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  1. Day 10 Grumble Grumble ...

    Im suffering. Hungry tired and my blood sugar is low - running 80 and below.

    I really am having a hard time. gulp, thought this should be getting easier.
    Who are those people who FORGET to eat? Are those the same people who are no in the obese category?
    Are they the same people who LOVED the feeling of being pregnant?

    wondering if I can do this. Im 1/4 the way through and I am down 11#s. I can see results but, gulp, I have to go to bed early ...
  2. Sunday 04/10/2011 - R1/P2/VLC/D18

    04/10/2011 - Woke up to -.6 I am not sure why is it one day a whole pound or more and the next few days minus so little. I've tried to see what is causing the bigger loses but I cannot see it... A loss is a loss and I'll take that any day of course! Just wish it would be more!!!! :-)

    Ground beef & cabbage "noodles", melba toast


    chicken breast (from McDonnalds) :-\, 1-slice tomato, & ...

    Updated April 10th, 2011 at 10:53 PM by Carol-Marie

  3. Diet Coke

    I have only two left of my beloved Diet Coke! Bye Bye my friend! I'm gonna probably miss you the most! I read about everyone drinking all these weird teas. I'm wondering if plain old unsweet Lipton ice tea is fine? if so I think I can cope with that. I need some caffiene in the morning and I'm not a coffee drinker!
  4. Getting the sniffles! Boo!

    Anyone else out there gettin' sick...seems like a lot of people I know are. Sinuses, allergies, etc. Gonna pop some DQ capsules, drink tea, play Monopoly with the fam, watch some movies...

    Down .4 today and 3 more days of P3 left! Still 1 lb above LDW. NO STEAK DAYS!!!! I feel great! Went shopping yesterday and the 16s were too baggy, 14s still too snug around hips...Inbetween sizes I guess. I did get a pair of jeans (with some stretch) that are a size 12!!! WTF??? Oh well...they ...
    Tags: cold, phase 3
  5. R1 / P2 / VLCD 4 - Slowing Down

    So...I only lost one pound yesterday. I was disappointed that my progress has slowed so early into this. I was counting on 1.5-2 pounds for at least the first full week.

    THEN I THINK...what am I complaining about? I STILL lost one pound in one day. How many people get to claim that on a consistent basis? If losing ONLY one pound a day is my biggest let down, I am blessed.

    Yesterday I ate my first orange and I drank less water than before. I only managed to get in about ...
  6. P3 Day 4 & Secure Ordering from ADC

    Up 1.2 lbs. this a.m. No biggie. It's the exact amount that I was down yesterday a.m. So, in effect, I'm maintaining at the same weight for the past 5 days.

    Did a lot of cooking yesterday. Made the cauliflower pizza crust and a whole pan of cauliflower breadsticks. Had half the pizza for dinner last night topped with sugar free tomato sauce I also made. Then I added on mushrooms, red pepper and sopressata. Oh happy day! YUM! Going to have the other half for lunch today.
  7. Day 33--170!

    Its been a long haul. On day 33 and down to 170 lbs.
    Taking a great deal of Magnesium Citrate in order to deal with the BM issue. 2 100 mg pills in the morning; 1 during the day & 2 more before bed. Total of 500 mg daily.

    Only 4 more injections.
    My overall goal is to be between 140-150 but not sure i can do this regime again. I've kept to it, 85% of the time--small cheats but a second (shorter) round seems rather daunting. We'll see.

    And now ...
  8. P2d16

    Down 1lb. Yesterday was a good day, I may not have gotten all the water I should have, which I will try to make up for today. I measured my stomach and it's down about 1.5 inches from the start. I can definately see it starting to flatten. I carry most of my fat in the stomach as virsceral fat. I readed for years now, how dangerous visceral fat is for your health and I'm glad that i'm finally doing something about it. I'm now motivated by the fact that this diet isn't just about looking better, ...
  9. Breakfast in Beijing

    breakfastin beijing.JPG
    got here ok- no luggage had to delay leaving Beijing until tomorrow to allow bag to arrive at 12AM local time...geez
    so breakfast was baked tomato, boiled cabbage, bacon, one lean sausage, mushrooms dim sum and coffee, i ordered an omelete (not pictured)...not too bad! weighing in the kilos!! always a math transition@! and travel weight, still within range!!!
    taking a nap!
  10. Unhappy? Keep your mouth shut.

    So in general, if you become depressed and this diet makes you feel like you will NEVER be happy again, people don't want to hear that. They just want bright, happy people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    So I blog when I become depressed.

    I imagine there is a darker side to this diet if you search the blogs. It's not all puppies, kittens, magic and shooting rainbows out your ass!

    I start P3 tomorrow and I realized once again that if I want to remain thin ...