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  1. Round 2, day 3 - HHCG using JustPotent drops

    After starting and stopping over the last few weeks I'm now starting round 2 .. again. I'm on holiday in Italy right now and I'm finding motivation a bit hard to come by. As of this morning I'm around 90 kg which is more or less the weight I finished round 1 at (~4 months ago). Over the last few months my weight dropped to ~80 kg while I was traveling and doing lots of exercise and has climbed back up since I've been in Italy thanks to all the rich food I've been eating here.

    I must ...

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  2. R2 P3/Leptin - Day 5 . . Lose a pound . .Gain a pound . ..

    221.8 LIW +2.2

    "More up and down. Up from yesterday by 1.2 lbs. Not going to sweat it, lose a pound gain a pound, I will see how the next couple of days run. Skipped dinner again yesterday, had cocoa crack and coconut manna then just teas. I was not hungry at 6:30 at all so that was good.

    Sitting here with my BAB and Music . . slowly going through ...
    P3 , Gain , Leptin Reset
  3. P3 Food Porn

    Quote Originally Posted by brizi77 View Post
    REMINDER: Anyone, feel free to post your P3 food porn pics here and give everyone something to drool over (and look forward to!) OH...and PLEASE include/write your recipe or provide a link to the site from where/person from whom you took inspiration.

    Tired of looking through all the posts to get to the good stuff? Well look no further because here's a summary with links to specific postings/recipes/pictures:

    INDEX of Fab P3 Food Porn Dishes
  4. Day 41 of P2

    by , October 22nd, 2011 at 04:10 PM (Where there is WILL, there is Success!!!!)
    Hello World,

    Its been a while since I blogged here. Well today is day 41 of my HCG journey and I must say I am in heaven, I am down 28.6 pds as of this am and looking to lose about 20 more before its all said and done. My program is 12 weeks long and I am 6 weeks in with six to go. If i can lose 30 more in the remaining six weeks boy would I be a happy camper. Based on my lost i am averaging about 0.7 pds a day lost. So about 5.0 pds a week. Wahoo!!! So determined its a shame. I have ...
  5. P3 Day 8 145.5 Down 0.2 Doing good

    Buga Buga Steak days. Don't want to do another, but I am prepared if I have to. Went to pumpkin fest. Other than a lot of sourcream and onion pork rinds and some chicken on a stick - no carbs eating even though I wanted to I resisted. So think I should be good tomorrow am, especially since i finally had a movement tonight. But the sodium might counteract a loss. Hope I at least stay the same.
  6. Up and down

    Allof a sudden I feel like I am going up and down. Still within range. But I was up then I went down now this am I was up again. I am going to lay off the carbs for a few days. Maybe it was too soon to put any in. I also have not been exercising other than yoga and I used to exercise more before this program. I have been so busy with traveling. I know I will get a lot of exercise on my vacation and will make a commitment to stick with it when I return. Guess I will just see what the scale is tomorrow ...
  7. VLCD21: Week 3 Complete!

    Not really much to report, other than I lost the most weight so far this week: 4.4lbs down in week 3 (even with TOM being here for the last 5 days) - wahey! And from body fat% measurements, my weight loss has been 100% totally, entirely, completely FAT. Awesome

    When I started, I was hoping to only have to do a short(ish) round but I think I'm going to be here for the full 40 days really based on my rate of weight loss thus far (about 0.5lbs a day). But I'm OK with that because ...

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  8. Obsessing leading to body peace?

    Let me preface this blog with the acknowledgement that I know that I have become obsessed with comparing my body to that of celebrities...which I know is wholly unhealthy. I've have been scouring google, mybodygallery, and skinnyvscurvy for hours each day. But my motivation has been to become more comfortable I think with where I can be, and how to prepare. However, I'm not comparing myself to super models who are underweight, I am looking at people like Kim Kardashian and Hayden Pennetierre (sp) ...
  9. VLCD6: New Low

    VLCD1: -2.2
    VLCD2: -1.4
    VLCD3: -2
    VLCD4: -0.6
    VLCD5: -1

    So during my 48 hours of vlcd at the end of the last round I lost an additional 2 lbs that got me down to 154.6. That was the lowest I ever remember being (My license says 168, and that was only what I remembered being from 2 years prior (14-15). Well after loading with p3 I was back up to 161, so while I didn't actually count 154.6 as a weight ...
  10. Hcg... a miracle? My story with hcg

    Those of you who know my story, know how thankful I am to come across HCG. It has really been a miracle in my life, and sometimes I wonder how a girl my age could grow up and enjoy life the way I used to live. If you aren't familiar with my history, I'll give you a briefing.

    I started crash dieting when I was 17. I developed an eating disorder due to a bad relationship, and lost about 20 pounds in a couple months. I was never over weight to begin with, so it was an apparent and unhealthy ...