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  1. I have failed... Le sigh

    Today was soooo bad. It was beautiful out. My boss gave me a project and her confidence. And .. I was HUNGRY. ALL. DAY. LONG. Not just in my mind "Mmmm Katie don't you wish you could have something to eat' hungry. Stomach trying to eat itself, growling loud enough that my co-workers looked at me several times asking me if I needed to use the restroom, wanting to eat leftover mints that were in the bottom of my purse, opened and previously sucked on by my son kind of hungry. I forgot ...
  2. VLCD53 Had last drops @ lunch!

    So...I really feel like I should stop my drops I want to stop on a good note. I have things to look forward to this weekend to keep my busy from any hunger. And I can start Ph3 fresh on Monday. It will feel so good to spend all weekend really planning out my meals and knowing I have the strength to follow through. I plan to treat Ph3 like a bit 'freer' version of Ph2.

    I would like to make note of the following benefits of HCG:
    -found true joy in my kids/husband/family/friends/conversations/flowers/painting/encouraging ...

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  3. R2P2D4 Nothing Lost Nothing Gained

    Static here. No loss, no gain. Anyone following that prediction of a big earthquake tomorrow? What would you want to eat, if you could never eat another bite again. Me, I'd have popcorn with butter. Popcorn is my favorite food!
  4. sighhh... vlcd 23

    sputter...sputter........putt putt.... sputter....

    my losses are slowwwwwwwww... however i should not complain... at least i am loosing....
  5. P4 - Day 2

    Total lost on diet to date: 17 kg (~38 lb)
    Increases to set point: 0 kg
    Stabilized in P3: after 6-10 days

    This morning I was LIW - 0.6 lb. In P3 my weight fluctuated horribly in week 1, where I needed 2 steak days to settle things down again, and the addition of digestive enzymes, Mg Citrate, and probiotics to start to feel normal. By 10 days I'd stabilized (mostly), and used a couple of protein days where needed. I now just fluctuate within the 2 lb limit day to day. ...
  6. P3D2 Sticking with eggs

    Loss .4 after yesterdays food, surprising yes. considering i couldnt eat a single sliver of celery in P2 without gaining.

    My plan is to add one new thing and stick with it for 2 days see how i do. I didnt eat everything yesterday cause i was scared of gain, not cause i couldnt finish it. I am a big eater!!!!! That scares me.

    Here is my menu for today

    May 20 162.2 (2.2 below ldw) Total Cal: 1270 (C/53;F/64;P/102; S/25)
    Days 2(eggs):

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  7. Please clarify, P1 is loading, P2 is 23-40 days,and P3 is higher cals (still no fat?)

    I am trying to research the next phase. I have been referring to the 23-40 day treatment as Phase 1.

    Next phase = 3 weeks of same food/higher calories???

    And is the phase when you can start adding fats again considered P4??? So confused! I want to make a calendar so I know when I'm going to be done!
  8. Menu for P3 Day 1 - well, at least the first full day

    Such a great feeling to be full. I gave thanks to God this morning for the food we have so freely here in the US!

    Took my L-Carnitine first, then got busy making the breakfast of my dreams... Yes, literally!

    Breakfast: 1.5 eggs (made 3, but shared) with sautéed mushrooms , onions, and cheese (just a tad, about 1 oz). Sausage patty and tea with milk (chai).
    Took my Probiotics and digestive enzymes

    Lunch: 1 can tuna with 2-3 tsp mayo + ...
  9. Blood sugar dropped - do not skip fruit!!!

    So, this morning, I kept having major dizzy spells, and I was barely able to put one foot in front of the other. I knew right away that I had made two major mistakes: skipped my fruit yesterday (lack of....desire??? lack of hunger??? desire to lose more???). I also did a little experiment and skipped my water yesterday to see if the body would continue to flush out the fat without it (it did! I had a 2 pound loss overnight).

    The two pound loss was *not* worth almost passing ...
  10. Tried on Bridesmaid Dress???

    Well things have been going so well with the HCG diet, I decided what the hell go try that bridesmaid dress on again.
    So the first time i tried the dress on I could not even zip it up the back and it was a 14 which was suckie.
    But they said it can be altered. So I bought the 14 size and told crossed my fingers that I meant it when I said I will be losing 20 pounds and it is going to have ot be taken in.

    Well I can let my breath out now. I tried it on and it fit very ...