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  1. Lady Gecko – R4P2VLCD6 (07/11/11)

    Weight today 226.8 – Same as yesterday, which is to be expected after the huge drop I showed yesterday! Still think I’ve found my sweet spot with regard to dose – all in all this P2 is going along swimmingly!

    Here is my plan for today:

    B: Coffee
    L: Sirloin, salad, apple
    D: Roast, steamed veggies
    Sn: Grapefruit or sberries

    Updated July 11th, 2011 at 10:53 AM by ldygeko

  2. When the weekend is a little too rough . . .


    I have no idea where I am, LOL . Everything is pretty successful, never been over 2lbs above LDW, and consistently am set in the 155-158range. I'm not sure if it's TOM or that I didn't eat enough protein this weekend (realllllllly enjoyed myself), but I'm not feeling healthy today. I had a pretty hectic last two weeks, and had meant to be blogging through P3 this time, but sadly life just took over! And then a wake up call, the scale went to 159 this morning, outside of my ...
  3. R2 P2 VLCD6: Gain? What? Oh, wait, I think I know why...and no, I did not cheat...

    So, on VLCD5 I did Zumba. I had a half of a Jay Robb Protein shake before and planned on having the other half after the one-hour class finished. I felt great after the class, so skipped the other half of a Jay Robb Protein shake. I didn't feel as if I needed it.

    Later, I had lunch, and then my husband and I set off on a bike (motorcycle) ride together. I knew I couldn't use sun screen. At least I don't have any sunscreen that's P2 safe in my house, so I didn't use any. Bad idea. ...
  4. VLC Days 35 and 36


    Week 1; (-7.2)
    Week 2; (-7.4)
    Week 3; (-4.6)
    Week 4; (-4.6)
    Week 5; (-3.4)

    221.4 VLCd 34 (-1.2)
    221.2 VLCd 35 (-.2)
    222.8 VLCd 36 (+1.6)

    Well, I'm in the home stretch now. I've got one more injection (tomorrow), and then two days of VLC without benefit of hCG. Our trip is Thursday, and that's the first day of Phase 3. I am anxious to see what happens when I start adding in calories.

    Onward... ...
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  8. start loading for round 2 tomorrow!

    this time i have a partner in crime. my mom decided to join me on the journey this time. i really hope she is successful and reaps the benefits that i have from doing a round. i have learned so much about myself and how i deal with food from doing the protocol. call me crazy but i also decided to quit smoking for good tomorrow. during my first round i always felt i was such a phony, i'm trying so hard to be healthy and be a good role model, but i still have this nasty habit that i try to keep under ...
  9. Almost done

    I have been MIA once again. Summers are hard, kids are out of school and are keeping me quite busy.

    Plus I have been without a computer for a few days. My husband got me a new imac for my businesses and my photography, woohoo! So that is time consuming too, it's very interesting going from a pc for so many years to an imac. I have lots of learning to do.

    Anyways, today I am down to 126.4. Such a shocker for me! I nearly fell over in disbelief. I can really feel it too. ...
  10. Lady Gecko – R4P2VLCD5 (07/10/11)

    Down to 226.8 today - a loss of 4.8 pounds since Friday! Woot woot! I mean, can I get a woot woot? That's AWESOME. That's like 9.2 pounds in 5 days! Gotta love the first week of P2. Still going strong and loving P2, though I may have overeaten on melon for my fruit today. I know it's off plan, but I bought it for DD, and she didn't eat it and it was very close to spoiling - hate to throw away good food. So I had melon for my fruit today. We'll see how I do on the scale tomorrow, probably ...