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  1. Starting Cycle 5 Before My 21'st: Loading D1

    LDW: 157
    Today's Weigh In: 156.7

    So I have been enjoying my last week of P3 after completing a short 23 day round. I've been pretty careful with what I eat, and did two correction days, but never went more than 2.8 above ldw. My last correction day was slightly a deliberate sabotage (I ate a lot, late, and had low carb ice cream) because I wanted a reason to get back down to ldw before loading, and I followed it with a high protein day, which got me 0.4 below ldw. I'm ...
  2. Day 4 vlcd

    Weight: 209
    Breakfast: n/a
    Lunch: grilled chicken, side salad, apple slices
    Dinner: veggie beef soup, grissini
    Desert: strawberries
  3. Magnesium Citrate - a good friend this week (lol)

    Written by Leah:

    I had no problems "moving along internally" that first week of R1P2. It was better than ever. LOL

    However, week 2 and 3 came along, as well as ovulation, and thing didn't just "slow down internally", but came to a screeeching STOP....just like my weight loss in week 3.

    SO, I tried Magnesium Citrate (the liquid) and things were A-OK for the past few days....and I also was BLESSED to lose ALOT of WATER RETENTION (overnight) ...
  4. Just started

    I am on day 2 of phase 2. Dont have much hunger and im feeling energetic. Was shocked to see my initial weight loss from after my 2 load days. I weighed in at the doctors office a week ago at 157, they first day of my diet i weighed 161 in the morning, weighed myself before going to bed and was 152, and on my actual day 2 im at 149. No sure if im doing something wrong, but regardless im very happy. My hcg are doctor prescribed from a pharmaceutical in N.C. Hope to see what im weighing in a week. ...
  5. R3 P2 Day 10, predictable

    So after 9 days of VLCD, I woke up to a net loss (not including my 3.5 pounds of loading weight) of 10.3 pounds from my pre-load weight, which I'm totally psyched about. The funny thing is that I went back to my R1 and R2 losses, and on day 9 of each round, I had lost the EXACT same amount of weight!! (net). I guess I can say my body is predictable.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new here but I'm not new to the HCG diet. :-D

    Last year I did the 43 day, then after a break I returned to do the 23 day. I started out at (GULP) 247 lbs
    and by April I had reached 191. Needless to say I was overjoyed. I was able to keep my weight down for most of
    the summer. My son moved home for a short while during a relocation to the East coast and I guess that's where I lost it. I began cooking things for him that I, myself, hadn't eaten in a long time. By the time he finally moved in last August, I couldn't seem ...

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  7. STILL TOM, D2 - PAIN but down to 144, my goal! P3 dinner and no HHCG today

    Woohoo. I made my goal of 144. Day 2 of no drops. TOM is here and Strong. Couldn't sleep much last night either and in a lot of pain. Hope it goes away soon and takes more lbs with it.

    I can actually have P3 dinner tonight, but not sure if I will. Tomorrow I can eat P3 and my fiance is going to make me chicken on the grill and I get to eat the crispy skin. I cannot wait. I am going to go slow though on adding much food (not like I usually do) at least until this TOM is gone. ...

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  8. Fat Fast Experiment

    So, being the crazy experimental gal in the kitchen, I ended up trying one things too many resulting in a surprise (well, not really surprising) gain the next few mornings, putting me a few above LDW. So I decided to try the new hype... Fat fast! And here's how I did it, and the results.

    Day 1: roughly 1000-1200 calories
    Breakfast: Coconut mousse
    Lunch: Coconut mousse
    Dinner: Coconut mousse

    Snacks: heap loads of green tea with coconut oil
  9. R2 P2 - Day 45 . . . . Last Injection . . . Made it to the Teens!!

    219.6 LIW!!! TEENS . . . Yeah!!

    ___DIET TRACKER____________

    Round 2 Stats . . . Oct 15, 2011

    Last Injection Day Weight - 219.6

    Days on HCG Diet - 45

    Load Days - 3

    VCLD Days - 37

    Skip Days - 5

    Total HCG shots - 40

    Pounds released this round - 30
    ______________________________________ ...

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    Loss of 1 lb or more - , P2
  10. R3p2vlcd6

    No loss today, but I ate some nuts last night and no BM, so I'm not surprised. Boy, this diet keeps you honest!! I had tilapia for supper and it just does NOT satisfy me. I'm not a big fish lover anyway. Hence, the craving for the nuts later, I think. Well.....keep on keepin' on!