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  1. Load Day 2


    Yesterday I ate a good bit, it felt like. I had a ton of almonds, a minute muffin and low carb ice cream which was at least 600 cals, ribs, eggs, bacon, cheese, all sorts of good stuff. This morning I'm up one pound which is pretty good...especially sine the last time I ate so much and had the ice cream two days ago I was up almost 2 lb's, so I'm feeling good. I don't wanna gain much more, but I do also wanna load well...It may or may not be worth ...
  2. I was dreading this day

    Since I started my injections last week, I've been steadily losing. I weigh myself on one of those Wii fitness boards
    and I get the instant thrill of looking at yesterday's weight compared with today's results. Having done this diet last year, I already remembered that after those wonderful days of watching 2-3 pounds peeled off at each weigh in, inevitably the day comes when the scale turns on you. Today was that day for me. Yesterday I did everything I was supposed to. I stayed ...
  3. Stats so far

    Here is my stats. I cheated on one day, My anniversary. Hubby surprised me and took me out to a fancy restaurant. I should have refused.... *sigh*

    WEEK 1
    Day 1 9/23 182.6
    Day 2 181.2
    day 3 184.2
    day 4 181.2
    day 5 179.4
    day 6 178.6
    day 7 177.6 (total 5lbs)
    WEEK 2
    D 8 176.0 (period started)
    D 9 175.0
    D10 173.0 (lost 2lbs this day?)
    D 11 173.0
    D 12 171.8
    D 13 ...
  4. R2 P2 - Day 46 . . . Gain . . . too much sauce!!

    220.8 (+1.2)

    "Gained. I relaxed a little bit. I think it was from the pasta sauce, it was organic and it had no sugar added but I guess it was too much or there were other things in there that I did not see.

    It could have been from a number of things because my program changed from the norm by a lot. I ran out of fage and the dieter's tea yesterday too and did ...

    Updated October 16th, 2011 at 07:01 AM by HealthierMel

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    Gain , P2
  5. Vlcd 7

    So yesterday I tried two new things in one day and still had over a one lb loss this morning. I tried lean ground beef and cabbage(delish). Then for dinner I had fat free cottage cheese and strawberries. Both were yummy! ANyhows just wanted to document that both were ok for me. Today Im going to try Broccoli. Hope everyone is doing well!
  6. My sleep....

    Is all f-ed up and today I ate dinner way late just because of schedules and being out and about, but I really wasn't hungry at all today so that was nice. I had to force the eating. I did have a couple of moments of light headedness through out the day though, which is new. Hope that doesn't stay.
    Last night I could not sleep either. Whats up with that? usually my HCG sleep is awesome. But it's not been that way since the first couple of weeks. booo. Tomorrow I am hoping I will sleep ...
  7. Where to Stop, Where to Stop?...When is enough, enough?

    So I've been debating where I should stop my weight loss journey...I've had this goal in my head of being 115-120.....According to various charts 120-125 is a perfectly normal weight for me, and since I've never been that weight, conseptualizing it is difficulf for me...But to http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-...-shape.htm#img, I should look perfectly good at ~123 lbs. I'm between and betwixt aiming for 115, or just being happy at 125. I'm wondering If it is really worth it for an extra ...
  8. Starting Cycle 5 Before My 21'st: Loading D1

    LDW: 157
    Today's Weigh In: 156.7

    So I have been enjoying my last week of P3 after completing a short 23 day round. I've been pretty careful with what I eat, and did two correction days, but never went more than 2.8 above ldw. My last correction day was slightly a deliberate sabotage (I ate a lot, late, and had low carb ice cream) because I wanted a reason to get back down to ldw before loading, and I followed it with a high protein day, which got me 0.4 below ldw. I'm ...
  9. Day 4 vlcd

    Weight: 209
    Breakfast: n/a
    Lunch: grilled chicken, side salad, apple slices
    Dinner: veggie beef soup, grissini
    Desert: strawberries
  10. Magnesium Citrate - a good friend this week (lol)

    Written by Leah:

    I had no problems "moving along internally" that first week of R1P2. It was better than ever. LOL

    However, week 2 and 3 came along, as well as ovulation, and thing didn't just "slow down internally", but came to a screeeching STOP....just like my weight loss in week 3.

    SO, I tried Magnesium Citrate (the liquid) and things were A-OK for the past few days....and I also was BLESSED to lose ALOT of WATER RETENTION (overnight) ...