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  1. Wonderfully commited

    THIS IS THE 3RD TIME I AM DOING THIS (not back to back)! I just wanted to say with each round I have learned some things the hard way ...
    the first round I didn't go through with p3 meant to but just somehow went back to eating and gained almost all of it back. I did another round and although I stuck it out for 30 days I sure didn't follow everything I should have like wearing gloves, when doing dishes, no I cheated with the many occasional drops of creamer in my coffee and I didn't ...
  2. So so

    Held on to the same weight did great all weekend , then last night musta ate something didn't like me cos scale is up 2, it better be bloat!! I made coconut flour shortcake and strawberries on it. I do this everytime I add in fruit,I just don't get it.I been eating the buns so it isn't them.
  3. What did I do :'(

    Here I am on day 19 of phase 4. Lastnight I went to the bar for the 1st time in months. had planned on only having maybe 1 or 2 drinks. I ended up having 3. That's not even the worst part. I also smoked like 4 or 5 cigarettes (& I don't even smoke). &..... I ended up stopping at the end of the night to McDonalds & had a McDouble, McChicken, & some Fries. Wow! Although I came home & shared the food with my daughter, but still, SMH..... Would this be considered a cheat this ...
  4. Steak day and sensitivity

    R1 starting weight 213.3 lbs
    LIW: 182.6 lbs
    Loss: 30.7 lbs

    5/27 P3D1 out of town no weight check (macadamia nuts)
    5/28 P3D2 183.8 +1.8 lbs
    5/29 P3D3 183.0 -0.8 lbs (macadamia nuts)
    5/30 P3D4 183.2 +0.6 lbs
    5/31 P3D5 183.6 +0.4 lbs
    6/01 P3D6 182.8 -0.8 lbs TOM
    6/02 P3D7 182.6 -0.2 lbs TOM (macadamia nuts)

    6/03 P3D8 184.6 +2.0 lbs TOM
    6/04 P3D9 183.2 -1.4 lbs TOM (red wine)
    6/05 P3D10 ...

    Updated June 18th, 2013 at 06:44 PM by Bavalay21

  5. Phase 3 Sucks!

    I decided not to do a steak day today. I woke up starving and I knew I was not going to be able to not eat all day until dinner. It also just seems gimmicky to me too. Why is it that eating healthy and working out makes me gain? It can't be fat that I'm gaining. That just doesn't make sense. I read that when you first start exercising and weight training your weight can be affected by water retention and swelling by up to 10lbs. I've been working out pretty hard, which is something I haven't done ...
  6. HCG Bonus! Smaller feet!

    by , June 16th, 2013 at 10:51 PM (7 Days in December and What happened After)
    Has anyone noticed fat loss in their feet at the end of P2?

    I didn't even think foot weight loss was possible. Shocked. Amazed. Curious if anyone else has seen this.

    My feet started growing fatter in my early 30's - with only minimal weight loss. Tried everything back then to get them back to normal - massage therapy, soaks, special creams. I just figured the fatty tissue on the top was a result of age and gravity.

    Last week - it changed.
  7. Bummed....

    Just a sad day for me....I lost my dad 15 years ago...and my father-in-law 19 years ago...so I have no been into celebrating Father's Day for a while.......thankfully my kids let their dad know he is special to them.

    Dr Visit: 362.2
    4/10 day one of shots and loading day 1
    5/10: 340.1 day 30 of shots...down over 20#!!!
    5/19: 337.7 last shot day
    5/26: 333.4 another week away...first week of no shots!!!
    5/28: 333.1 28.9 pounds down!!!!!!!
    5/31: ...
  8. Frustrated

    I'm in the stabilization phase but I just can't stabilize. I've been so good. No cheating, eating around 1500 calories, working out but I've gained 2 lbs every day for the last 3 days. I should have done a steak day but I didn't understand what that was and if I gain again tomorrow I'll do it then. I don't know what the problem is. I have started exercising and lifting weights again. I haven't gained inches so I don't know if it's water retention from the exercise or building muscle and I shouldn't ...
  9. Why am I cheating and craving sugar?

    I do the shots from ushcginjections.com
    Ive been on for 2 weeks, and each week I have a bad cheat day. I want sugar. Go off plan and get right back on.
    What's going on????

    This is y 2nd round. my first round I did wonderful for 40 days. disappointed in myself.
  10. Two Weeks Down - Four To Go

    And I'm down 11 pounds in these 2 weeks. I'm really happy about that. My goal for this round was 20 pounds and I'm more than half way there, with 4 weeks to go! I wasn't sure how this would work for me, only knowing 3 people in RL that have done this. One successful, still maintaining...one barely lost any weight due to frequent cheats, and one that regained. The one that was successful tells me she lost 21 pounds in P2 and then went on to lose another 12 after P4 because she amped up her workouts...started ...