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  1. I'm all in!! :D

    well, I have about two weeks left of Phase 4. My weight is exactly where it was on my last day of VLCD. (well, within a half pound depending on if I drink enough water). So, Of course I've been thinking about the next round. I've already purchased a most adorable outfit that I hope to be into within the first two weeks of the next round. Since I think I paid too much for the first HHCG drops, and I'm pretty sure the second brand was a major failure, I've been researching rx sublingual. Tonight, ...
  2. Here I Go Again..This Time with Hubby!

    So I wasn't sure if I would do a Round 2, but I'm really excited to be beginning my R2 P2 VLCDs on Tuesday. This time, my husband has decided to join, so that should be very interesting! He is NOT a dieter and only has 12-15 pounds to lose to get to his "fighting weight," but I think he has been impressed to see my quick loss and stabilization and then, of course, how I can pack away the calories now with out gaining.

    I thought 150 was my goal, but now I'm shooting for ...

    Updated May 29th, 2011 at 09:52 PM by Tate

  3. My Phase 2 Daily Losses/Gains Chart:

    I am going to try and keep a running tally of my Phase 3 weights as well... but figured I should start with Round 1, Phase 2 weights first.

    TOP WEIGHT: 04/04/2011 277.4
    LOAD DAY#2: 04/08/2011 275.2
    VLCD DAY #1: 04/09/2011 271.6
    VLCD DAY #2: 04/10/2011 269.6
    VLCD DAY #3: 04/11/2011 269.2
    VLCD DAY #4: 04/12/2011 265.0
    VLCD DAY #5: 04/13/2011 264.0
    VLCD DAY #6: 04/14/2011 263.6
    VLCD DAY #7: 04/15/2011
    VLCD DAY #8: ...
  4. Thoughts

    So, I realized today that I am 29 pounds from have lost 100 lbs. over the past 3 years (on and off). I started out at 238 and got down to 208 using exercising alone, without food changes. At 208 in November of 2010 I started my first round. I am on my second round now which started at 177 and I am now at 167. Wow.

    Dessert Recipe I recently found:

    Meringue cookies
    3 egg whites
    1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
    pinch of salt
    1/2 tsp. vanilla extract ...
  5. What I've learned....

    I have been realizing a lot of things about myself lately. I really think that for me the key to my hcg success so far is a 40 day P2 and not cheating. I lost 27 lbs in P2, stabilized well in P3 and have transitioned to P4 quite easily while still losing a couple of more lbs.
    What has changed for me is my feelings towards food. Food has been a comfort for me for as long as I can remember. Once my migraines disappeared after starting P2 my outlook on food changed from comfort to fuel for ...
  6. Update: My 'Possessed' scale...

    Well I bought a new battery last night and this morning I stepped on the scale twice and it was the same weight - up .4 but I'm okay with that since, I was getting different weights for almost a week. I now have a new starting point.

    The recent scale issues, set me back and I lost my motivation. So, I decided to do a mini load yesterday and part of today. Today, I pre-cooked all my different proteins, cut up my veggies and put me meals in containers and baggies. Although I expect ...
  7. Bloating or Gaining Phase 3???

    Hello... I am in deserate need of some advice/answers. I am on day 12 of Phase 3. After I finished Phase 2, I left for a trip to Australia, and have been doing my maintenance Phase while here. It has been VERY challenging, but good. When I arrived I bought a new scale the day i landed and have been EXTREMELY diligent about what i eat. I have been most stabilizing 1-2lbs under my LIW...which has been wonderful, I have been feeling AMAZING! Then here I am at day 12, yesterday I started to feel VERY ...
  8. oopsie roll fiasco

    Oopsie is right! I totally blew trying to make them. When I folded in the yokes, the whites started to breakdown. Did I add it to fast? Did I not whip the egg whites enough (they would hold peaks when mixing)? Should I beat the egg whites on low or high speed?What did I do wrong?

    Anyone who had had success with these, please advise!

  9. I need help!!!

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading and reading, but I still have some questions.
    Can somebody help me out, please?

    FYI I am R1P2D15, I lost in WK1 9.6 (tom), then WK2 2.8 only.

    I was very dizzy for almost a week, then reading Dr. S protocol I believe I was with hypoglycemia so I had a spoon of sugar and I actually felt much better but sometimes I still feel dizzy. Does anybody else feel dizzy sometimes?

    Phase 4, if I decide to ...
  10. PH3 Day7

    Weigh in: 117.5lbs or a bit less. Felt really good knowing I am back at my LDW, and I have a bit more understanding of what my body wants. Today will be my 3rd day with the same foods, no new additions. Looks like all the pros were right....take introductions slow!! It's still really hard not to want to add a bunch of nuts, fruits, meats etc....But I am going for almonds next. Once I clear almonds I can start on my cracker/bread/cookie adventures! Let's hope I can stabilize! Do you guys recommend ...