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  1. 154.0

    NOw, I'm pissed. This ectra pound has been creeping up on me slowly. Today I weighed and I gained .4. Now I'm officially 154 after teetering in 153 for the past 4 days. I did not cheat! I never cheat. What the hell is going on? I'm so sick of this. If I don't lose tomorrow then I will cheat. I'm so over my body fighting against me.
    Tags: angry, cheating
  2. My heart is broken.... .2 loss last week, really?

    This morning I woke up to a 1 pound gain and a major headache due to TOM.. He showed up a day early. But that wasn't the part that broke my heart. I was condensing my signature and I realized that from April 12-18, I only lost .2!!!! Are you kidding me!!! I had a day where I lost .8, but I also had days of gains due to being sick, but that was only two days!!! the only time I lose a pound or more is on apple days... I can't live my life on freaking apples.

    If I've ever lost faith ...
    Tags: angry