myself up for ...
  3. What diets are you using to maintain in p4?

    by , October 5th, 2015 at 10:51 AM (Dear Flesh (you big baby)...)
    Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
    I was carb sensitive after multiple HCG rounds. I could gain pounds after eating a half cup of sweet potato. I did the Fast Metabolism Diet (FMD) for a while, and it really did fix the carb sensitivity. Its a variation on Chris Powells idea to confuse the body by constantly switching up the nutritient macros. Only FMD does it with 2 days or three on each phase. (2 fruit&grain/lowfat, 2 protein/low fat, 3 days with fats added)

    I guess it depends on how you use your splurge
  4. Ability to optimize code memory speed to maximize the capabilities

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  5. P3 pasta alternatives

    For us who miss our pasta in P3!

    I've found that I'm pretty happy with some pasta alternatives:

    Spiral sliced zucchini: this is my fave actually. It really surprised me that it has about the same "tooth" as al dente pasta if you cook it right. After spiraling, quick-saute in a bit of olive oil and garlic. You don't want to boil or steam it, because then it's too watery.

    Kelp noodles: made from kelp/sodium alginate. These are great. Crunchy ...
  6. Picante Salsa

    The best recipe I've ever found for homemade salsa. Thanks, Ann!

    This is great for FMD phase 1, or if you don't mind mixing veggies, as a condiment for HCG Phase 2...since there is no oil or sugar needed. If you still have some garden tomatos to use up, you can make a huge batch and freeze any leftovers (good luck) to use later as a mexican pizza sauce. Top your pizza with jack cheese and experience the yum.

    1 medium to large sweet onion ...

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  7. Please post QUESTIONS here- we will try to answer asap!

    Quote Originally Posted by Arupp View Post
    Help!! You have been so great at helping me with my dose etc. Today is my 15th day. I am only down 6.5 lbs. I can see a difference but really thought I would be Dow about 15 lb by now. I am a little hungry too. Should I try skipping a day again? I have not been weighing my protein or veggies but I have not cheated (except Friday I had one glass of red wine and one vodka cranberry). Other than that I have been good. Please tell me what to do. I want to cheat this Friday but hate to not be loosing....
  8. Cocoa Protein Cookie

    Love this instant gratification chocolate recipe! It lets you have a cakey or fudgey cookie any time you are restricting eggs, sugar or fats. Since its mainly protein powder and a tsp of cocoa powder, I think it could even work for P2. (Of course you should test since protein powder is not protocol on P2.)

    Note: you have to use whey protein powder. (Egg protein powder might work too, but I haven't tried it.) The vegetable protein based ones don't bind the cookie together and ...

    Updated September 30th, 2015 at 12:53 AM by Leez

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  9. Slow cooker shredded chicken

    This is an FMD recipe that can be found HERE. Its not only great for FMD, but also for HCG menus in P2.

    This is excellent for adding sauces to (think barbecue, taco, or teriyaki flavors), making wraps or topping salads or adding to soups.

    6 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    2 tsp. salt
    2 tsp. garlic powder
    (optional) 1/2 cup water or chicken broth
    2 tsp black pepper I suggest adding at the end of cooking or it ...
  10. help

    VLCD Day 8 only down 5 lbs please help with any tips or advice
    I still had depo in my system the firt week would that be the reason for the slow weight loss?