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  1. Thoughts on exercise in p2...

    I usually exersice quite a bit. I love my turbo jam vidoes and weights, classes at the gym and all that. During p2, I really havent done much except walk with my sisters after work ( we have been doing this for a while) Would walking for an hour a day hinder losses? Some sites promote walking for 30 min to an hour and others say its a nono. I think last round I would do the eliptical for about 20 min a few days a week, but we werent walking as much ( in the summer 100 degree stl heat) so it was ...
  2. R2 P3/Leptin - Day 2

    221.4 LIW+1.4

    "Leptin Reset Started yesterday at lunch, but I am working with what I can. So maybe today is the official Day 1 of Leptin Reset. Woke up this morning at 5:30 am for the bathroom weighed in at 221.4 but my usual routine is to weigh then then go back to bed and wake up again later, but I got confused for a minute whether it was to eat upon waking first ...

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    P3 , Leptin Reset
  3. Progress: VLCD3

    VLCD1: -2.2
    VLCD2: -1.4


    Lunch: Chobani 0%
    Dinner: Veal and Mushrooms


    Lunch: Veal and Mushrooms
    Dinner: Chobani 0%
    Snack: 1/4 of a small apple
  4. Crazy Wild Unexplainable Losses and Gains

    I'm going absolutely batty trying to figure out my body. So Saturday was VLCD of Round 3 for me, and I was thrilled to wake up to a 2 pound loss! I was even more thrilled to wake up Sunday to a 2.7 pound loss, seemed unbelievable, but the scale was not lying. I had weighed the night before and it was really low then too. I was so excited until...Monday morning, I wake up to a 1.8 pound gain, Tuesday morning a .9 pound gain, and today, Wednesday, no gain or loss. The totally sickest part (and ...
  5. Sickness lingering on HCG?

    Hmmm........ Round 2 day ... something. I have been sick for over a week with a cold from hell that will not heal. Is it normal to take longer to get over an illness while on HCG than it is when not on HCG?

    I think I'm going off HCG until this is gone and then starting right back up again. I don't know if there is a correlation, but I do know I can't deal with this any longer. Will start again Monday.
  6. P1d4

    Day 4 and 4 lbs lost. So far so good. I sure get sweet cravings and an apple is no help. I've been mixing lemon juice and stevia in a bottle of water. It kinda helps. I'm glad this is only a short term diet. 21 more lbs to lose. Whooo hoooo
  7. Lost 6lbs in 2 days

    Hello all,

    Just felt like sharing a small victory I had over a gain. x3 I recently had a gain of 4.8 lbs that creeped up on me when I checked the scale on Monday..of course..the grilled bbq wings and mixed vegetables and white rice..and cake didn't help the night before ..I thought of doing a steak day...I thought of doing a fage day..and I was know what..I'm just going to

    so..Monday Morning:
    1 golden crisp apple with about ...
  8. Starting my Leptin Reset Plan. . .

    P3/P4 has to be a success this time around . . .

    I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I have lost 30 lbs this round. I plan to keep it off and move on to the next round over the Christmas holidays and just keep the pounds moving off of me. With that in mind, I have been reading around and seeing threads about the Leptin Reset Protocol and it seems like a pretty structured plan that could work for me. From what I could understand of it and it was not very easy ...

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    P3 , Leptin Reset
  9. I'm having a little affair...

  10. R2 P3 - Day 1 . . . Hello P3

    220.6 LIW+1

    P3 Begins today. I will be going to the Doctor's office this morning to have my blood work done. I am thinking of experimenting with the Leptin Reset for this P3/P4 before starting the next round. I have been reading a LOT about it but I still need to go over some things where the tests and such are concerned. I am getting an A1c and Comp done so I will check if ...

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