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  1. Losing slowly, but noticing BIG changes in body

    Well, I'm on Day 17 of VLCD Round 2. I just gained .6 this morning, and you'd think I'd be upset, but I'm not. I know I've been following protocol and my body is just going to decide to hold on to some extra water some days. I can feel it in my wedding ring. I almost know before I weigh if it's going to be good or bad based on the fit. This morning it wasn't falling off loose. What I did notice today, as I decided to try on old bathing suits and lingerie, is that my body has really transformed. ...
  2. The Identity Crisis

    by , August 20th, 2011 at 10:16 AM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    VLCD ??
    weigh-in: 123.8

    Random thoughts:

    I'm feeling a bit disingenuous. I'm not really sure I belong here; I don't fit the box of good Hcg dieter, don't follow protocol, cheat constantly and doubt the regime's efficacy. I feel like an Hcg fake.

    What I do like is the feeling of being committed to a specific, simple program, the accountability, the camaraderie, and being able to blog about all this.

    Is that enough? Well, ...
  3. Am I Doing something WRONG or WHAT?? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME.....

    Hi Fellow HCGer's, Hubby and I are doing it together and are in R1 P2 VLCD#4 with Releases of 10.8 for him and 7.6 for me and we are losing BMI. I bought one of those Body Composition Scales to keep track of everything and I am concerned for myself. We both on vlcd#2 and #3 gained Body Fat% and lost Skeletal Muscle%. But by VLCD #4 weigh in His BF% is now DECREASING and his Skeletal Muscle% is Now INCREASING while BOTH my BF% and SM% are steadily DECREASING..... Should I start exercising like ...
  4. P4d64

    5/19/11(LDW 182.6)
    5/21/11 P3D1(180.6)
    P3W1: 181.8
    P3W2: 179.2(-1.6)I'm below 180!
    P3W3: 179.4(+.2)
    P3W4: 177.6(-1.8)
    6/18/11 P4D1:177(-.6)
    P4W1: 176.6(-.4)
    P4W2: 175(-1.6)
    P4W3: 172.6(-2.4)
    P4W4: 171.4(-1.2)
    P4W5: 169.4(-2)Hello next 10's!
    P4W6: 168.4(-1)
    P4W7: 168(-.4)
    P4W8 166.6(-1.2)
  5. Happy happy happy

    Don't have much to say this morning. Just wishing everyone a good day. Stay Strong, Stay Motivated, and Jump for joy when the pounds come off.

  6. Amazon No Longer Selling Real HCG Drops

    I am sure many of you are aware of this, but I was just informed by my supplier that Amazon no longer permits drops containing HCG to be sold on their site due to the fact they are not FDA approved.

    Fortunately, I had my suppliers contact information and got the website where drops and pellets can be purchased.

    If anyone is interested, here is the site that sells the homeopathic drops I am currently using (and extremely happy with). ...

    Updated August 20th, 2011 at 08:02 AM by This Time I hope

  7. Newbie's First Week

    Day 5 8-20
    I have lost 5 lbs and my husband has lost 9. Of course men lose weight faster lol. For the last 2 days I have lost a total of 8 ounces so I am not sure why. My Keytones levels are normal, but I think itís because I'm own my menstrual cycle. I was told to start this after but I started before because I am trying to lose 20 pounds before my trip to Russia with my husband. Only 28 more days to go! I will tell you for someone who is use to eating large portions of food, this 500 calories ...
  8. getting back to normal

    after a very bad combo of tom weight plus no poo and to omany nuts and cheese and or salt, i am back down 4.6 from yesterday thanks to a couple bms ( mag sitrate followed up a day later with smooth move and starting a new probiotic has helped massively! Im still 1 pound over lwd so im doing a very clean p3 protien day today with fage jay robb shakes and chicken. no nuts or cheese today, lol. hope to be back to lwd by monday and doing an FFF wed for extra boost before p4 on thursday Starting my ...
  9. 12 Days In

    I am 12 days in (10 if you don't count my loading days - which I don't think I will from now on).

    In those 10 days I am down 8.8 lbs. This is a loss from my original weight and does not include the weight gain from my loading days. I am thrilled. It would normally take me two months to lose this much fat due to my hypothyroidism.

    Though I have seen recipes, and various versions of the diet, for the first round I have chosen to go the puritan route and stick to Dr. Simeons ...

    Updated August 20th, 2011 at 06:52 AM by This Time I hope

  10. My stall is over!!!

    I did a protein day yesterday and I exercised for and hour and finally broke my stall. I'm so happy to be past the 175 mark and I'm really excited that hopefully in 5 days I'll be in the 160's. I'm gonna stick to strict protocol and exercise everyday so I can get through this next 20 lbs. before I go to the beach, exactly 3 weeks from today. I know I can do this. I've had the strength to do it this long, so I know I can do it for 3 more weeks. I just really hope I don't hit anymore stalls before ...