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  1. Inpatient At Home...

    So, I've been researching this plan until my brain hurts. I am understanding that HCG is not a quick fix, but rather a tool that can help us through a very challenging process.

    I have decided to clear my calendar and not accept ANY disruptions during my R1P2.

    I will be an inpatient in my own at-home weight loss clinic.

    My supplies arrive tomorrow, and I start loading on Wednesday.
  2. EASING into P3

    Slowly, surely P3 is becoming a reality. Last Saturday I celebrated with 1/2 an Avocado. I enjoyed it so much I actually had a conversation with it as I savored each and every bite "Oh my how I've missed you" I told it. My husband thinks I'm funny... Sunday the scale showed an 8oz LOSS!

    I also tried the Fage yogurt, which is all-the-rage on this forum, but it'll take my tastebuds some time to warm up to it....and they will because it is so darn healthy AND filling. ...
  3. 24.5lbs gone!

    I woke up this morning...... on day 41..... A FULL POUND LIGHTER! I am now only half a pound away from the 25lbs mark. OMG OMG OMG. I had to stifle myself to not wake my husband!

    Here's what I think contributed to it. I did my 30Day Shred, but because I'm getting used to it I'm not sore and soreness from the first couple days is gone... so no water retention.

    I drank a whole lot of water yesterday. I mean I already drink about 4 liters per day... but I'm fairly sure ...
  4. Feeling waves of nausea and barfing on 4th day

    I just started this program and was doing fine. I took the first drops like usual this morning and then about 3 hours later started having waves of nausea and then barfed. Yuk. I had severe morning sickness with 3 pregnancies. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  5. Don't be greedy!

    I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't have much to blog about except for my amazement in the 4.4 lb weight drop from my first day of VLC! I didn't want to come across bragging even though I really want to! I actually dropped to the lowest weight yet 164.6 lbs! *pats self on back* I got on the scale this morning and lost another .6 lbs bringing me to 164 lbs and my first thought was "awe" then I realized that was 5 lbs in my first two days. Let's not get greedy! Today is R2P2D5. I am ...
  6. Newbie!

    Hi All, I am so happy I found this forum/blog.....I have been doing phase 2 for 9 days. I was up some this weekend, so I think I need more of a focus. I think this blog will help with that!
    started after load at 197.4
    day1 ??
    day2 197.4
    day3 194.2
    day4 190.2
    day5 188.
    day6 187.1
    day7 184.5
    day8 183.4
    day9 185.8

    AM I being greedy? Getting so frustrated on a gain, which I think I know what it is, I was dragged ...
  7. Lady Gecko R2P2VLCD36

    First day back at work, loving it busy as all get out and I must admit that I really enjoy being busy. Forgot my injection this morning, will have to take it as soon as I get home. Not hungry, though, so far. Just not thinking about it much today being so busy.

    Here is my plan for today:

    B: Coffee
    L: Chicken, Cabbage, orange
    Sn: Tea
    D: Chicken and veggies
    Sn: Grapefruit

    Round 1 hHCG Pellets
    Start: 278 ...
  8. Yay to loss!

    WEEK 1 LOSS (VLCD 1-8), -9, 179LBS
    WEEK 2 LOSS (VLCD 9-15), -4, 175
    WEEK 3 LOSS (VLCD 16-22), -3.4, 171.6
    VLCD23 - 171.2, -.4
    VLCD24 - ? (NO SCALE)
    VLCD25 - ? (NO SCALE)
    VLCD26 - ? (NO SCALE)
    VLCD27 - 171.6, +.4
    VLCD28 - 170.2, -1.4!

    Woohoo! Down 1.4 this morning. Was so relieved to see that! Had kind of a bland protocol day yesterday but stuck to ...
  9. March 14/ Day 16

    by , March 14th, 2011 at 08:20 AM (Learning How to Blog.... Using it as a journal!!)
    Day 16/ Vlcd # 14
    Weight loss/gain: -1.0#

    Whew!!! I am still paying for the pizza (well, probably more the garlic sauce than anything!), but I could only eat 3 apples yesterday!! My starving feeling is gone, and so is the # I gained!

    Got to get my house straightened up for company tomorrow night - a dozen middle schoolers and their parents!! YIKES! Then off for youth retreat Wed- Sat! I am thinking about taking canned chicken with me on my trip.... not ...
  10. I need a few more days

    Dear Friends: I listened to your words and yesterday they sounded good. I am still keeping my goal weight at 109 but yesterday I overindulged in the salt shaker and my weight up from 108.6 to 110.4. I know it is probably water but I think I will do a few more days of p2 pellets then few without out. This means I won't have much time before I leave on my trip in p3. However my family I am visiting all eat very very healthy so I do not think I will have a problem eating well on my first week of p3. ...