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  1. apples!

    Had an apple day today after a 4 day stall. I lost good for 4 days about a pound each then I have stalled. Figured I would kick start my losses again hopefully. I never thought I would dislike eating so many apples. I really do like them usually. I wanted to stop at 3, but I didn't want to sabatoge it somehow. I have not been hungry. The last apple I could not finish threw half of it away. If i ever do it again it will be the 3 apple day.
  2. Tuesday 04/12/2011 - R1/P2/VLC/D19 -.4

    04/12/2011 - Woke up to -.4 NOT sure if it was the noodles or the rollercoaster I've been in from a whole pound to just a bit...


    ground beef & cabbage noodles

  3. Slower losses as expected

    Still losing but at a slower pace. I expect this as it takes less calories to sustain a 140lb body then it did my 160 + body. My boy jeans keep sliding down my hips and hubby had to put new holes 4 inches into my old belt so I could wear it. Interestingly enough my big hair keeps slimming down to. I think there is a big hair to hip ratio in play here. lol Just wearing it kind of straight right now.

    Took a walk to the park yesterday and realize I move the way I used to. For ...
  4. Vlcd5

    Super short post today! Left work at 2:45am, got home at 3am.. pretty much straight in to bed and managed to drag myself out at 8:20am. Waaah that is *not* enough sleep.

    Weight: 112.1

    My weight agrees with me as well

    Lunch and fruits are already at work, I just need to get myself there in the next half hour and look awake and on the ball for the next 10 hours. URGH
  5. Counting down...

    WEEK 1 LOSS (VLCD 1-8), -9, 179LBS
    WEEK 2 LOSS (VLCD 9-15), -4, 175
    WEEK 3 LOSS (VLCD 16-22), -3.4, 171.6
    WEEK 4 LOSS (VLCD 23-29), -1.6, 170
    WEEK 5 LOSS (VLCD 30-36), -5.6, 164.4
    WEEK 6 LOSS (VLCD 37-43), -3.0, 161.4
    WEEK 7 LOSS (VLCD 44-50), -2.8, 158.6
    VLCD 51 > -.4, 158.2
    VLCD 52 > -.8, 157.4
    VLCD 53 > -1.0, 156.4
    VLCD 54 > -1.0, 155.4
    VLCD 55 > -1.0, 154.4
  6. VLCD21, almost all the way off hhcg for interruption

    This is gonna be a quick one. I am supposed to be eating a normal Ph3 dinner tonight....but I've had slim calories all day due to no hunger, and if I'm still not that hungry, I'm gonna do a really small dinner....I want to make sure all the hhcg is out of my system. And there's no rush.

    I've added eggs, a bite of salsa, and 2Tb milk into my coffee.....and lost another 1.5lbs since Sunday. I'm ecstatic about that. I really feel like I can live like this! I know this planned interruption ...
  7. Day 25

    Total lost since Monday: 12 Kg (~26 lb)

    Having maybe exercised a bit much yesterday I decided to drink much more water (3+ liters), and this morning the scale registered a 2.4 kg loss (~5.3 lb). As my BF% went up at the same time I guess my body finally decided to give up held water.

    Maybe I should be drinking more? It seems to make sense that the 2L of water mentioned in the protocol might need to be increased if you exercise a lot. I guess I'll try it and see if ...
  8. Laser method worked on greek yogurt!

    Second day of adding greek yogurt back into my diet after i lasered it on Sunday. I put another blog post about the laser method a few days ago if you are interested in reading it. Good stuff. A little voodoo, but it works!!!
    No bathroom issues. No tummy issues. No nausea. NOTHING!!! I feel fine!!! Man, I love this lasering thing. Going to do it with some other foods and also airborne allergens (leave a glass of water out overnight to collect the allergens, then ..ZAP!!!! LASER! All better.) ...
  9. Doing this to honor God with my mind body and soul

    So up until now I have dieted on an off with little to no sucess. And It has 100% been because I did not go this distance. I would give in so easily and try a diffrent method. This time a friend of mine asked me If I wanted the freedom I kept saying I wanted. I said yes! Every freedom I have had in my life has been through Jesus so why is this any diffrent. So I prayed and asked God for the strength to run the race. This is day two of the vlc diet with the sublingual hcg drops. I am so encouraged ...
  10. R2 vlcd 44

    Good morning everyone! Well this weekend I was under my lowest weight reached on r1 by .3! I think it was due in part to weighing in late. But still! Exciting! I was planning to end tomorrow on VLCD 45. However I am still 4 lbs from goal weight and i have quite a bit of hcg left! I dont feel as though i've hit immunity or the hcg isnt potent anymore, so i will continue untill i run out or reach goal weight. Whatever comes first. I am nervous about going longer than 45 days on the injections... hopefully ...