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  1. Loading Is Over (Round 2)

    Today started Phase 2's Vlcd. I gained 4.5lbs loading. That's alot!
    Sooo ready to start losing though, so Bring It On!!!

    Good luck Hcg' ing
  2. Just the facts..LOL

    Just posting my numbers so far they have been speaking for themselves this round....
    Load Day1----178.6
    Load Day2----178.8
    VLCD12--166.6 (AHH)
  3. Hcg to the rescue after 2 yrs of maintaining my wt more or less

    I decided to start my HcG all over again because myweight has gone up after some hormone treatments to where I do not like to be. I had more or less maintained my weight at 145lbs for the last two years and had been active and eating healthy, but had some hormone issues so the treatment just didn't do any good to my body form so I am back on HcG now. My starting weight was 159.9lbs after my 5th day VLCD my weight went up a lb to 153.5 from 152.4 yesterday. The only thing I did different in my opinion ...
  4. 1 down, 39 to go

    I really hope my low weight gain with loading doesn't make this week tough. I haven't really felt too much hunger with these drops which is a very good, but know the first week can be tough. So far I haven't noticed a difference between the prescription and non prescription drops other than a little nausea.

    VLCD 1 - 185.6 (-1.1) (Pre-load weight)
    Round 3 Loading Weight 186.7
    Goal weight for this round 160
  5. Little things....

    SO....here is my question...

    Is there any reason I shouldn't do the following meals??

    1. Lettuce salad, turkey breast, cucumber slices, boiled egg, dressing from Walden Farms.

    2. Grilled Pork chop, asparagus, and sauteed mushrooms.

    3. Anyone eat breakfast, lunch, fruit for snack time, dinner and then fruit for snack time...

    I am on 800 calorie and was told to do the following:
    2 eggs for breakfast
    meat and ...
  6. Day 1 onf INSANITY!

    P2D2-164.4 (-2.6)
    P2D3-162.4 (-2.0)
    P2D4-161.4 (-1.0)
    P2D5-161.4 (no change)
    P2D6-160.2 (-1.2)
    P2D7- 159.2 (-1.0)
    P2D8- 158.2 (-1.0)
    P2D9- 156.8 (-1.4)

    So today I started the 'INSANITY!' workouts. Protocol says that if you workout before hcg, you can continue to do so while you're on it. I workout everyday, and the insanity workouts will possibly be an addition to my regular workouts. I haven't felt sluggish ...
  7. July 15 Day 9 VLCD

    Im back on HCG... and back to this website... how did i stray???
    I started July 7 at 167.4 and am now 160.6 with a goal of 145
    I am working with a trainer and doing light cardio 3-4 times per week.
    I also have to have surgery next week... so that will be another wrinkle... but i held off starting until I had a quiet month... no travel.. no company.. guess what ... it doesnt exist and all those momens just serve as a chance to eat and gain weight it seems. So my goal is to get ...
  8. Down we go!!!

    I cannot tell you all how happy I am to have not stalled or gained yet! This is my round I am telling ya...LOL Sure my losses have slowed to .2 or more a day, but still I will take a .2 loss over a stall or gain (as would anyone I bet). So here we are 20 pounds left to goal and 18 at best to do them in... ahhhhhh!! Time is so against me this round since I am doing a shorter one so I can enjoy my vacation in P3. Well I have had great success so far and my goal this round is in the low 150's ...

    Updated July 15th, 2013 at 02:32 PM by yep yep I can

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  9. Around the same number for 6 days now with 0.4 lb GAIN, big belly & larger waist..

    Around the same number for 6 days now with 0.4 lb GAIN, bigger belly & larger waist..Again I look like a pregnant lady due in 4 months. EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat raw onions with fish (taking advantage of being alone at home, not socializing) I GAIN or STALL. Aaarrrgghh! I am so fed up!

    Numbers are:
    Pre-load (BL): 152.7
    vlcd:1 (after-load) (AL): 154.5 (175 IU)
    vlcd:2 150.7 (175 IU) (-2lbs BL) (-3.8 lbs AL)
    vlcd:3 147.7 (150 IU) (-3 lbs)
    vlcd:4 ...

    Updated July 15th, 2013 at 09:18 PM by Exhottienowaveragejane

  10. Back Again! Time for Round 3

    I am excited for Round 3! Round 2 I struggled with staying on protocol and did not see as losses as big as I would have liked. However, I've maintained my LDW of 185.7 for approx 4 weeks. I started this process at all time high of 225 which means I've lost 40lbs to date through 2 rounds. I'm doing things a bit different this time. I originally planned to do prescription HCG drops this round again (1 round of injections and I hated giving myself shots), but then I considered other varieties ...
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