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  1. Not even an ounce, lol VLCD8

    Week 1: -7.8

    The scale didn't budge today.....not an ounce...not even close...I peed...pooped...waited...peed some more...nothing, lol...So for today it's a big fat ZERO. It looks like I may not reach my goal of being in the 140's for my birthday....Honestly I'd be happy even if I just woke up on my b-day morning this friday and the scale showed 149.8...It's more of a novelty thing, but It will happen eventually so... ...
  2. please help!

    I wanted to be able to start today but looks like it may have to be tomorrow now because I am still unsure.

    I have 5000I.U. I want to do injections intramuscularly. I need to know the best amount of bac water to mix with to be able to dose with a 3cc syringe. I would like to start at 125 or 150. ALSO I need desperate help with the syringe markings. Can someone please tell me mixture amounts and where to fill syringe to?
  3. How will this effect my time of month?

    To other women out there who have been in phase 2 and started their period how does this effect your weight loss and do you still take drops during that time? I am going to start mine in about a week and have heard different things about what to do during that time of month. Advice? Opinions? Thanks!
  4. Really?

    Ok, so I think my body is anxious to get out of p2. I woke up this morning to a 2.2lb loss and I have no idea how. I even reweighed myself like 45mins later to make sure my scale wasn't playing tricks on me. So, I now have .8lbs left till goal and if I hit that tomorrow or even get close, tomorrow will be my last day of drops. Oh happy day :-)

    VLCD2-8> -2.4,-2,-1.8,-1.2,.6,+.8,-1.2=-8.4, 127.4
    VLCD9-15> -.6,?,?,-1.6,-2.8,+.4=-4.0, ...
  5. 7 days and 5 pounds to go til goal!

    Last week of p3 in the works, im pretty excited. For some reason I lose like 2 pounds during the week (2-3 pounds) then I do an fff on sat and lose like 2 in one day..and thats the pattern. So it evens out to about 4 a week. I was disappointed to see 134 on sat ( i was 135.4 the sunday before!) but then I came down to 131.9 yesterday and that made me happy. So here's hoping for 130 or less by sat and with fff on sat and a good protien shake and fage sunday, I can hit my 127 goal. Ill be happy with ...
  6. R2 P3/Leptin - Day 6

    220.6 (-1.2) LIW +1

    Lost 1.2 this morning. I guess it works out eventually, so I am just going to keep trucking and watch the scenery and not stress about the fluctuations too much. This is still week 1 of P3 and the Leptin Reset so hopefully by week 3 I will have STABILIZED enough. Added grapefruit to breakfast and lunch yesterday and loved it. Getting sick of spinach so I am ...
  7. P3 D10 up 0.2 to 146.1 STEAK DAY MONDAY.

    I could probably not do the steak day today, because I think I am still flushing out TOM that won't die and ate lots of sodium over the weekend, but I am going to do one to see if I can't get closer to my LDW today. Wish me luck.
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  9. Need another epic BM....

    I can't remember a good BM since that last one. :/ the past couple of days I've felt the need but nothing comes - even after smelly detox tea. sigh. I've been throwing FAGE in lately - for ease - at least one meal - it doesn't seem to hurt me much and I like the change. Not doing full on FFF days though. Wondering if I should try to end with a couple in a row though. Get that number even lower?
    Otherwise the countdown is on. Today is 38th shot.
    I've been busy keeping busy. ...
  10. Phase 3 - Not eating well

    This will be my second week in Phase 3. I am not eating well; meaning - I am not very hungry and havent increased my protein much. I am doing the protein shake and exercising now. My metabolism must be much higher.

    Anyhow, I am 3 lbs away from my goal weight and pretty much maintaining my Phase 3 weight, although I am losing weight during Phase 3.

    HYPOTHYROID and PHASE 3 : Ooops, I havent taken my medicine in over a week. I dont know why. Possibly because it has ...