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  1. 3 days to go!

    Dropped 2.5 pounds this am after apple day. Thank God for those apples. 3 more days to go and I start P3. Yes! I am ready. Have I said that before? I will have 6 days to start my stabilization before my travels begin. Wish me luck!
  2. Onward and Downward

    Ha Ha that just sounds funny! I woke up to a loss from yesterday. 2lbs! That would make me much happier if my weigh in yesterday would have been in the am. O well today will be a good day. I made spicy chicken soup last night so i'm set for the hectic as always thursday! Getting ready to head off to work at 9, 30 min lunch hopefully sometime around noon get off at 6 chow some soup then class at 630 home around 9 30 and lights out! Sounds like a good plan. No deviations today! I'm going to buy some ...
  3. P2 - Exercise

    Started walking last night. Walking at my regular pace (I am a fast walker anyway), It takes me one hour to do a circuit from my house to the Walgreens and Main U and back to the house. It felt good afterwards so I did it again this morning, took me an hour again approximately. My lowest weight this morning was good (the scale is always messing with me) I lost a pound from yesterday.

    Updated September 29th, 2011 at 11:15 AM by HealthierMel

  4. pleasantly surprised

    Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I lost 1.8lbs this morning, especially since I had miracle noodles for the first time on p3 last night... and they were really good in my crockpot chicken soup :-)

    Here's what I had yesterday:
    B- coffee with at free half & half, 16oz water
    Mid- 20oz water
    L- BB Prem light tuna w/ 1t of Dukes mayo, 10 celery sticks, one medium organic granny smith apple, 20oz water
    Mid-aft- 16oz water and green tea with ...
  5. R2/P2/D2 - Loading day 2

    Weight 287.2

    Discouraged, because last round I lost a little during loading. That just means there is more to lose, I guess. Going to enjoy the healthy (and unhealthy) fats I will be missing for the next few months.

    I am feeling anxious about starting VLCD1. Last time I changed my lifestyle through HCG, I was not working. This allowed me to make lunch and dinner fresh each day. I am a little nervous about reheating meat that has no fat to begin with. What is THAT going ...
  6. I don't know what I'm doing????

    R1vlcd30 start 222.5 lost total -21.5... I must mentioned 204 has been a stall for me through out the VLCD. My lwd was 202.6 but prior to this last weight I continued to go up and down every other day 204 to 202.
    Day 29 202.6 no HCG these days
    Day30 204.0
    Day 31 201.0
    Day 32 202.6
    Day 33 202.4
    Day 34 205.2

    So what weight do I use to stabilize within 2 lbs?
    When I first started stabilizing I notice a lost but it seems before I got ...
  7. R5p2d13

    183.75.......(-.75) I have lost 100.5 lbs! It took me one year and a week. So very proud of myself. I need to get another 9 off before this round is over. Wonder where I would be if I hadn't lost the same 25 about 3 times. Oh well, I had a lot of fun this summer! I noticed yesterday my 12's are loose even straight out of the dryer. That is a good feeling! I got my work schedule for the month of October....I'm off 1 day. I think they are trying to kill me. I guess that's just how it is ...
  8. First day down

    Just finished my first day on hcg diet. Doing it with daughter. Remember your first day? Lunch: Confusion and starvation. Dinner more confusion and starvation. How much salad can I have, can I have veggies with salad? What tastes good on salad when you don't like vinegar?Saving my apple for before bed. Hope day two comes with less starvation. Confusion I can accept more easily. I WILL survive and succeed!
  9. Goooooodddddd Night Day 17!!!!!!

    by , September 28th, 2011 at 08:27 PM (Where there is WILL, there is Success!!!!)
    Ok so Day 17 you played ever so nice I mean really. It was so easy I could hardly believe it. Any who wishing everyone well on your journeys. Hoping for a good day tomorrow and really cant wait for Day 21 idk y just cause it marks 3 weeks I suppose. Any ways good night and happy losing.
  10. Back for more. R2/P2/D1 - Loading and Loving it!

    So here's my story. Sad but true....

    I was successful during my first round. I lost 23 pounds in 23 days. I competed in my 1st triathlon. I sold everything I owned and moved from Florida to Arizona in ONE vehicle. I left behind my weight loss support and my exercise buddies. I traded them in for a fancy new job with a fancy new life.

    During the move, I went back to old habits. It started on day one of the 12 day journey at Subways. I meant to have a salad, but ended ...