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  1. 2 weeks in

    Well I am 2 weeks into and I have lost 17.6lbs total. WOW! I had a 4.6 loss this week and that was even with TOM so I am excitied about. I have been pretty tired this week and my whole body has just felt heavy hoping that will go away soon. I really have had no cravings and no desire to go off the program because hello it is working wonderfully!
    I am still struggling with feelings when I am with a group of friends or extended family (that do not know I am doing HCG). I get the looks and ...
  2. Day 15 - VLCD 13

    1 March, Load 1: 207 lbs
    2 March, Load 2: 204 lbs -3lbs
    3 March, VLCD 1: 203 lbs -1lbs
    4 March, VLCD 2: 203 lbs -0
    5 March, VLCD 3: 201 lbs -2
    6 March, VLCD 4: 201 lbs -0
    7 March, VLCD 5: 201 lbs -0
    8 March, VLCD 6: 199.8 lbs -1.2lbs
    9 March, VLCD 7: 199.8 lbs -0
    10 March, VLCD 8: 198.8 lbs -0
    11 March, VLCD 9: 198.8 lbs -0
    12 March, VLCD 10: 198.8 lbs -0
    13 March, VLCD 11: ...
  3. Notes from a messy clean up round..the stall continues...

    So I have been doing a pretty lousy job on this round since the first day of my new job last week. It started with being taken out to lunch by new boss the first day. That was a week ago today. Then on Friday I had a blood sugar drop and resorted to the junk food snacks that are EVERYWHERE at this office! Then on Sunday I ate a chicken caesar salad when we took the kids out for dinner even though I PLANNED on just having iced tea at the restaurant.

    The pretty lousy part comes form ...
  4. R2/p3/d3

    Ok, so do not pig out- I woke up with a 1.6lb gain, coulda been the immodium...we'll see. Today I ate 6 breakfast muffins, cup of coffee with heavy cream, fajita meat with cheese a little salsa lettuce and a little bit of peppers and onion out with hubby, I was still hungry so I ate a salad with some pesto ranch and almonds when I got home, oh and parmesan. Then I woke up super lazy from late nap and had mug cake, a long slice of brie, a handful of blueberries and about 10 almonds with a half cup ...
  5. Adding fat while planning my next load

    I didn't load right the last time (but I did overeat the weeks before - Xmas holidays). For the two load days I ate too much sugar and not enough fats.

    I'm now thinking that adding all that animal fat would be good for our skin. We lose fast so having that buffer might give our skin more elasticity as it shrinks. And I'm in my early 50's so this is important to think about. My skin is ok but there's another P2 (or two) to go through yet.

    But maybe two days eating fat ...
  6. HCG Kicking In

    What a good day! A total release of 5.8 pounds but guess who showed up in the evening...TOM. I am staying focused and will make it work!
    Side note, I had a terrible reaction to a large cup of morning coffee.
    Maybe it was a combination of the small apple and waiting until 2:30 for lunch? Either way, I am sticking with morning tea

    Updated March 16th, 2011 at 08:59 PM by PurrrectlyMe

  7. I really needed this today

    Made a wrong turn, once or twice
    Dug my way out, blood and fire
    Bad decisions, that's alright
    Welcome to my silly life
    Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
    Miss 'No way, it's all good', it didn't slow me down
    Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated
    Look, I'm still around

    Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
    Like you're less than f*ckin' perfect
    Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're ...
  8. Thoughts on Loading...

    1. Load on fatty foods, rather than starchy sugars.
    2. SATURATED FAT is your friend. That crispy nub from the end of a ribeye steak, bacon, butter, ghee, cheese, more bacon, more cheese, sausage, ice cream, tons of cream in my coffee, more butter
    3. Olive oil and nut butters and avocados are fine, but you want to do MORE ANIMAL FAT. The point of loading is to REPLENISH NORMAL FAT STORES. Mammals ain't made of olive oil.
    4. Avoid booze. For these two days, eating is my JOB. I don't drink on the
  9. Hellppppppp!!!

    I need some help.
    I am only on my VLCD day 3.
    I was doing so well until I got home and saw that my roommate had brought home brownies and ice cream..
    I cheated and had some. Now i'm feeling so in the dumps about it that I don't know what to do.
    Debating giving up but I want to lose weight so bad before my birthday.
    Does anyone have any idea on what I should expect to gain by tomorrow??
    Tags: cheated
  10. Yay! Finally placed my order

    by , March 15th, 2011 at 05:45 PM (Food Tastes Good but THIN is Mouth Watering)
    Well I guess there is really no turning back now. I am so excited to have finally placed my order. I keep thiinking "will I really be skinny again? And more importantly happy about my body?" I can't believe it and i cant wait. I am so tired of hiding behind my baggy clothes.

    So i am hoping my TOM comes tomorrow so that when it's over my HCG will arrive and it will be perfect!

    In the meantime, earning everything i can.