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  1. Extras Gum good or bad in p3?

    I'm about to start my p3 and recently extra came out with a new flavor which is an orange creamsicle! Now I'm unsure about gum and if it affects me or not. So ideas?? Is the gum a bad idea. I've been waiting to chew gum again but now I'm not so sure I should. It is sugar-free also.
  2. p3d15

    Down again this morning 149.6, i'm probably averaging over 2000 calories a day so i'm pretty shocked that i keep losing. Today i probably only had around 1500 calories because i wasnt feeling that good after work and took a 3 hour nap and didnt have that much of a dinner. Same menu as yesterday except no taco salad and no red wine, but did have some guacomole and some cocoa crack when i got home from work. I started using my calorie counter again and todays totals were-
    Calories- 1600 ...
  3. Ph3 Day20 Continued.....

    Well, I'm at the end of a very busy, exhausting day. Sometimes the relaxing-at-home kind of days seem to exhaust me more! We went to church, came home prepared a grill to die for (curry chicken/mushrooms/onions) for a BBQ later, then we laid in the sun, played some ladderball with my daughter, BBQ'd with friends....and now home at 7:30pm I"m grouchy and feeling a bit hungry.

    Today is my second day not tracking calories, and I think it's safe to say that although it's nice to ...
  4. Sad.

    Put a teeny tiny bit of butter on my broccoli tonight ... feeling like a moron.

    If the scale goes up tomorrow I'm going to cry!

    Ugh, I'm an idiot.
  5. Calling it a night

    Well it has been a long weekend by myself
    and I'm worn out from housework so I'm calling it a night. Thank goodness for this Hcg blog or I would've gone stir crazy. Sad, I know. LOL
    I tried a couple things to change up the BORING P2 menu this weekend:
    ~Spicy cucumbers (Tony Chachero's and Adobo)
    ~Scrambled egg whites with tomato, salt, pepper

    Both sooooo yummmy! I'm definitely doing the eggs again next weekend. Hunger is so much more bearable today!! ...
  6. Awesome Halibut

    Quote Originally Posted by jwilliams View Post
    Am I in a fancy French restaurant or am I on the HCG Diet? You won’t be able to tell the difference when you try this HCG recipe for Halibut with a Tomato-Sorrel Sauce.

    I don’t usually cook with alcohol on the HCG Diet but 99.9% of this cooks out and whats left is incredible flavor. You’ll continue to lose weight fast and you’ll want to brag about what amazing food this diet allows!

    HCG Diet Recipe: Halibut with a Tomato-Sorrel Sauce.
  7. Not going to force myself today... calling it a night at 850 cals...

    It is entirely difficult to seek out 1600+ calories today. I've been home, cooking, in the kitchen, baking, at the grocery store, ETC. ALL DAY - yet I have no desire to put any food in my mouth!

    Here's what I ate:

    *2 scrambled eggs
    *1 slice of Pepper Jack cheese
    *1 glass of Whole Milk (with cocoa and Truvia)
    *Pot Roast
    *Wendy's Chili

    Part of me wants to jump straight into P4 - but I know there is some logic to waiting the ...
  8. Impressed.

    Was just reading through some forums about being on loading days and what people were craving, so I was thinking, what would I eat on my next loading days if I decide to do another round. Well .. I honestly couldn't think of anything. The one thing I want to eat right now that I can't is a European Wiener lol and the ONLY reason I want it is because I had planned to eat them on my first loading days and I didn't get to. I LOVE chips and I have no craving for them at all, not interested in chocolate, ...
  9. Day 3 of P3...too full to eat the calorie requirements!

    Day 3 of P3 and still 3#'s under LDW. I'm finding it very difficult to eat as much food as it takes to meet my calorie requirement. I'm actually missing the empty feeling of P2 eating, and wish I could go back to P2 tomorrow! Never thought I'd say that...but I just don't feel as good on P3. I'm wondering if I can go back to P2 since I only did 38 days of it??? I'd do a 23 day round if it was safe to do so. Anyone know?
  10. Shux...

    Yesterday was an eating out day. Tried to eat good stuff but alas I'm up 0.4. No bigee, tomorrows another day :-)

    Yesterdays eats:
    B- coffee with 1/2c CM
    L- minestrone soup and salad from Olive Garden
    S- vanilla kefir shake with 5 frozen strawberries
    D- 3oz copper river salmon, 2oz (if that, I had a couple bites of my girlfriend’s charred ahi tuna entrée – it was fab!), 8 asparagus spears, 8 coconut curry mussels
    Water- 90oz
    ************************************************** ...