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  1. ALL the odds are against ME!!!

    I am on R1/P2/D12/injections (from a weight loss clinic)

    I dont have a clue what I was thinking trying this diet. I do NOT eat any veggies NEVER have, nothing green NEVER HAVE. Every now and then I used to eat a few bites of a salad but it would be loaded with ranch dressing. So I am living off of baked chicken breast and grilled steak(only had 2x not a big steak eater), apples, grapes and WATER....WATER....WATER!! and I'm guessing this is the reason that I feel as if I am starving ...
  2. HCG activator

    I have been using HCG Activator and have only lost 5 pounds in 12 days. For the last 5 days I have been pretty much at a stand still. I am also starving to death. Is there anyone out there using HCG Activator and having success with it or should I try another brand? thanks
  3. Round 2 one year later

    So, here it is a year after my first round. I managed to keep my weight within 5 pounds of my LIW the whole year, and I definitely have not always eaten like I should. I am really amazed that my weight even stayed relatively stable this past year.
    Now, I'm on to round 2 and getting closer to my goal weight. I started after loading at 181.4 and nine days later am already at 169.6. I forgot how gratifying the HCG diet really is. This time I may be doing a 40 day round and if I can lose 24ish ...
  4. TGIF & NSVs!!

    Happy Friday! I took the day off to go hang out at the springs to float and get some much needed sun! The scale stayed the same today, but I have lots of NSVs this week!

    1. My skinny jeans fit with no muffin top
    2. I tried on a pair of size 6 capris that were too big on me
    3. I went to the park last night with my daughter and jumped, slid & swung
    4. I made it into VFT
    5. I hit the 50 lbs lost milestone
    6. I booked our hotel for my bday vacay in 2 weeks!

    TGIF HCG friends!
  5. Someone explaing- paybacks of cheating on phase 2

    Unfortunately, i have lost and gained the same 10 pounds for the last 3oish days. I guess this has become a binge eater's crutch. have 7 days of shots left before phase 3...... is this were i becomed doomed for my bad habits from phase 2? or i just really need to stay true to phase 3 and i ll be okay? help!!!!!!! scared for my horrible actions.... need help
  6. Twenty-First day of P3

    It's my last day of P3!!! Yay - lol I'm 171.4 this morning. I think since I've been eating P4 though really for the last few days especially it's pretty much obvious that I was able to stabilize. I'm very thankful for that and happy about it. Nothing feels more amazing than being able to indulge in some "treats" which are not nearly as bad as I used to eat without feeling guilty. Mostly I only crave proteins and I've had some sugar but nowhere near on the scale as pre-HCG. I'm going ...
  7. 216.4

    Im glad I am fine with being almost 3lbs over LIW because I have really held on to 216 they say your body tends to stick on a weight it knows well as funny as that sounds it does because I stayed from 211/220 for over 10 yrs I'm ready for the next round but I have a funny filling it's going to be tuff to get under 200lbs because my body knows and loves that weight lol ..I'm ready for this fight ,,the day I step on that scale and it dips down to 199 I'll cry I just can't wait I've bought all my meats ...
  8. Round 1 Week 2 !

    Previously, --Week 1 lost 3.1Kg/ 6.8lbs---

    2nd week
    14/06 Vlcd9 70.6Kg (155.3 lbs)
    15/06 Vlcd10 70Kg (154.0lbs)
    16/06 Vlcd11 69.5Kg (152.9 lbs)
    17/06 Vlcd12 69Kg (151.8 lbs)
    18/06 Vlcd13 69Kg (i stalled!)
    19/06 Vlcd14 68.4Kg (150.5 lbs)
    20/06 Vlcd15 68.4Kg (Stalled again)
    21/06 Vlcd16 68Kg (149.6 lbs)

    ---Week 2 lost 2.6Kg/ 5.7 lbs)---

    Feels kinda slow.. due to the stalls.
  9. R1/P2/Day1

    Weight: 183
    Breakfast: 1/2 Grapefruit
    Lunch: Steak & Spring Mix w/Balsamic Vinegar (oops!)
    Fruit: 1/2 Grapefruit
    Dinner: Ground chicken patty seasoned with oregano/basil/salt/pepper & Spring Mix with a radish and 3 cucumber slices
    Supplements: d3/biotin/multi/traceminerals/bentonite clay/b12
    Being the first day on VLCD i suppose it is only ...

    Updated June 21st, 2012 at 11:02 PM by Proteaness

  10. Learning about me

    One thing I can say about this diet. I am definitely learning about me. I find I truly miss food even feel sad mind you I'm not hungry. Strange isn't it? Now when I'm hungry or think I am I stop and ask "Self, whats going on emotionally that you want to eat even tho you aren't hungry" and then I go have a glass of water.