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  1. P3 ends tomorrow.....

    Hey everyone!! P3 has been going really well for me since that FFF day. To be honest, I have been eating things that I should not have eaten (end of the school year parties, graduation, birthday arties, etc.). I only had small portions because my stomach wont allow me to eat the huge plates that I used to. Up unitl today I've styed within my LIW, but todat...I'm up 2.7. I was going to do a FFF day, but I know that it's just that pesky TOM. I'll probably do a FFF day tomorrow because I actually ...
  2. Nothing this morning, Day 5

    I didnt lose a thing today! Of course if it was point-whatever I wouldn't know because I have regular scale, but STILL!! two things were different yesterday, I ate several extra vegetables in a broth-like soup because my stomach was miserable.... Though it was only 10 calories. I also did only 100iu yesterday because of the whole dosage-alter-for-hunger thing. Well shit.
    Sooooo I guess I'm doing 125iu today, and make sure not to mix the vegetables. Why is that important anyway? What's the ...
  3. About to have a blast tonight! But also, a gain... :-(

    Sooo, I am writing this to just complain about all the weight I'm about to gain tonight... My best friend is getting married soon, and of course, we are going to have a bachelorette party...TONIGHT! I know I can stay away from the food, but the drinks, oh jeez, it will be hard not to party like I want to. I am actually counting on me being guilty, just so I will refrain more, but also, I want to have fun! I mean, come on, your best friend only gets married once, uh, hopefully! LMAO!
  4. P4 Day 6 LDW - Foods I've cleared (roguish)

    So, I am ranging between 2 ounces under LDW and 14 ounces over LDW.

    Does this mean I am stabilizing nicely? I certainly feel like I am (: I have lots of cooking to do this weekend, for variety. Now that the tripling of the calories issue is out of the way, I am feeling pretty fantastic. I have cleared some hard-to-clear things - which comes as no surprise, because I don't think I have *any* intolerances to food. Hmmm, maybe today I will clear Carnitas!!!

    Some ...
  5. Whew 2 pound loss

    I guess I was holding lots of water in my muscles. I Took a diuretic yesterday, and ate very conservatively yesterday. 4 ounce fage for breakfast and 1 handful of almonds..for lunch I had a 9 ounce hamburger patty with cheese and mushrooms, and for dinner a 3 ounce steak (I wasn't hungry from lunch). think it really must be the Diuretic. went to bed last night weighing the same I did when I woke up which is very unusual for me. Hoping it doesn't come back tomorrow. Which I know it probably will. ...
  6. VLC Day 6


    254.4 (doctor's office; weighed in afternoon and received B12 shot)
    249.8 Load 1
    248.8 Load 2 (-1)
    250.0 VLCd 1 (+1.2)
    247.4 VLCd 2 (-2.6)
    243.8 VLCd 3 (-3.6)
    242.8 VLCd 4 (-1)
    242.6 VLCd 5 (-.2)
    240.4 VLCd 6 (-2.2)


    06-04-11 weight = 249.8
    06-11-11 weight = 240.4

    I weighed at home, at the same time, using the same scale, nude, after urination. ...
    Tags: 500 calories
  7. P3 - I'm doing Atkins for this phase...BEST FOOD EVER last night!

    So P3 is getting easier and easier. I have found a way to increase my calories and not fret whether I have enough by the end of the day (whew!). I picked up the Atkins book at a thrift store and basically see P3 as Atkins, and the gradual introduction of foods is parallel to protocol on HCG. P4 is similar, too - where the gradual introduction of carbs is monitored until the scale goes up - and then elimination of that food has to happen. I am dying to make my own bread and find some good pizza ...
  8. Recipes

    Sour Cream, Cheddar, Chive Waffles


    Cooking spray
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1 (5.8-ounce) package shredded potato pancake mix (such as Panni)
    1 3/4 cups fat-free milk
    1 (8-ounce) carton reduced-fat sour cream
    1 large egg
    1/2 cup (2 ounces) reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese
    1/4 cup chopped fresh chives


    Coat a waffle iron with cooking ...

    Updated June 11th, 2011 at 05:31 PM by MeOnHCG

  9. Good day :)

    Was down .8lbs today, better than nothing

    Today has been good, I had my first dose at around 10 and I decided to try 3 pellets instead of 4 cause the 4 seem to be causing a bit of hunger and three seemed much better.

    I had an apple for breakfast, salad and turkey burger for lunch and a small piece of steak with steam broccoli for dinner. Not planning on having any more fruit tonight, feeling pretty good

    Cleaned my house today as well, laundry, ...
  10. P3 and eating carbs??? Please explain...

    Why do I keep reading about people eating carbs on P3? Isn't that way off protocol?

    Even when trying to skip all carbs, I end up eating between 30-60. The scale has not shown any gains because of it, but I am confused...I was going to try to re-introduce carbs in P4, only!