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  1. Posting from my phone...Round 3 begins!

    My computer is down. New one ready today. Life. Ha ha. So, here I am at Round 3 day 1 load, and I'm excited. Going to be an interesting, busy day and getting good healthy fats. Sticking to good fats. Taking measurements and start weight. Keep a journal of my thoughts and feelings. Not bad from my phone lol. Post later when I can get to my computer.
  2. The weekly deets!

    Day 1: Loading day 1 222.0
    Day 2: Loading day 2 224.2
    Day 3: VLCD 1 222.1 (-2.1)
    Day 4: VLCD 2 220.7 (-1.4)
    Day 5: VLVD 3 216.3 (-4.4) Yeah, this is cool.
    Day 6: VLCD 4 214.3 (-2.0)
    Day 7: VLCD 5 213.0 (-1.3)
    Day 9: VLCD 7 211.9 (-1.1)
    12.3 lbs lost in 8 days

    Okay, so this is doing pretty ...
  3. Notes from a Clean Up round- the Stall after the cheat! Back to pre-cheat weight.

    The unplanned cheat from Tuesday, appears to have cost 3-4 days. We'll see if this weight holds. I've seen that after the weight goes back down after a cheat, it can bounce before it stabilizes and then heads down again.

    I had finally hit a new low of 101.8, and then my new boss informed me she was taking me out for Italian for first day of my new job. Couldn't exactly say no!

    Yesterday I found out there are two other people in the office on hcg! (One was ...
  4. Phase 1

    Cant wait to start but my cycles are messed up so I have to wait til it decides to show up and out before I began. Boy Im mad. I wanna start NOW!!! But I want to be sucessful and show my hubby that this will work and I m not waisting my time or putting myself in harms way.
  5. P1vlcd7

    up .4 today had some vinaigrette dressing at lunch yesterday. only dipped my fork in it before chowing down my salad and I DID mix the veggies since the salad was greens, tomatoes, red onion and cucumber with about 5 shrimp on top. Oh well, still feel better today after taking a b12 yesterday. We' see how today works out on the scale tomorrow. Happy losing everyone!
  6. Under lwd

    First day under lwd! My lwd was 128.5, but I readjusted it to 129.5 since that was were I was maintaining. Today I lost 1.5 pounds. I was worried because I added carbs into my day.

    B- bagel (110 cal, 24 g carbs), butter, p. Butter, diet coke.... Mmmmmmm....
    L- celery, hummus, egg bake (egg beaters, cheddar cheese, green and jalepeno peppers, onions)
    S- peppered salami, cheddar cheese, pink lady apple
    D- 2 packages of Edaname (220 cal., 18 g./carbs)
  7. VLCD day 1

    I am up way too early this morning and I don't know why. I weighed myself on the scale and I am 189.4. Since it's so early I am going to weigh myself again at the time I normally get up and see if it changes.
  8. Day 10 - VLCD 8

    Still at 199.8 lbs

    What I Ate:

    Breakfast: 1 small apple
    Lunch: 100g Chicken breast cooked in very little water and cup of spring onions

    Tea - 4pm: 2 hard boiled eggs

    Dinner: 100g steamed fish with Ginger slices and lemon grass

    Purposely didn't take any veggies today.

    Updated March 12th, 2011 at 12:17 AM by i8it (spelling)

  9. First Day Starts Friday 3/11/11

    Here I go first load day 3/11 so excited I hope my stress levels stay down.. watched a friend do HCG for the last 7 months so I know it works! She lost 70 pounds Im looking to lose 90# wish me luck exicited to be here!
  10. Lots of running around yesterday

    Brief because I'm racing around again.

    I had the eggs, avocado, cottage cheese for breakfast yesterday. Lunch wasn't very successful because I didn't have much choice - steamed fish and a few raw veg (and I forgot to take an apple and cucumber). Also, I got bored eating so quit partway through.

    The drive back home was long and my friends stopped for goodies along the way. They have this sweet pancake here (dunno the name) that they fill with what we'd call Cotton Candy. ...