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  1. My love affair with Coconut

    Back down again today. It appears I have issues with coconut, I suspected it last round but ..... I ate and bun yesterday from almond flour and no problem, still lost. I love the cflour ones so much better tho darnit!! It seems to be just a day or two bloat , that I mite be able to suffer for a bun once a month LOL. I seem to want to stabilize at 123 or 124 , it is what it is I guess. Maybe I can up the excerise this summer and get back down to 120?

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  2. Progress Diary

    I did stall for four days, stuck at 230. It may have been because I'd had tomatoes and shrimp, or maybe I was at a previous set point of some kind -- but I did do an apple day yesterday and it worked. So today I was down to 228.

    Tomorrow I'll see if that stays off or was a fluke.

    Have read that apple days are all about water and that they aren't recommended. I didn't find that info until after I'd done it (and done it wrong!) so was relieved to have lost. My naturopath ...
  3. Teas For the Win!

    I'm a foodie, even when it comes to teas! Here are some teas I think are really helpful (at least they are for me). I've always used these, but it's great that I can continue to use them while on protocol. Just thought I'd share them.

    Stacy's Tea List

    Numi Chocolate Pu'er Tea (Good with Stevia and Cinnamon)
    Numi Broccoli Cilantro Savory Tea
    Numi Tomato Mint Savory Tea
    Numi Beet Cabbage Tea
    Numi Aged Earl Grey
    Tulsi Organic Sweet Rose ...
  4. Smothering lotion everywhere! Yay!

    I've been out of touch for awhile as Iíve been traveling. I finished P2 with a total loss of 17lbs. It wasnít my goal, but Iíll take it. I just got back from a hard partying weekend in Miami. I am up two lbs from my ldw, so I will be doing a correction day tomorrow. I think I'm going to do the FFF correction day. I still have to get to the grocery store for the basics. Iíve been eating clean and enjoying lotion everywhere! Iíll get back to posting regularly this weekend. Iím starting a homeopathic ...
  5. Steak Day Update

    R1 starting weight 213.3 lbs
    LIW: 182.6 lbs
    Loss: 30.7 lbs

    5/27 P3D1 out of town no weight check (macadamia nuts)
    5/28 P3D2 183.8 +1.8 lbs
    5/29 P3D3 183.0 -0.8 lbs (macadamia nuts)
    5/30 P3D4 183.2 +0.6 lbs
    5/31 P3D5 183.6 +0.4 lbs
    6/01 P3D6 182.8 -0.8 lbs TOM
    6/02 P3D7 182.6 -0.2 lbs TOM (macadamia nuts)

    6/03 P3D8 184.6 +2.0 lbs TOM
    6/04 P3D9 183.2 -1.4 lbs TOM (red wine)
    6/05 P3D10 ...
  6. HCG withdrawl?? What?

    by , June 18th, 2013 at 03:01 PM (7 Days in December and What happened After)
    Well - the last injection came and went. I recorded my LIW and started the final lap towards P3.....

    I think I'm having withdrawl symptoms from HCG. Checked online for info. Nothing so far.

    1. A bit depressed (no reason and no history of depression)
    2. Fatigue (instead of the energy I had on HCG)
    3. Sore muscles. As in "someone took a jackhammer to my insides while I was sleeping".
    4. Stomach stress with slight naseau ...
  7. Back down again

    What ever caused my gain is gone so it must have been some sorta I don't know what LOL. dang I hate not knowing....................... But anyway , still 4 about LDW after this week if Im not back down I think I need to accept that my ldw wants to be higher than I want it to be grrrr
  8. Truckin' along in P3!

    It's been a while since my last blog! Summer life is picking up (and so are the temperatures, ugh) and DH and I have been busier than usual. I've had the opportunity to reach out to some of my church friends about the HCG Protocol and direct them to this site--I'm very excited and I hope they will join the rest of us losers-who-are-really-winners.

    P3 has been going well for me; I have stayed within the 2-pound limit, though I'm still figuring out what foods I'm sensitive to (and ...

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  9. Please post QUESTIONS here- we will try to answer asap!

    Quote Originally Posted by Beth_M View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by laurap View Post
    Hi! I am on day 15 p2 and have followed the protocol very carefully, except that i'm confused about the dose... I started at 125, went to 150 on day 5 and up to 175 on day 11. my weight was stalled and i was feeling super tired at night at some weakness during the day, which is why i kept increasing. i also wanted to lose more.. i have been stalled for about 7 days now but i can tell i'm losing inches. I found Colleens web page and was so excited to see something comprehensive, so i skipped one
  10. Wonderfully commited

    THIS IS THE 3RD TIME I AM DOING THIS (not back to back)! I just wanted to say with each round I have learned some things the hard way ...
    the first round I didn't go through with p3 meant to but just somehow went back to eating and gained almost all of it back. I did another round and although I stuck it out for 30 days I sure didn't follow everything I should have like wearing gloves, when doing dishes, no I cheated with the many occasional drops of creamer in my coffee and I didn't ...