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  1. As fast as TOM was here, it was gone AGAIN! 145.6 back down VLCD25

    Yep another morning only visit yesterday from TOM. STAY GONE!

    Updated October 12th, 2011 at 08:16 AM by meli2doit

  2. R2 P2 - Day 42 . . . Don't mess with the groove!! . . . Bad things happen.

    224.2 (+1.8) Not even worrying about it . . .

    2 hrs later . . . 223.6 (+1.2) still a gain . . . moving on

    It was not a great day yesterday.

    My body felt out of sorts, I felt antsy all day and I had a hunger that would not be stated . .. Not with the extra fage, water, tea. I just did not feel my normal self at all. Plus I changed the ...

    Updated October 12th, 2011 at 07:21 AM by HealthierMel

  3. PLEASE HELP... I want to make this work Phs 2

    Hey everyone,
    I just started my VLCD phase today and so far so good.
    I know i have to wait for a period of time before i eat/drink anything after taking the drops.Does it matter if i take the shots 20- 30 before meals or can i take them randomly thru the day as long as i take the recommended dosage? Also the first 2 times i tried this, i failed miserably and couldn't for the life of me seem to get past day 7 (and that was after struggling thru everyday)
    I really want to make ...
  4. New to the Forum

    Hi all! I'm Caitlin and new to the forum. I've done several rounds of HCG, losing over 75 pounds in just a few months. Unfortunately, I gained some of it back and my new goal is to get below my lowest weight of 137.

    I started this latest round two weeks ago and I've lost 20 pounds. I know it's awesome but I do feel a little bit disappointed, because I've been losing than gaining all week. It's easy to get discouraged doing this diet for prolonged periods of time because it's ...
  5. a little worried:/

    ok so its been five days since my hcg has reached customs. and i am a little bit worried because its still not here. it said about 3-15 business days. and already its been nine. all of my other supplies will be here by the 19th. i fear thats its going to be too late. seeing how my t.o.m. starts at the end of the month. that means i will have to wait another two weeks to start. i am so ready! beyond ready!!!
  6. Done with P2

    by , October 11th, 2011 at 10:17 PM (Laura's Getting Her Old Bod Back)
    Hair loss and fainting. I had both this past week and cut P2 short. I knew I wasn't feeling right this time around. However, I am still sticking around and will be working on further weightloss. For the next few days my goal is to increase my fruits and veggies. I need to really add as many as I can. I will also do my protein drink in am. Beyond that I am using fitday to track my cals. Once I am feeling healthy again I may try a Leptin reset. I like the idea of a good large breakfast and ...
  7. Loading day 2

    Weighed in at 214lbs this morning!
    Took my drops at 745am
    Breakfast : sausage, egg, & cheese toaster scrambler
    Lunch : beef ramen noodles & doritos
    Dinnner : bacon & mushroom stuffed cheese burger with fries
    Desert : a bowl of strawberry swirl ice cream

    Im sooooo extra full tonite I know im ready to start phase 2 vlcd tomorrow!!!
    Tags: loading day2
  8. Leptin for Dummies post

    Quote Originally Posted by itsybitsy View Post
    I saw this posted by Grizz over at MDA and am bringing it here. Perhaps a sticky, Colleen?

    Introduction to Leptin for newbees, many thanks Dr. Kruse for his help. This post will be referenced in the new Leptin Reset Index here:
    Please let me know if you see errors so I can correct them.

    “Here is the bottom line in as few words as possible. Humans are either sugar burners or they are fat burners as determined
  9. Getting fed up: VLCD10

    So today was my 6th day of this 'stall' following my lowest weight which was on VLCD4, and in fact overnight I gained 1.4 from 125.8 to 127.2! Seriously not a happy bunny and I actually cheated a bit today because I was so pissed off and had a few (OK, several...) glugs of diet PepsiMax. I'll be damned if I'm going through all of this and not seeing any results.

    My gain last night? Possibly the eggs I tried in an attempt to mix things up a bit? Lack of BM yesterday in spite of a SmoothMove ...
  10. Hcg second attempt. VLCD2

    So I did this diet the first of the year and did well, but like a lot of people I didn't maintain. Ive tried to do it again twice since then, but just did not have my head in the game( a requirement) So this morning was my second day/first way in since 500 cal yesterday and I was down 4.1 lbs. I don't know what I weighed yesterday or prior to loading as I was just so disgusted at my creeping weight. The weight Im comparing this mornings too is the one I took last night because I needed a number. ...