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  1. Pea Protein cookies - for when you are meat-ed out on P3!

    These make a great breakfast. Don't you get tired of eggs and meat for breakfast? I do.

    PEA PROTEIN COOKIES (my version):

    Pea Protein (I use the unflavored NOW brand-- 24 grams protein per scoop, no carbs, no fat)

    1 ripe banana (you can substitute avocado--just add some sweetener and leave out the other fats)
    1 scoop pea protein powder
    1/2 scoop golden flax meal
    1 tablespoon of almond butter, pumpkin seed butter, or coconut butter
    a ...

    Updated October 13th, 2014 at 09:32 AM by Leez

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  2. Maintenance in between rounds?

    So, I have attempted to do HCG before, but sadly could not do it. But that failure only makes me more determined.

    Having done it before, I know my body loses 2 pounds a day, so my aim is to do 23-30 days depending on whether or not i have a cheat day.

    Anyway, my question is, since I have about 50 or so pounds to lose, should i split it up into two rounds? I'm definitely leaning on doing it all in one go, because I don't think I'd be able to do it twice.
  3. Cheating. What's the point?

    I know I run the risk of alienating people by bitching about this, which is why I'm keeping it to my own blog rather than being argumentative in the forums. Because, truly, I'm more confused than anything else. I firmly believe that everyone should do what's best for them and be adult enough to make their own choices, but it doesn't mean I always understand those choices.

    I feel like many of us have fallen into a mindset of "I've been fat/overweight/depressed/unhappy/unhealthy/FillInTheBlank ...
  4. Loading Fats vs P3/P4 Fats

    Something I've always wondered about, and even moreso with the recent influx of first-timers: Fats. On a basic level, I get it. They're not the enemy. Many of them are good for you in moderation. When I'm not in P2, I definitely don't cut them out of my diet (moderation and type of fats is key).

    But as many people that have done more than one round will readily tell you, they're shocked at how much food and fat they can eat in P3 and P4 while not gaining an ounce (and sometimes ...
  5. 2nd week of P3 down, weight is stable

    This morning I weighed in at 150.2lbs so I am really sticking around that... one morning I was at 149 but I had hardly eaten anything the day before so that's not something I will be repeating.

    I really have no appetite. Stuffing myself to P3 expectations is so hard. Today I went to Ihop and had the Colorado omelette (1200 cal, shredded beef, bacon sausage veggies and cheese) to get as many nutrients as I could before I chickened out... everything gives me heartburn or nausea, food ...
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  6. First week of P3 done... planning next round

    I thought I was holding steady at 151lbs but today I am back down to 150.4lbs. My LIW was 152.8. I'm right in TOM at the moment; had zero impact on me this month.

    Honestly I think I was retaining a little water on my LIW morning, I had not drank my entire gallon of water and had salted my food the day before. I'm just not able to get back up there at all.

    I'm eating a lot of fat but on the whole not a lot of food. I just can't stomach it. I get heartburn from too much ...
  7. P3 starts tomorrow!

    Current weight is 152.0lbs, my LIW was 152.8lbs. I am 0.4lbs shy of my goal of 15lbs gone for R1. 28 shots.

    I am really looking forward to stabilizing; I'm still getting used to my new body. Yesterday I went out just wearing leggings with a tshirt and a moto jacket and was getting appreciative looks at my legs that hasn't happened in a while. The body reshaping I have experienced is nothing short of incredible; I'm so happy I did this. Lots of my friends said you have the bod of ...
  8. My first 11 days of Phase 3 - "menus"

    I'll be honest... My first round of HCG was no shining moment for me. I lost 20lbs in a 40 day round (yay), got 4 days into P3, gained 4 pounds, and said to hell with it. And that was that. Yeah, not proud. But, that was a year ago, and I'm back with a vengeance now. I'm in P3 again and I'm being militant about it - probably to an annoying degree. Good thing I live alone!

    Whether it be me painstakingly paying attention to what I'm doing or a little luck - or both - I'm currently ...
  9. phase 3 gain from vacation HELP!!

    So I went on vacation and I gained 5 pounds. I am on phase3day11. Is it too late for me to lose those 5 pounds? I am now 10 pounds away from my goal weight and I am super bummed. Can I do a bunch of correction days back to back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Grapefruit Day & Chart Adjustments

    Well, I'm back down within my 2-pound range (actually, I'm .2 pounds below it) after my bad food weekend. I didn't do a steak day (don't like steak, and the thought of a meat-heavy meal right before bedtime isn't that appealing) but what I did do was eat my usual breakfast (Uncle Sam's Flakes w/ Flaxseeds and blueberries, plus coffee), have a huge protein shake for lunch (with a very filling 48g protein), and ate a light dinner consisting of a huge serving of grapefruit, lots of water, and some ...
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