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  1. Ok so that did not go as planned.

    GRRRR!!! Gained 1 lb after experimenting. I got all this good stuff . . green tea, yerba mate, amino acids and felt off to a good start.

    I found these apple cookies online and tried the recipe . . . they were a bust . . never really turned into a cookie and they pushed me over my fruit limit for the day . . . that acounts for my 1 lb gain . . yes I am blaming the apple cookies.

    I just desperately needed something to chew . . . apple cookies or apple ...
  2. VLC Day 7


    254.4 (doctor's office; weighed in afternoon and received B12 shot)
    249.8 Load 1
    248.8 Load 2 (-1)
    250.0 VLCd 1 (+1.2)
    247.4 VLCd 2 (-2.6)
    243.8 VLCd 3 (-3.6)
    242.8 VLCd 4 (-1)
    242.6 VLCd 5 (-.2)
    240.4 VLCd 6 (-2.2)
    240.2 VLCd 7 (-.2)

    I forgot to eat a second apple yesterday. My calories ended at 411 for the day. I will eat a second apple today, or more protein, to ensure my ...
  3. Chips and Dip...Possibly my Kryptonite

    I made some guac and had it with the multigrain tortilla chips, 1 serving 15 grams of carbs....They were so good, I went back for another serving. Yikes! 30+ grams of carbs, 30 chips, about 1& 1/2 avocados...I don't even wanna know how much fat is in that. I tamed it down a bit for dinner, I had a turkey burger, with bacon, cheese and a bit of the leftover guac on a wheat bun. However I think I might be realizing an interesting development. Last night I had some sugar free ice cream at the varsity, ...
  4. Confession!

    Geez, my period must be coming so yesterday I had some huge cravings and ended up having some Pho soup and about 5 pieces of coco crack. I gained a pound this morning and think most of it was water.

    But today i have no excuses for. I ate everything, sigh...
    I had some mahi mahi for lunch that was fine, but then...

    I had an ice cream sunday, pizza, lympia and some yogurt. I just got back on protocol this week and I am sucking. i lost all the weight i gained last ...
  5. didn't really eat today p3 day 15.

    I didn't really eat today..I was so busy, and I have a strict rule no eating after 5 and preferably after 4:30. Need to make time to eat. I told Jeff (DH) I needed to eat in Estes, or I would not be able to eat. He said we would make it home in time, and we didn't. Hoping I don't gain from the lack of food. DH felt bad and asked if i wanted to go to a pizza restaurant in Loveland or my favorite Oriental food place. They are on the way home. He knows I can't eat that stuff, so not sure why he offered. ...
  6. p3d14

    Weight was 150.4 this morning. Quite surprised with only gaining .2 considering how full i felt after dinner, hopefully that means i'm stabilizing. Same menu today as yesterday, except i only had one serving of taco salad for dinner. I may have some cocoa crack later on, been wanting to experiment with adding some different things. Thinking of adding some chopped almonds and sea salt. Theres a dark chocolate bar i love that has those two ingredients in it, i believe its by lindt, and it is amazing ...
  7. Ph3 Day 19

    Weigh-in: 117.5lbs....Hmmmm I keep losing and all I'm doing is eating what I would like, stopping when I'm full, and not stressing. Not stressing is making the most difference probably

    Today I've been out of the house garage sale-ing, so I've had an odd eating day:

    -2 boiled eggs
    -fruit shake
    -2 oz cheese
    -1oz almonds
    -hamburger patty w/mustard/red onion/lettuce (Hamburger may have sugar? skipped processed cheese though)
    -deviled ...

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  8. My Journey - Round 2 - VLCD Day 11

    WEIGHT TODAY... 155.6
    TOTAL LOSS IN ROUND 2 SO FAR... -15.9 :-D

    ROUND 2
    Day 1 : starting weight 171.5 lbs
    Day 2 : - 3.9 lbs to weigh 167.6 lbs
    Day 3 : - 0.6 lbs to weigh 167.0 lbs
    Day 4 : - 3.0 lbs to weigh 164.0 lbs
    Day 5 : - 1.5 lbs to weigh 162.5 lbs
    Day 6 : - 1.5 lbs to weigh 161.0 lbs
    Day 7 : - 1.6 lbs to weigh 159.4 lbs
    WEEK ...
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  9. P4 Day 2 178.0

    by , June 11th, 2011 at 03:09 PM (Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride)
    Whew, was I grateful for the 1# loss this morning. Yesterday I had a deli sandwich with white bread mm-mm soft and fresh baked. Last night I had a blue cheeseburger salad. I also had a diet cherry limeade from sonic and 1 or 2 big fruit salads with fage. Oh I tried the Ziploc baggie ice cream I saw on a thread it was very very good. maybe too much artificial sweetener.

    Today I have had tacos which is like a family tradition. DH frys the corn tortillas. I brown up the chorizo and ...
  10. 1Really worried

    Quote Originally Posted by aligirl View Post
    I really need some help. I ordered hcg from pharmacy escrow and need help mixing and injecting. I have Ovunal 5000 iu hcg, a 10 ml mixing syringe and a U-100 insulin 1/2" 1cc. The mixing instructions I had said to use 1cc to mix hcg and 4cc to finish injecting into empty vial. I started on mon. at 125 (25 on my syringe) and then I stalled a couple of days and increased dosage to 150; however, I got mixed up and filled the syringe to 50 and I think I should have gone to 30. Will someone