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  1. Happy Monday!

    Good Morning to all, I don't know why, but on Friday I was hungry...I stuck to the protocol...and normally the hunger goes away with in 2 minutes or so...and rears it's ungly head about 2 or 3 times a day...not too uncomfortable. But on Saturday it was significantly more. I did not cheat...On Sunday...I woke up and about 15 minutes later...was very very hungry. I am not in a stall...but was only loosing about .6 lbs on Thurs. and Friday. I woke up Sunday weighing 220.6 We spent the day in St. Louis...and ...
  2. 5/16/11 Day 7 vlcd

    The honeymoon is over. lol! I'm up .2 lbs. Could be the salt I added yesterday or that I didn't drink enough water. I'm going to improve on both today. I know from research that there will be some days where the fat isn't ready to be released for whatever reason and there will be stalls, so maybe that's what's happening. Don't you wish you could just look inside and know what's going on??

    I have water aerobics tonight and I'm going to stay at the gym a little longer and do lower body ...
  3. Down .3 pounds today...

    Better than nothing! That makes...about 8 pounds in 7 days, first week done! Now, I would like to get an average of .5 pounds a day, and that would bring me to 135 on June 20th, that would be nice! Slower or faster, I figure I'll get there! Yesterday I had a high protein shake with....fructooligosaccharide, and I didn't know what it was, other than some form of sugar, I'm sure! So, I looked it up, and sure enough, it's a sweetener created from some form of fructose:
    FOS is extracted ...
  4. Vlcd 44 177.2

    Well I am up 0.6. I ate clean yesterday. However I was up until one am last night. And I didn't get enough water yesterday. I usually get a min of 3L and it was probably a bit less than 2L now that I am thinking about it. So I will rehydrate do some Yin Yoga today. come home and take a nap and hopefully tomorrow I will have a Whoosh of Weight Loss! I am already hungry though so I think I will have an apple before yoga.
  5. R2P2 Day 1 of interruption I am down 2 pounds since Friday 32.4!

    I am doing a planned week long interruption during this P2. I was stalled for a few days and all of a sudden I started dropping again. 3 pounds in 5 days! (1 of those 1 had lost and found again). I am hoping the interruption isn't a mistake. I will be out of town the latter part of the week and decided to do a full week interruption and then resume for 23 days starting Sunday.

    I will keep everyone posted on how I do! Yesterday I had a migraine, my first one in 3 weeks. I ...
  6. summary

    after my two load days I started
    4/25 VLCD#1 at 203.4
    4/26 VLCD#2 at 200.2
    4/27 VLCD#3 at 198.0
    4/28 VLCD#4 at 196.8
    4/29 VLCD#5 at 196.0
    4/30 VLCD#6 at 194.8
    5/01 VLCD#7 at 194.4
    5/02 VLCD#8 at 194.0
    5/03 VLCD#9 at 194.0
    5/04 VLCD#10 was 193.6
    5/05 VLCD#11 was 193.4
    5/06 VLCD#12 was 193.2
    5/07 VLCD#13 was 193.2
    5/08 VLCD#14 was 192.6
    5/09 VLCD#15 was ...
    Tags: hcg, weight loss
  7. One Half Pound does not equal 0.8 on my scale!

    Wow! I just realized that my scale does not measure in a typical 1/16 increments.
    When I add 0.8 and 0.8, according to my calculations and scale, I get 1.6 not 1.0
    This may not make a difference to any of you, but it does to me. 1/2 lb on my scale would be 0.5. This makes my losses of 0.8 more significant to me, although I consider even 0.2 a good loss. ha ha at least its not a gain! I also think we are all too hard on ourselves. Lets all lighten up a bit about food. It would ...
  8. Planned Interruption was a FLOP!

    Last weekend I took a 3 day long planned interruption (PI) for a trip to Mexico with Hubby and some friends for the Rosarito/Ensenada bike ride.

    Friday am I woke to my lowest weight so far -38lbs (2 rounds)! I felt amazing.

    For the most part, I planned to stick to P3 foods during the PI, but before wed even left, Id made 'planned allowances' for alcohol and the Sunday lobster brunch in Puerto Nuevo that include homemade flour tortillas!

  9. The day of Reckoning

    So I weighed myself this morning after not knowing what to expect after camping and...
    down to 174.6. Yay!
    I was in the 177 land for 4 days so this is a relief to see the ticker moving again. I am also on TOM so I know that is probably slowing me down a bit. Down 2.5 pounds, but I was pretty much demanding that the scale go into the 174's it did not have much choice.
    My Sun Warrior Protein arrived so I am going to start giving that a try. I am so sick of meat and Ifeel so ...
  10. Steak Fiascos 1 and 2

    If my boyfriend and I are the only couple who play this game, then someone can shoot me. It goes something like this:
    Him: "So what do you want to do tonight?"
    Me: "I don't know. What do you want to do tonight?"
    Him: "I don't care, whatever you want."
    Me: "Okay, wanna go see a movie?"
    Him: "Ugh. No."
    Me: "Bowling?"
    Him: "(sigh) No."
    Me: "Well, then. I don't have any ...