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  1. ok, back on track

    WHew, back to losing. down a pound today. I think part of this is the HCG is working so unbelievably well, that I am thinking at any little hiccup, that its all an illusion and I was fooling myself to think this would work!
    But I am getting over that.
    I picked up some miracle noodles at a local Asian Market today and will have some for dinner. I just need to feel a little filled. Just a little!
    day1 ??
    day2 197.4
    day3 194.2 (-3.2)
    day4 190.2 ...
  2. VLCD 37...Just waiting for $&#%! TOM to End (TMI Thread)

    Well, I decided I would stick out P2 until my TOM is over, and that doesn't seem to be happening. Meanwhile, I'm up a pound, wildly cranky and just ready for this to be over. I'm sticking to protocol, and I feel like I can continue to do problem. I'm just tired of TOM, the bloating, etc. This time has been rough...I've even developed hemorrhoids, which I haven't had for four years since after the birth of my baby. Not happy.

    I don't know what's going on, but it's been 7 ...
  3. Vlcd11

    Down another 1.4! Very happy as I didn't expect to see that with this being week 2 and all. Drank alot of tea yesterday, had a hamburger for dinner, walked about 2 mi and skipped my second fruit. We'll see what tomorrow brings tomorrow! Have two birthday things this weekend and I am somewhat dreading them. They'll work out fine I know but still all that food and one with drinks. I'll be good. There's no fudging this diet without setbacks and I know that so it's a real discipline booster. Don't want ...
  4. R3p2vlcd16

    Down a pound today- new low weight
    total loss 31.1
    total inches lost 46.93
    10's are getting baggy

    weekend recovery complete
    45 minutes of exercise last night
    combination aerobic and yoga stretches...I little sore today..not too bad!
  5. Day 8 -179 lbs

    Down to 179 lbs today.
    Resisted temptation last night (family drama and work stress tempted me but I resisted). Had my planned shrimp cocktail dinner (home made cocktail sauce with no fructose corn syrup--I couldn't believe it was in that too!), cole slaw and Melba toast. Who know Melba could taste so damn good?

    Then evening snack of sister TRwiles baked apple with Stevia.

    Challenge tonight and tomorrow--dinner OUT with people.
  6. Need a site!

    Quote Originally Posted by mgsondance View Post
    Please use this thread if you need a quick answer to a question, and someone will answer you as soon as possible.
    Which site did you use to get sublingul drops? So many out there. Reccomendations?
  7. Getting all set up

    Got my profile set up. Ticker and all. I love my icon. It makes me smile when I see it! I can't wait to bike all summer. My kids are finally at that great age to keep up and have a blast with (they are 7yrs and 9 yrs). Pics to come

    Any other supplies I may need? Or even simple first week menu ideas? Or grocery list? If there's anyone out there like me someone's got an excel sheet, organized by grocery isle? If no one fesses up, I will make one and share it here!

  8. Notes to myself

    I will be adding books, ideas, menus etc... I find interesting or inspiring. Your welcome to enjoy them as well!

    Found a GREAT book- A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson- its kind of like a workbook for dealing with the real issues with why we are overweight. Losing weight with this diet is great, and retraining/resetting our metabolism is great too, but if we dont deal with the real underlying issues, I know I will gain it all back.

    Another good book that ...
  9. Ssssssooooooooo siked!!!!!!!!

    I am so siked!!! I just bought all my ingredants for my first two weeks on the HCG!!! I got my food scale, spinach, lettuce, stevea, B-12 drops, chicken breast, tulpia, ground beef (93/7), ground turkey, and two types of steak, apples (fuji), strawberries, oranges, broccolli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, green tea, shrimp ( jumbo), chicken tenders, basil, oregano, sea salt, Irovy body wash, baby oil, 3 packs of 32 bottles of water, organic chicken broth (No Sugar or Carbs low sodium), cinnamon, ...
  10. Day 14 - VLCD 12

    Sorry guys! still nothing to report! Geez, it is getting boring. Can you even imagine me thinking I want the scale to move -doesn't even matter if it goes up - I will take it... I just don't want 198.8 lbs to be a magical number - it's like ...errr, not quite 200 lbs but it is somewhat there .... lol

    1 March, Load 1: 207 lbs
    2 March, Load 2: 204 lbs -3lbs
    3 March, VLCD 1: 203 lbs -1lbs
    4 March, VLCD 2: 203 lbs -0
    5 March, VLCD 3: 201 lbs -2 ...

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