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  1. one week..and.. how many lbs?!

    hey everyone,
    life is getting busy again. i hate when it all of sudden just gets busy. back to work from my injury and while it's painful i am managing. im still not allowed to go back to the gym but i do go to physical therapy and i think that is enough for now.

    if a few months ago someone told me that i could loose 10.6lbs in a little over a week on a diet i would probably ask where do i sign up and will it hurt me?! now after experiencing the wonders of hcg i want to shout ...
  2. Holly's Hcg diet blog: hcg after weight loss surgery..

    hey everyone -
    im going to blog about my journey. i also have a vlog on youtube. i am posting short daily updates and a weekly long update on you tube. on here i will post daily my weight and whenever i have recipes or information for everyone..

    here is my youtube

    about me:
    my name is holly. im 26 years old. i live in northeast pa. ive been obese almost all of my life. i started gaining weight young. i was always the chubby child. i really started gaining ...
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