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  1. This is the only diet that works for me.

    I am nearing the end of my round I was only going to go 30 days but now I am trying to push through to 40.

    My goal this round is to lose 20 pounds I started on September 15 loading and 16 and very low calorie day 1 was on the 17th today is October 20th and I am down 17.8 pounds. I messed up one time only and never plan on doing that again as it was harsh on me with a overnight gain of 4 pounds but also T.O.M came which could have been in part the reason I caved more easily in the ...

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  2. So it begins...

    I'm one meal into my first loading day and already I'm wondering how I'm going to manage. I haven't had much of an appetite for the past week (a problem I wish I'd had all my life), which is probably an indication that there may be something wrong with me (I can ALWAYS eat--I'm like the sterotypical fat sidekick of any 80s cartoon or movie). And now I'm having to gorge... I'm just glad my husband's gone for the weekend so he doesn't have to see me 1) eating all the foods he loves to eat but can't ...
  3. Welp im totally screwed. Booo!!

    Welp my hcg bottle fell on the floor and broke. sigh and it was pretty much full. Since i live all the way in africa, buying again and shipping etc is more than i can afford right now. So i guess i have no other alternative but to go to p3 after only 5days on p2 and just hope to the weight loss gods that i can lose weight on my own till i can afford to buy a new bottle and the ups/fedex international shipping charges.

    i started at 206.8 and todays weigh in i was 200.8. I did have ...
  4. Sprite!

    I have just discovered something wonderful.

    I bought Ozarka no sodium selzer,
    added half a lime
    and a squirt of orange flavored stevia drops and...


    And it tastes like the real thing and not the diet stuff.
  5. Diagnosed Diabetic

    Not me... my husband.

    Not me, the one with the sedentary lifestyle and 30 extra pounds of fat I've been lugging around for over half of my life. Nope, it hits the guy who is active every day, drinks more water than a fish, and has maybe an extra pound or two on his 166-pound frame, if that.

    Despite my fatness, I'm totally ok. My cholesterol is so good I'm at a negative risk factor for heart disease. My blood sugar is perfect. Yet I'm a total fatso. Genetics are a crap ...
  6. Day2 : So far ok

    So i've been good so far today. My mental battle is telling myself not to say eff it, i'll lose weight p3 style (which i know i can do). Mentally telling myself i'm doing this to get to a place where i'll be comfortable with then losing weight on my own. I cannot deny the fast results with hcg but damn the mental willpower it takes can be overwhelming.

    Damn and it's only day 2. For me, the weekends are the hardest, the urge to mindlessly eat goes into overdrive. But i think my game ...
  7. Back again for the millionth time but it will and has to be my last time: Day 1

    I have been sabotaging myself for the past 3yrs trying to get down to my ldw when i first tried hcg back in 2011. I have to say i'm officially tired of this rollercoaster. My weight dictates my life and I am tired of it, fed up and all in all exhausted emotionally from it. Hating myself everytime I see my body in the mirror eversingle day is not healthy.

    So i'm back to kickstart. I only have a 30 day supply and my goal is 15 to 20lbs. From there I've decided it's p3 for life. Moderately ...
  8. Back for the End of 2014

    What a year.

    I injured my back in April that caused sciatic nerve pain for several months, adopted a puppy who has habitually been waking me up in the middle of the night every night since May (but she's getting better), husband got a corneal ulcer that took him out of work for nearly two whole months (praise the Lord that his eye is now fully healed), my mother-in-law died last month due to complications from untreated diabetes and heart disease (talk about an incentive to get healthy--everyone ...
  9. I have a new Best Friend and her name is Tape Measure

    OK so I have done this before. Diet - watch the scale - Lose; stop diet - don't watch the scale - Gain. Rinse, repeat.

    This time I did something different. Instead of depending on the scale I took the advice of every single diet program I have ever seen and took measurements on Day 1 of VLCD and also pictures. The plan is to do this every two weeks. They were both pretty awful. I was not thrilled with either the numbers or the image.

    However, This morning was

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  10. Preparing for the diet! Nervous but excited!

    I start my first round of HCG in 2 days. I have read Pounds and Inches and plan on following Dr. Simeons protocol. I have already got the next weeks worth of meat weighed out, I just need to go fruit and vegetable shopping. I'm going to be doing the injections starting at 150 iu. I'm 200 lbs and plan on doing the 25 day round unless at the end I feel like I can make it through 43 days. I'm going to be prefilling my syringes and freezing them. I know this is somewhat controversial, but from what ...