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Round 3 Wrap Up!!!

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by , August 7th, 2012 at 04:31 AM (392 Views)
Round 3 done! R1 start 11/5/11 - R3 end 8/6/12

I am in total awe of HCG!!! The program does absolutely what it says it will do...
Total Weight loss 64.25 lbs Total Inches lost 58.50 Sizes dropped from 18W to 8!

I will put up a post later in the Success thread as I want to encourage as many people as possible to try this for themselves. But the real clincher for me is looking at my mid section --- I lost 8.5 inches in my waist, 9.25 inches in my stomach and 8 inches in my hips!!! Thats 26 inches in just those 3 areas. What is even more difficult for me to believe is how I allowed myself to gain that much weight again. I truly was in a metabolic trance and helpless to stop the continuous gain. We have got to wake people up in this country. I think when people see soo many other obese people, it is almost like its OK and you are not alone! And of course, the food acts as a drug and your brain reacts and you really are helpless against all that!

My LDW is 161.6! I feel like this is a good place to stop and resume eating for the long term. I need to add in more carbs for Thyroid health. I need to get my energy up now and concentrate on quality of lfe and balance. I am going to step up the exercising and turn to weight training for firming --- also doing skin brushing and taking MSM and copied Dr Kruse list of supplements as well.

After a while, I will look toward reducing further to get down to 148 --- slowly ---and hold there. If I cant do this on my own, I may do another short round after the holidays. 148 seems to be a number that feels ok for me at 5'4" --- the Dukan site settled me at 158 for a lifetime number and I am very near that, now. Either way, I am THRILLED with my results!!! The 8s and 10s fit well now..even the size 8 white jeans that I bought as a vote of confidence in myself fit well! I do have a few things that have been gathering dust in my closet for 10 years (leather pants and skirts from Italy! EEEKKK!!!) and so are sized smaller --- that's the real goal! Once they all fit, its all good! Really, what I need is major firming!

Thanks so much to all of you that have supported me in this very long and sometimes confusing process. I believe that the support and the knowledgeable people on this site is a very real key to success. THANK YOU!

If you have been lurking and reading and hesitating... jump on in. It is a great program with the most rewarding results I have ever experienced.
If you are doing HCG and thinking of quitting...DONT... please complete the program --- especially if you are younger. Dont waste these years living a half life. Lose the weight and gain back the energy you deserve!
If you are older, like me...its never too late to be the BEST YOU possible.

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  1. Rusty's Avatar
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    Way to go, Julie!!!

    You have worked hard and it paid off!
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
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    Thanks Rusty! I am following your great progress as well! You are doing an AMAZING job!
  3. Perseverance's Avatar
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    I know I congratulated you on your other post but hey way to go! You rocked it! Great job!!
  4. We should be proud's Avatar
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    What a motivating sucess story....congratulations!!
  5. katerinavsharp's Avatar
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    Congratulations!! What an amazing experience. Your story give me hope.
  6. Newjulie's Avatar
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    Thank you all so very much! I have been reading your posts too and know you are all doing fantastic and can reach any goal you set for yoursleves! See you on the boards!!!
  7. Eftimia's Avatar
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    Wow...this is such an amazing story...so inspiring!! I would love to see before and after pictures as well. I can't thank you enough for sharing your experiences. This is my first round, and I'm only on day 5 of the VLCD. It all sounds so far away...and I'm not very good with any of the food techniques yet. I see people eating meals and so on cooked more elaborate with the few things we can have, but I'm so nervous to do any of it.

    I just put up a post the other day about emotional and eating patterns, and how after just a few days I am seeing them, and acknowledging them. Aside from the weight, this is such a learning experience. People like you help make us stronger and more determined. I hope in a years time, I can do the same for someone else in my shoes now!

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