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  1. Starting the week of May 16th, 2011???

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinacg View Post
    Not only am I new with the hcg diet but also using a forum. I am looking for some buddies to help me get through this. I began loading today. It's weird because I feel like I finally have the excuse to eat, eat, eat and I'm really not that hungry or have any cravings!!! Maybe in a couple of hours, something will kick in.
    I'm also curious how everyone adds their "ticklers" and hcg info on each one of these????
    Good Luck to you. There are a few places you can ...
  2. Vlcd50

    Wow...Can't believe I'm actually here at Day 50!So proud of myself. Not for losing the weight but for sticking this out and really letting change take place. I have learned just how strong I am, and it feels mighty good.

    Today 1lb loss. 119lbs. Planned a protein intense day last night in preparation for not losing again....so I am sticking with it. Today's food plan:
    11.4 oz chicken
    large coffee w/ non fat milk

    495 calories ...

    Updated May 17th, 2011 at 11:29 AM by MeOnHCG

  3. Just read that HCG diet is "semi-starvation" fad diet??

    I hate reading stuff like this. Makes me think I'm semi-crazy! We're not crazy, right?? I mean, it's really working for me and I'm not starving in the least.
  4. 150.4 again

    Hello everyone. I know that I haven't blogged in a couple of days because I didn't have anything to say. During my last update, I gained 1 pound due to TOM (who still hasn't arrived yet, hopefully tomorrow). However, I noticed that I showed a 1 pound loss this morning. Very weird and very interesting? I hope that the increase in hcg and increase in cardio is helping with the water weight. I was told to do an apple day a couple of days ago but I just never got around to it. Either way, Thursday ...
  5. Don't push it, Adriana!

    by , May 17th, 2011 at 10:01 AM (I asked the doctor...why am I gaining fat, he said "Because you turned 30")
    I was a little more fresh than I have been on Saturday. Most of the week, last week, I was eating small amounts of foods I wasn't supposed to be and was still losing. However, I pushed my luck on Saturday by drinking about a pitcher (big one) of Margarita which was WAY more sweet than anything. I was out with friends I hadn't seen in forever for a birthday thing at a Mexican restaurant. I didn't eat anything because I ate sushi earlier in the day so I just drank and shot the poo with my friends. ...
  6. Planned Interruption Update

    3 day planned interruption = gain of 6.4lbs (Monday).

    Today, I lost 4 of those 6lbs, so only 2.4 to put me back to where I was on Friday.

    I think this loss was helped along with a 100% gym workout yesterday and a trip to the emergency room, which eliminated dinner.

    Didnít think I would mention this here on the forum, since it does not relate to hcg or our losses (or lack of), but going to anyway.

    Hubby came home from work, I was in the ...
  7. .4 - Small loss .... Why????

    So I had a decent loss coming from the weekend and really wanted to keep the momentum up.
    Yesterday I had a

    Lunch: Sun Warrior Shake 1.5 scoops with strawberries
    Dinner: Red Snapper and asparagus

    I lost .4 this morning and is it because of the Sun Warrior do i need to just use Jay Robb? Wanted to use Sun Warrior becasue it is so natural less processed. Or is it an ok loss and I am just an obsessed freak?
    So today i am going to do a jay robb shake ...
  8. R2 p2 vlcd 10

    Yesterday I was up .8 lbs. and this morning I'm down 1.2. Wacky, but I'm closing in on breaking past 180. I just love leaving those round numbers behind. I just realized I haven't been posting what I'm eating like I did last round. I know that can be helpful to others, so here goes yesterday's meals:

    apple, tea no cream

    1 piece chocolate delite

    Jay Robb Egg White Protein Chocolate Shake with my strawberry alottment, ...
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  9. P3 D2, No gain phew!

    Yesterday I had bacon, I couldn't help myself I'd been wanting it for so long. But I did make sure to have all my probiotics and took potassium to balance out the sodium. This morning I had no gain which was great. Today I added a little bit of milk to my eggs and had half a cup of milk with my breakfast. Im glad I haven't developed a sensitivity because this time last year I had a sever stress related case of lactose intolerance. But no signs of of that which is good so I'm feeling more confident ...
  10. Crawling closer to the 140s...

    Another .7 lbs. down, yay! I am a bit hungry this morning, but I ate early last night, about 4:30, and then nothing else but a cup of tea with stevia and a Tbsp of cream. I also went riding last night, so I am actually exercising! I'd better have buns and legs of steel on a few months! :P

    Menu was good yesterday, but I did have about 2 Tbsp of SF honey, so that may have slowed me a bit, but obviously not much, or at least, not enough for me not to use it! Or maybe it was the almond ...