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  1. HCG Round 2 - Need a friend on this 26 day journey!

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to this website and looking for a friend who would like to start this 26 day hcg journey with me for support. Today is my second day of loading and last until tomorrow in which I start my very low calorie 500 diet (VLCD). I already went shopping at trader joes and bought all of the necessary foods on my grocery list. The first round of hcg went pretty well. I started my weight at 184 and I am down to 170 as of today.

    I initially lost 18 pounds but
  2. P2 Cheesecake o.o

    I think instead of making a whole 1/2 cup ill do like a 1/4 a cup. I tried a 1/2c and but at the end of it I felt the feeling you get after you eat something super rich >.<

    Maybe do like a 2oz of a meat and 1/4 cup of cheesecake with a salad or something.

    P2's definitely a treat from the gods on this diet X)

    Next time when I wanna be fancy I'm going to make a raspberry sauce with it with a chocolate "graham cracker" crust.... ...
  3. Stopped HCG after 4 days !

    I bought this HCG at walmart and stopped today, Was only on it 4 days, I couldnt do the 500 cal a day, i was doing much better on my diet from last month losing it slowly, And today when I stopped taken it, I had chinese takeout and sugar free pudding with coolwhip.Will I gain alot of weight back now? Please help me!! Do I need to do the 72 hours of 500 cal?
  4. How I stabilzed in p3.

    I did wonderful in p3, I felt it was easy and fun and not a whole lot to worry about once you get the idea. The first few days are nerve racking because you swear you ate WAY to much and will wake to a HUGE gain but I never did and let me tell ya, I ate. I never felt deprived and I have found the foods I once craved are no more. In fact I find them gross and unappealing, I hope that lasts. I only experienced a p4 once and it was frozen yogurt and salad dressing which I beleived had sugar in it ohh ...
  5. p3 hell help

    i HATE p3. i cant figure it out. ive been on it for 7 days and i have gained 7 lbs. sooooooooooooo frustrating when have not been able to control with steak day. exercise at least 2hours every day.

    how many ounces of protein should i be getting?

    any suggestions?

    desperate help.......frustrated and don't want to deal with any more emotional weighing.

    i have been eeating no more than 20 ounces of protein. 2 fruits. and 2-3 tablespoons ...
  6. R3P2 No Loss

    Good Morning this is the first time I am entering and adding my input. In 13 years I have been Battling with my weight so I decided to try HCG Drops Amazing Results. I started at 175lbs and in two rounds I was done to 135lbs from a size 10-12 to 4.

    I decide to get on the diet one last time. during my load i gained 5lbs out of control my daughter baby shower JUly 7th then my followed by my birthday July 8th. Perfect time to load those two days and on the first day of 500 next morning ...
  7. Yay

    Good morning all ,
    So Pulled chicken lettuce wraps were a success !!! Even my boyfriend loved them all I did was boil chicken and add garlic salt . (did I mention garlic salt goes on everything including eggs since I started the diet ?!) anyways I'm ecstatic I found something else to eat . And on a yay note I'm down 1.9 lbs today!! 5 more to go and I'm praying I make it before the end of the drops ! I used a lil much the first few days (fml). Please hope with me I make it and I also ...
  8. July 10

    end of Week 1 216 = - 6 pds

    week 2
    Tues -.5 215.5

    I am SO PISSED off at work today. I have to stay in check with my eating today and not start the emotional eating. Also going to the county fair tonight, I need to make sure to eat before we go oooooo those wonderful greasy smells it has to offer.
  9. Eighteenth day of P4

    Okay so I forgot for a second day in a row to weigh myself. I guess this is what P4 would be like if I did it for the rest of my life. I'd always forget to weigh myself but as long as I stay away from wheat gluten, my weight will stay stable no matter what else I eat. I guess I could deal with that. Tomorrow is a new day, only 3 more until I start loading. Still looking for replacement HCG. My loving boyfriend offered me the rest of his and as a last resort I'll take it to use and get a good ...
  10. bummer

    I gained a lb. I made a spagetti sauce out of Walden Farms ketchup, table spoon of salsa and lean ground beef and put it over Miracle noodles. No fat or sugars in anything but it was enough to put me over. Lessoned learned don't veer off the plan even IF you think you're doing a safe thing.
    I'm on my 32nd day and just ran out of drops so looks like I'm headed for ph3 and I have to admit I'm nervous about it. The other was so regimented and now I'm on my own.
    Wish me luck! (gulp)