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  1. Woohoo, a little cheat and still a good weight loss!!!

    by , May 19th, 2011 at 10:31 AM (Flyin' into the New Year in style!)
    205.8/181.8/170 R2 P2 D11

    So I went to the ball game last night and I had a few nachos and got up this morning and down 1.2 lbs, woohoo. Got my B12 shots in the mail yesterday so gave myself one of those this morning and will be doing them every third day. I've cheated a few times this round which I did not do last round, it's just so hard this time, but I'm still going down on the scale, 14 lbs in 11 days so I'm not complaining one bit.... I'm just gonna try and stay on track
  2. Up .4, I'm ok with that. P3D4

    Today I am up another 0.4 which leaves me 1lb above ldw, still not bad so I'm ok. Today I'm gonna stick to the basics, my usual bacon and eggs, then a pork chop for dinner. I'll just have to have twice as much food to make up the calories. I know if I go down in cals I'll probably gain.
  3. Double chin gone! Any specific order to reducing size? Where is it coming off?

    Quote Originally Posted by itsybitsy View Post
    What order are you seeing the fat coming off?

    I've noticed the double chin is gone and my waist getting smaller.

    I've just noticed my arms look more defined.

    However, I still have that "shelf" of an upper belly-- the one where you sit and rest your cup on your middle!

    Any idea if there is a specific order to reducing size?
    For me, that area under my chin will be the last to the past when I would gain a ...
  4. Sliding through the 150s!

    So happy!! Down over 10 lbs since the start of Round 1 and it hasn't even been 2 full weeks! I'm surprised I'm still losing at a rate faster than my first week! I get off and on my scale not believing what I'm seeing every morning, and when it doesn't change, I finally believe it.

    5/7/11 - Starting weight - 167 lbs! Ugh!!!!
    5/8/11 - Weight after 1 load day - 167.4 lbs (+ .4)
    5/9/11 - Weight after 2 load days - 167.2 lbs (-.2)
    5/10/11 - vlcd 1 - 164.2 ...
  5. Change of opinion: PLANNED INTERRUPTIONS ROCK!

    Going forward, my long rounds will include a PLANNED INTERRUPTION. I wanted to shake things up to keep my body guessing...and it's working!!

    R2VLCD29 -2lbs this morning, for a total for two rounds = -39.4.

    Funny because when I hopped on the scale it was the same weight as yesterday. A morning gift of an early BM, brought me down 2lbs…whoa! Really? A 2lb BM? Geez. Surprised (had to step on the scale 2 more times to be sure)…..But THRILLED.

    Re: The ...
  6. R2P2 Day 4 of planned interruption -no change

    I am up 2 and that's ok! I weighed after my workout and bathroom stop this morning. I am feeling great. I did 65 minutes on the elliptical this morning. 31 minutes yesterday and 50 minutes of body pump. Tomorrow morning we go for our long bike ride on the Trace in Mandeville. Then heading to the coast for a few days. Hoping to stop at the outlet mall on our way!

    I will be totally ok with a 4 pound gain. (2 pounds above my LDW). I know that once I get back on my HCG on Monday ...
  7. VLCD52 Going strong

    Weighed in: 117.5lbs. My body is a MACHINE!! And i love this machine. After upping my protein all day yesterday it has been really happy. ALL, I mean ALL my hunger/energy issues went out the door. No wonder I haven't been feeling good. I use chicken a lot when i want to lose....yet I wasn't eating enough most days on chicken. gah! Wonder where i would be now if I had eaten more calories these whole 52 days.

    Anyhoo, Today I'm having:

    1/4 2%milk w/coffee & stevia
  8. Scales Issues!! I want to throw them out them window before I jump!!

    I was only going to be weighed once a week at the clinic I'm going to until I joined this site and found you wonderful people. So, I went out to Walmart (where I will never go to again - Did you know the scales are in the paint department? Yeah, me neither) and bought a scale that tells you your weight, body fat percentage, hydration and can most likely fly for about $40. I thought, I need something accurate. It was. Told me the exact weight I was at the clinic. The next morning I woke up, ...
  9. French bread recipe for Pizza Dough

    Quote Originally Posted by Abinco View Post
    This is the one I love for pizza dough. Its french bread. Very good. I have tried several and love this one.

    French Bread Recipe for Pizza Dough

    1 1/4 cup hot water
    1/2 c milk
    (makes lukewarm temp when they are combined)
    2 Tbsp oil
    1 Tbs honey
    2 tsp instant yeast
    4-5 cups fresh milled hard white wheat
    2 tsp salt
    1 tsp gluten(optional and I do not use)

    Combine water,milk, yeast , oil and honey- Add
  10. Honey Wheat Bread Recipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Abinco View Post
    This is the bread recipe I make now

    Honey Wheat Bread

    2 cups hard white
    2 cups hard red
    1 cup Kamut
    1/2 c honey
    1/2 c olive oil
    2 1/2 c hot water
    1 1/4 TBSP Yeast
    2 1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 TBSP gluten
    1/2 TBSP lecithin

    Mill the 3 kinds of wheat together.
    Put olive oil,honey,hot water,salt, gluten and lecithin together in mixer. Mix a few seconds. Add ground wheat and put yeast on top of the