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  1. One of my best P2 Tips - Investment Cooking

    For me, a big part of healthy eating is planning ahead and never getting caught without a quick meal on hand. As the saying goes, "Fail to plan, plan to fail." I learned the term "investment cooking" years ago when I was a Pampered Chef consultant. The idea is that you invest a few hours doing meal prep and end up with several ready-to go-meals. When I'm in P2 I shop on Saturdays and cook on Sundays. Yesterday I spent the morning cooking a big pot of chicken broth, curry chicken, ...
  2. suprised

    i weighed my self this morning mann i gained alot since i was eating what ever i wnted those two days.man i hope i do this right i am a dummy when it comes to doing diets and making my own menu..
  3. Another Newby! Day 1, Round 1, Loading Phase

    Hi Everyone,

    I am totally scared to do this but like everyone else, I am willing to do what it takes to be skinny again! I just had my second child last July and the weight just hasn't come off. After my first kid, I was actually skinnier than I was pre-baby, but my second, totally different story. My "normal" weight hovers between 145-150 (I am 5'8'', muscular build). As of this morning I was 176 and am just looking to get back to what is normal for me. I just started
  4. day 1 of the 500 phase

    ok so today is my first day of phase 2.it's not easy to not eat what i use to eat .like i said before i am not a breakfast eater i do more eating during lunch.anyways so this morning after my bus route i relize i have a mess up run .i don't have time to eat lunch? WHAT DO I DO !!!!!? I AM DRIVING DURING LUNCH FROM 11-2 PM SO I am going to drink water and a cucumber slices .idk if thats ok but .idk

    so for breakfast i had>>> a half a grapefruit and pleanty of water
  5. what now

    my small little town which only has a winn dixie store doesn't carry melba toast what do i replace it with ???
  6. Seventeenth day of P3

    172.2 today - a little on the higher end but still okay. I tried something new yesterday and it didn't seem to like me. Not sure which it was though so I'll have to try them seperately and see which one it was or both. This is my 60th blog post! Can't believe I've been doing this for just about 2 months. I'm both looking forward to P4 and starting a new round as well but I still have 4 days of P3 left to finish. I think I'm gonna finish very strong with a lot of solid protein and get those ...
  7. I cheated big

    I have had the worst weekend since Ive started I ate fried chicken bread even cake chocolate milk candy dont know what it was maybe it was a mental thing I truely cant tell you why I did it but when I jumped on the scale this morning I was only .6 more than I was friday how could this be I cheated till I made my self sick and only gained .6, so I started to think my LIW was 214 but since I started P3 Ive stayed at or between 215-216 and Ive posted how I just couldnt stabilize well looking back Ive ...
  8. Darnit! day one and you would think after 2 rounds I'l be prepared!

    Man, I thought I was going to just breeze into this round...N-O-T...

    I had my menu written and worked early this morning to get my orders done, go downstairs and get ready to make my chili for the next few days.... ddduuuurrr would really help had I gotten the 'whole' list.

    Had my grocery list folded over and 1/2 my stuff is on the other side.

    Lesson learned... having all your meals pre-made for about a week really helps.
    I 'usually' have my chili ...
  9. My First Round Week 1

    Wana keep a record of the past week.. it's been slow but oh well.
    Gona do a 23day round~

    R1P2 - i'm 5"1 , 165lbs
    04/06 LD1 -
    05/06 LD2 75kg

    06/06 Vlcd1 74Kg (162.8 lbs)
    07/06 Vlcd2 73.6Kg (161.9 lbs)
    08/06 Vlcd3 73.1Kg (160.8 lbs)
    09/06 Vlcd4 72.6Kg (159.7 lbs)
    10/06 Vlcd5 72.3Kg (159.1 lbs)
    11/06 Vlcd6 71.6Kg (157.5 lbs)
    12/06 Vlcd7 70.8Kg (155.8 lbs)
    13/06 Vlcd8 70.9Kg (156.0 lbs) (Gained ...
  10. Round 4.2 - P2 - Day 8

    Mon 18 - Jun - 2012

    207.8 ~ Down 2.2 ~ Total Losses 7.2 ( pre-load)

    Week 1 of P2 is done and it flew by fast. For the last 2 days I was in Eggland/ No losses but then no gains either. I only gained 2 lbs after loading which is the smallest loading gain I have had considering that I chose to load for 3 days instead of 2 upon the advice of the book "Weighloss Apocalyse". It is probably a good thing that I do not have much ...

    Updated June 18th, 2012 at 04:04 AM by HealthierMel

    Loss of 1 lb or more - , P2