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  1. Cycle 2: P3D1

    Cycle 1:
    Lost: -13.6
    LDW: 178

    Cycle 2:
    Start: 181.6
    Lost: -9
    Today's: 171.2

    So yesterday after eating about 4 oz, roughly, of pulled pork, I decided not to eat for the rest of the day. Fortunately it didn't hurt me, i'm down 1.2 this morning. Maybe its just what my body needed, kinda like a reverse steak day....Anywho, my 48 hours is up, already actually, as of 30-ish minutes. But i'm holding off ...
  2. Round 3 / Loading Day #1

    Iím back!

    Loved the two months of P4 and kept to my LIW -45lbs, swinging within 4lbs of that #, but always returning back to -45. It helped that I stayed clear of starches and sugars. I COULD have enjoyed them, but I found that I could eat MORE and NOT gain, when I avoided them. Weighing every day was also very important.

    So glad to be back Ďhomeí here at the hcg diet info site. Such a great way for us to share our experiences and support one another! I've already ...
  3. It is Time...

    It began with a visit to the Dr. and I placed my order shortly thereafter. I had some unexpected purchasing discrepancies and ended up canceling my bank card and opening a new account. Then there was customs. THAT is an experience I hope I never have again. Waiting on customs has been an unexpected trial for me. I didnít know how impatient I could be or how anxious I was to start. Now, after a bit of an odyssey, my package has been released from customs and I can pretty much count on it being here ...
  4. It just about me

    Well this journey started on June 18, 2011. After having much success with Atkins, I seemed to constantly fall off the wagon. Lose 130lbs, gain 140. This is something completely new and I am looking forward to starting.

    Loading weight 261.1-WOW, how did I get back to that number?

    First round 43 days-lost 37.4lbs.
    Started P3 8/1/11
    Struggling with P3...today (8/8) I am 4lbs above LDW.

    P2 is so much easier for me.. I ate the same things ...
  5. Clandestine Calorie Counting

    by , August 8th, 2011 at 08:50 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh-in 124.5

    Yesterday there was no escaping having to take my drops near my husband. I was in a rush, he was reading the paper, so I breezed into the refrigerator, filled the syringe and dispensed sublingually, trying to appear like that was the most natural thing to do en route to religious services. He didn't question it -- the kids have been talking about my being on a diet, so he probably just figured it's someting I don't want to discuss.

    A ...
  6. VLCD Day 12

    Well today down another 0.8lb after a no loss day from the cheating episode. I was really thinking that I would pay for it at least 2 days on the scale but hey I will take a one day woopin...lol. Last night I ate turkey burger(no bun) and broccoli for dinner...they don't affect my weight loss so I guess they are safe for me...will try it a few more times later this week to make sure. Happy ...
  7. Update---finally below 170 and over 20 pounds lost!

    Today's Weight: 169.2

    So things have been going pretty well lately. Finally was able to break through the 170s and have now lost almost 23 pounds!

    Cycling is going really well, 2 weeks on P2, 1 week on P3. But lately I've actually been using muscle testing A LOT to determine what I should be doing and eating. If you're not really familiar with muscle testing (kinesiology), it's really interesting and can be a useful tool! Most people have heard about the lasering that ...
  8. The Spirit was willing....but the flesh was weak....VERY WEAK!!!

    I have officially cheated for the first time in 4 rounds with hcg. Cheat is not a big enough word to describe what I have done to myself. Friday morning I left town weighing 187.75.....Monday morning, I am 200.5. Pick your mouth up off the floor, God knows I had to. I had full intentions of eating protocol this weekend with just a couple of drinks. That went out the window pretty quick as soon as I had the first drink. Friday night and Saturday night was pretty much a liquor induced blur and ...
  9. Yay, VCLD 12 135.4(-1.4)

    It worked. Let's see if I can keep it off. It was hard. Anybody have any pointers? I drank water all day: six 16 oz glasses of lemon water, 3 cups of coffee, 2 smooth moves, 1 green tea and 1 early CALM in 8 oz. It helped a lot but at 3 pm I just had to lie down. I forgot the ACV. I had about 9 oz of sirloin. And about half a cup of green chile. Of course, after I ate, I had energy but I waited until 5pm exactly to eat. Whole day seemed kind of wasted. If I do this again I will do this ...
    Tags: steak day
  10. I guess 1/2 a lb. is better than 0 or a gain!

    I only lost 1/2 a lb, but I'm doing a fage/steak day. Hopefully I can see another 2 lb. loss like I did last time I did it because I really want to get past this 180 mark. I've been stuck here for 4 days and I want so badly to see the 170's!! Please let this stall pass and let that scale go down tomorrow. That's the only thing that keeps me motivated. If it wasn't for those numbers going down everyday I don't know if I could stick to this diet. Hope everyone else is doing good. Good Luck Losers! ...