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  1. P3d1 - 153.0

    Ok, I had a .5 gain on yesterday's weight. I attribute that to lack of sleep and 2 vodka w/club soda's on my LDW day. Then this morning another .5 gain which I know is related to the fact that I did not eat due to being upset all day and also had just some crackers for upset stomach. So today is P3D1 and I am confident that I will be fine tomorrow.
  2. R2P2 Vlcd27-Catching Up

    Well, it has been about 10 days since I last checked in. Things have been a madhouse around here. I was hired last Friday and started training on Monday! And they all say the economy is bad...ha! So that was a huge transition, made at light speed, for myself and the fam. To go from being home full time (for nearly 9 years) to a full time position, plus the commute for training, wow, what a week.
    The stress has been off the charts, I have a test tomorrow that I have to pass to keep ...
  3. FDA sends armed SWAT team to seize raw milk

    Quote Originally Posted by elusha View Post
    So I dug up some weird news... first, as a prelude, went to the farmers market today and got my raw milk (its delicious). I asked the farmer how he was able to be there and he whispered back he has to pay a $200 licensing fee to the FDA for each market location he sells at. its a once-a-week three hour market. thats an expensive time slot! Because of this extra fee, he has to charge more for the milk = making it financially less accessible to more people.

    After someone posted about
  4. R1P2D2 Thought I was starting VLCD today.... Guess not. Carls Jr is my CURSE!!!!

    So I know Im only on day 2 but I was going to start the VLCD today. It was going well until my mom, sis, and son took me to Carls jr. We normally go on sundays to look through the paper for coupons while Cayton *my son plays on the jungle gym. It was a good day but when your sister sticks french fries in your face and then you finally decide to give in its time to give in all the way. The diet says 2 days of gorging but I did 1 1/2 days. I know I have to kick it into gear tomorrow and not give in, ...
  5. Cycle 2: 48 hrs

    Cycle 1:
    Lost: -13.6
    LDW: 178

    Cycle 2:
    Start: 181.6
    Lost: -9

    Today is my second day into my 48 hrs, so I'll start p3 tomorrow. Today was my churches 45th anniversary, soo there was a BBQ. I was at peace w/ not eating any of the pork, or deserts, until I realized that the pulled pork wasn't already sauced. I was really hungry because I got up much earlier than usual. So I decided to go for it, I had about ...
  6. Can Anyone help with low energy?

    Day 14 and I have lost almost 18 pounds. Started at 258 and down to 241.4
    I am incorporating a cleanse that I started 1 month before I started HCG.
    I keep waiting to get my energy back.
    Each day I have the feeling of low focus and low energy.
    I am drinking plenty of water and have increased my caffeine from normal use. I am sleeping OK..not perfect sleep..but never do.
    any ideas?
  7. My protein day, VCLD 11 today

    Yeah, even though I am not following protocol I decided to do a steak day today. Before I turned 35, not eating all day except for a light dinner worked great for me. Usually a 2lb loss. After Round 1, things seemed to be back to almost the way they used to be. So we will see tomorrow. I hope this works because I am really hungry and light headed. I am thinking of having a roasted chile pepper on top of the steak instead of the apple. My reasoning is that I don't think tomatoes are a good ...
  8. The Prodigal Dieter

    by , August 7th, 2011 at 04:52 PM (Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey)
    Weigh-in: 125

    Oh no... I knew from the first moment I laid eyes on the snacks it was going to be a bad calorie day.

    After the funeral, I went to the reception which had passed nibbles and desserts. After which my husband said he'd take us all out for Italian food -- isn't that great?! (Insert scream). All I wanted to do was try to mitigate the damage done at the reception and have a salad at home. But after co-mourning a lovely man, who lived life ...