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  1. Hmmm...Interesting..Lost 2 # yesterday!

    Many of you know that I do the HCG Diet in a very "Rogue" style.
    I've been meticulously counting my calories. Friday morning the scale showed that I had lost ALL the weight I put on during the 4th of July Holiday weekend. (in 3 days -7 #). Then I ate too much Friday (a huge steak for dinner). I added it up and it came to 1250 calories for the day!!!!! Saturday morning I weighed earlier than usual and it showed a 1.3 # gain. Sat I had 1020 calories NOT INCLUDING COCONUT OIL. and ...
  2. Need advice please...Worried I may have made the wrong choice!!

    Quote Originally Posted by itsybitsy View Post
    Homeopathic is made with alcohol, has 12x or similar numbers on the label, and does not have to be refrigerated. See the homeopathic threads.
    I see that you've lost 29 pounds. How long have you been on the program? Your progress is encouraging for us beginners. And where did you get your tracker?
  3. 22 years

    Today is my 22nd year anniversary of being with my Husband. We have been married 20 this year, but we don't celebrate that date. We do this one. I allways said when I was little I would not get a divorce, and through 22 years there are times I have really debated it. It is hard when we were both young we had similar interests, but now we really just don't..I would love to go camping, and hiking and boating especially boating, and he hates all these things. he would rather sit at home and play computer ...
  4. 2 more days left

    I have 2 more injection days left, woohoo! I cannot wait to get back into p3. I've already planned out my first day too, lol. I'll be starting my day off with a nice big omelet filled with avocado, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, some cheese and sf bacon. Yum! Dinner that day will be a nice big fat steak with loads of grilled veggies. Lunch will be a sandwich made from oopsie rolls, chicken, lettuce, tomato and who knows what else, lol.

    So I weighed myself first thing in the a.m. and ...
  5. R2 vlcd 3 175.6 07/11/11

    by , July 11th, 2011 at 10:54 AM (Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride)
    I woke up w/hubby this morning @ 5ish and weighed I was 176.2 I must say I was a bit dissapointed. Went back to sleep and at 9am weighed again and was 175.6 woo hoo that made my morning! ate an apple and took kids to library, then off to swimming lessons and to the gym for 30 mins of walking and a few mins on elipitcle to see how I do.

    So things are going good. I am a bit hungry. Since I started at 125 I am pretty sure it not too much HCG. I went and got some 1ml syringes last night ...
  6. R2p2 - vlcd 1

    It feels so good to be back in P2. Yesterday I had a burst of energy from the hcg and cleaned my kitchen (it needed attention badly!). Only gained 3# loading. Still feeling the effects of my 7-day rapid cleanse. (btw, not recommended, unless you enjoy abdominal cramps) Because of my cleanse I couldn't load as well as I should, but oh well, I've gained quite enough anyway and indulged plenty in P4, so much so that I'm 8# over LDW.

    Because I just started a new BC pill, I didn't ...

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  7. Vlcd 1 r2 176.6 yeah! 07/10/2011

    by , July 11th, 2011 at 10:35 AM (Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride)
    Well I am tickled that I am off the 181.8 so quickly. Is that a 5.2 loss overnight? Yesterday was taco salad both lunch and dinner, strawberries for breakfast and an apple in the evening.
    Today I had steak and fresh spinach w/twist of lemon. Too much salt however I will drink extra water today to help with that.
    I am also considering upping my dose. I started with 125 and with the mix I used it takes to entire 0.5 syringe. I was pretty hungry yesterday but day one pretty normal ...
  8. Take that, scale!

    180.6 this morning...down 1.4 from yesterday. 1.2 pounds and I will be down 20! I've decided that I just have a pattern of hold steady for 2 days and then on the 3rd day lose 1-2 pounds, like playing catch up. Emotionally a bit of a roller coaster (I'm a worrier) but it is getting the job done.
    Tonight I'm going to work on getting a head start in my nursing texts. I really hope I will be able to maintain/lose even with the stress of nursing school. I've got to learn to be organized!
  9. Day 2 - 137.5lb

    I woke up at 6am and was alert. Last night I couldn't sleep for about an hour. I wonder if that was the green tea or the HCG...??!!

    I'm really hungry this morning. But I know I need to do this. I was 140lb (63.5kg) which is 4kg away from my highest weight. So its time to lose the fat.

    Today's menu:-

    140 - Melba Toast
    50 - milk

    120 - cottage cheese
    10 - radish/green onion/

    50 - strawberries

    130 - chicken ...

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  10. Phase 2, Day 1 of VLCD

    Day 1 - Monday, July 11th, 2011 - 161.0lbs

    Start Weight - 161.0lbs

    I love when I start of with an even number! That makes it soo much easier to see subtract! Sometimes I feel like I need a calculator to count to ten. Like I said it my last post, I definitely feel more prepared this time around. I'm hoping to eliminate some of the crying and anger toward not having any food.

    Breakfast: Water
    Lunch: 4oz of cottage cheese, 1 cucumber, 1 melba toast ...