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  1. R2 / P2 / VLCD3 - Another 3.4 gone!

    Total of 8.4 pounds in two days. Still no energy, but I DO have some muscle aches happening. Yay me! I love how my body resists this diet. It tells me that I was crazy to let my weight get out of control and reminds me that I have work to do. The little aches and pains just tell me that I am on the right path.

    Today's Plan:

    Breakfast: Hot peach tea
    Snack: Apple
    Lunch: grilled chicken breast and cabbage soup
    Snack: 100g strawberries
    Dinner: ...
  2. New P2 food plan

    I am back to regular work so I will be having a THINK THIN (sugar-free gluten-free) proetin bar for lunch and dinner. Breakfast will be an apple and in between lunch and dinner another apple. Hope this works, I have a strong feeling it will.

    Updated October 2nd, 2011 at 05:13 PM by Nexuz9

  3. Starting Round 5/P2 mid-Oct.

    Just placed order and should start around the 15th of this month.
    I ended my 4th round at 122 and I am 140 now
    New goal of 115 since gaining 15 seems to happen oh so often!
    125-130 is the weight I would love to stay at FOREVER!
    maybe this time around I will make better P4 choices, but heck! I was on off season
  4. Leptin Diet Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by maile View Post
    was your FT3 at 3/4 or higher in the range? was your FT4 about 1/2 way through? those are the optimal levels for thyroid (`normal` is a setting on your dishwasher NOT on your thyroid)
    did you also get estrogen, progesterone and testosterone tested? was your estrogen/progesterone ratio optimal?

    when Dr K says hormones he means thyroid, cortisol and reproductive
  5. Day 20 of VLCD.......Wahooo 3 weeks tomorrow (WOW)

    by , October 1st, 2011 at 09:01 PM (Where there is WILL, there is Success!!!!)
    Farewell day 20. Today was one of the easier days. No temptations, no hunger, nothing. I guess it helps when you stay inside all day lol. Anyways I stuck to protocol and once again I am proud of myself no matter what the scale brings in the am. I know if I just keep on keeping on sooner or later ill be where I need to be.

    Keeping my eyes on my long term goal. This is life changing not just some fad diet for a special occasion. So even if it takes two years one day Ill be the healthy ...
  6. Its been awhile

    Today I am down to 187.2, I haven't written because I was taking it slow. Last I had gotten past my two week stall and finally lost into the 80's. After parents weekend was back up to 193 and when we got back it fell right off. I think I needed to recharge as I have been losing 1+- each day. I feel so great really noticing my energy is crazy good!!! Have a good weekend everyone, this is where it gets tough for me!!
  7. Sick with a cold all week

    I read that you can gain weight if you have a cold on hcg and it's true! I've been sick since Monday and by Wed my weight was up 3 lbs for no reason! I've been following protocol to the letter! Well, after making sure I'm drinking a ton of water and getting in my daily protein, I'm happy to say I'm now down those 3 lbs plus 2 more today!

    I'm .8 lbs a way from the 130s!! Yay me!! I have 10.8 lbs to go to get to my goal and I'll stay on hcg until I get there! I've seen other people ...
  8. Found a new seasoning I love

    Just tried the Mexican seasoning by Spice Hunter. It is so good. It is 100% organic and you can get it at a natural foods store. All I did was sauté my 3.5 ounces of ground beef, added salt and the seasoning and at the last minute pu a diced tomato in it to warm it up and then poured it over my lettuce. It was so good I ate like I never ate before. If you use the tomato as a fruit you can have both the lettuce and tomato. It didn't matter to me today as I am on my last 500 calorie day. I can't wait ...
  9. 50lbs GONE!!! Woo Hoo!! :)

    (LDW 182.6)
    5/21/11 P3D1(180.6)
    W1: 181.8
    W2: 179.2(-1.6)
    W3: 179.4(+.2)
    W4: 177.6(-1.8)
    6/18/11 P4D1:177(-.6)
    P4W1: 176.6(-.4)
    W2: 175(-1.6)
    W3: 172.6(-2.4)
    W4: 171.4(-1.2)
    W5: 169.4(-2)
    W6: 168.4(-1)
    W7: 168(-.4)
    W8 166.6(-1.2)
    W9: 166(-.6)
    W10: 164.2(-1.8)
    W11: 163.4(-.8) ...
  10. Explain why not eating pizza

    So I am work doing inventory and everyone but me is downstairs having pizza, the boss lady wanted to know where i was...eating my lunch at my desk. I have been up since 6am and finally at 12:20 I eat...i was hungry about an hour or two ago, then it just went away. Now I am eating because I will not have the opprutunity again until 5pm.

    Friends came by last night and wanted to have some cocktails...i caved in ever so slightly, i took a half shot and chilled it and sipped while everyone ...