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  1. March 12, Day 14

    by , March 12th, 2011 at 06:58 AM (Learning How to Blog.... Using it as a journal!!)
    Day 14, VLCD #12
    Weight Gain/Loss: -0.6

    Well, not a whole lb, but I'll take it. I switched out my lunch chicken for cottage cheese again and had two melba toast with it (oops). Then at dinner, I had my pico de gallo. I am switching out too much, I think. I need to stick to one switcheroo every other day. So, hello chicken, lettuce, apple world!!

    Went to the late movie last night - no popcorn, no icee, no candy! YAY ME!!! Took a sliced apple and a bottled ...
  2. VLCD day 2 AM

    I weighed myself this morning, down to 186. My scale is extremely sensitive. I think I only get an accurate weight when I weigh myself in the kitchen. I can already tell now today is not going to be a good day. I am getting sicker and it really sucks. Sore throat, swollen glands, and I think I may be getting body aches. No fever yet. I'm never going to parties again!!!

    Well I am off to drink insane amounts of coffee and tea.

  3. R2/p2/d36

    Ok, I give up I started getting so hungry for the last few days so I stopped taking my pellets yesterday morning, which reminded me that I will be on P3 on my 7 year anniversary so I am going to make cauliflower pizza which my hubby loves too...can't wait. Today is my last vlcd! Yay! I'm coming to get you, Cheese! And probably a stomache ache but I'll risk it...and have Immodium on hand So I am going to quickly post my measurements:

    Age 33/Height 5'5"Pre-HCG: 177-181 ...
  4. Day 6

    Awoke this a.m. shot, weigh in. Down to 180 lbs. very happy with that.
    Found a chicken recipe last night that i liked a lot with diced tomatoes, onion and garlic powder, chili, pepper.
    Will have to try sister's (TRWiles) baked apple with Stevia tonight.

    good side effect i've noted is ability to go to sleep without my usual tricks (melatonin or the stronger Ambien-rarely used. I have onset insominia-inability to GET to sleep.

    Bad side effect I've ...
  5. Vlcd #13

    No loss this morning. Boo! Stressful day yesterday. A friend of mine is having me calligraphy the addresses on her daughter's wedding invitations. I haven't done calligraphy since college and it is definitley something you have to practice constantly. I made so many errors, wound up ruining 7! envelopes when she does not have many extras. I actually wound up in tears over it. I gave it up for the day at about 5 p.m. so upset that my husband and a friend of his who was here (both so sweet) talked ...
  6. And it begins.....

    I have never in my life been so glad to have only 500 calories! My first round I ate a bunch of crap and I don't think I loaded properly. Today is R2P2D1 (start of VLC). I stepped on the scale this morning with wonderment and amazement as to where the heck all the hundreds no strike that thousands of calories I have eaten in the last two days have gone. LIW from first round was (and I verified this in my notes) 169.8 lbs. I have been averaging since then between 165-166 lbs. This mornings weight ...
  7. R1P3D2 - ok today will be a better day! up 1 but still below!

    I feel like I will have a much better plan today. I will be able to eat chicken and beef. I am up 1 from yesterday but still .4 down from LDW.

    Yesterday I ate:

    1 egg 3 whites, 1 laughing cow cheese, mushrooms, salsa in an omelette.
    Lunch - 20 almonds, parmesan chips
    Snack - apple and almond butter
    Dinner - I bought shrimp at the grocery- they were horrible - tossed them ate my asparagus and roasted peppers
    had some almonds ...
  8. P3 Day 8.....Weighin in early...BIG Shopping Day!

    Good Morning!

    I weighed at 7am this morning instead of my usual 9am routine. I am planning to go out with my Mom shopping today so I wanted to get an early start. I weighed 116.2. Up 0.2 from yesterday. At exact LIW. I did not sleep well last night. Went to bed at 11pm and up at 330am. Been up since.

    Anywho, my breakfast yesterday was the same. 2 whole eggs/1 white scrambled with 1/4 cup kraft shredded four cheese and 1/4 cup mushrooms. I had 5 slices of ...
  9. Day 11 - VLCD 9

    same weight

    What I Ate:

    Breakfast: 1 small green apple

    Lunch: 100g steamed dory fish with slices of ginger and dill and 8 spears of asparagus

    Dinner: 100g chicken breast strips cooked in very little water and cupful of cauliflower


    Didn't use any salt. No spices for now

    Updated March 13th, 2011 at 11:40 PM by i8it

  10. Ate dinner super late and worried about weigh in tomorrow AM

    It's was a sunny 65 degrees here in Denver today. Took the afternoon off and met my friends for lunch and some shopping. Had my grilled chicken on lettuce with some salsa at Ruby Tuesday's. Came home around 3 and my husband suggested I go to the casino and win us some play money for the weekend. I make our meals ahead of time and meatball soup was on the menu for dinner. Sooooo I thought well I have to eat so I will just eat it cold in the car when I get hungry. The slot action got the best of ...