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  1. The day of Reckoning

    So I weighed myself this morning after not knowing what to expect after camping and...
    down to 174.6. Yay!
    I was in the 177 land for 4 days so this is a relief to see the ticker moving again. I am also on TOM so I know that is probably slowing me down a bit. Down 2.5 pounds, but I was pretty much demanding that the scale go into the 174's it did not have much choice.
    My Sun Warrior Protein arrived so I am going to start giving that a try. I am so sick of meat and Ifeel so ...
  2. Steak Fiascos 1 and 2

    If my boyfriend and I are the only couple who play this game, then someone can shoot me. It goes something like this:
    Him: "So what do you want to do tonight?"
    Me: "I don't know. What do you want to do tonight?"
    Him: "I don't care, whatever you want."
    Me: "Okay, wanna go see a movie?"
    Him: "Ugh. No."
    Me: "Bowling?"
    Him: "(sigh) No."
    Me: "Well, then. I don't have any ...
  3. Vlcd30

    Wow did I just type that? Down .4 today. After this weekend I'm really surprised. I was extremely busy and had to have some extra protein to keep up. Still managed to loose though. Ten days to go!
  4. Vlcd 5...Lil Experiment worked...for now


    Any who have read my blog know I went a little crazy on Saturday. Well, yesterday, I did a little experiment that one of my buddies tried a few days ago.
    Yesterday, I was 118. ZERO loss from the previous day. Thats EXCELLENT considering my "cheat" on Saturday.
    I had 2 17 oz containers of 0% Fage yesterday. Total of 520 calories.
    This morning I was 116.5. Down 1.5! I know it will probably go up tomorrow. My correction days ALWAYS have ...
  5. Results from the first day of P3

    Sunday was my first day of P3 and I went a little crazy:

    Breakfast: Eggs
    Lunch: 1/2Chipotle bowl and a bit of tea
    Snack: Slice of swiss cheese
    Dinner: Jason's Deli huge salad that included the bad boys I told myself I wouldn't go crazy on: artichokes, tomatoes, cheeses (lots), and peas. And then to top it off I snacked on hubby's saurkraut and corned beef.

    I very likely ate too much starchy types yesterday, I somehow ended up taking a swig of presweetened ...
  6. P3 Belly Drama...Need Advice!

    So for all who may have missed my weekend blogs...my large gains were due to being backed up. I lost all of the weight and then some following a steak and laxative day on Friday. Then on Saturday I could tell my body was clinging to everything I put in it...fine because there wasn't anything left in me at that point. However, on Sunday, again my body held on to everything. I was bloated, constipated, and just felt horrible. Took another round of laxatives last night and couldn't believe that ...
  7. P3 Day 12 @ 159.2

    I am surprised I didn't gain more considering my weekend:

    Saturday: 2 egg omelet cooked w/ 1 Tbls butter, pork sausage, green onions, pepperjack cheese. yum.
    Mooyah iceburger. (burger w/ cheddar cheese wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun) Diet A&W Rootbeer.
    Mexican food restaurant: flank steak and shrimp w/ greens (didn't eat the chips or beans!) Had water while everyone else had beer. Then at the bar I started out w/ zin from a box (it's all they had! UGH), but ...
  8. R3p2d29

    200....(-1) OMG I am so close I can taste it. My calves are so sore from running up and down the ladder painting and decorating. I am hoping that when the soreness leaves it takes some fat with it. Getting below 200 is a major feat. I will actually be able to move the big block on my physicians scale. It really is the little things. I have completely unpacked everything and put all of our stuff away. I just need to hang some pictures up. Hopefully I will be able to get that done this ...
  9. B12

    Well after week 2 of really no big losses 1.5 M-F I read about B12 Drops so I figured what the heck I will give it a try...Well SO very happy that I did because between Friday and Sunday I dropped 7lbs..WOOOHOOOO...but when I got the the scale this morning I was up about .4...but not worried...maybe week 3 will be the same. I will continue to take the B12 because even if it's just in my mind, I think it's helping..Here's to a very successful week 3
  10. R2 vlcd22

    Sinuses are feeling much better today. My day yesterday was mostly liquids since my tummy wasnt' feeling so great. Had a couple cups of hot chocolate, some MIO drops in water, more water and a Jillian Michaels chocolate shake. Also had a cube of steak and a melba toast. Down 1.6lbs this morning. YES! That puts me at 142.4, I might see those 130's this week after all.

    This is the second time I've stuck to mostly liquids for my calories and dropped over a pound and it doesn't come back ...