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Thread: cheated to break stall

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    cheated to break stall

    Hi everyone!

    So i am one of those people who just have 12 pounds to lose. However, my 2nd week i was stalled and only lost 1 pound. VCLD 13 and lost 6 pounds. (I still have 6 pounds to go) I heard that people who have very less to loss (especially those last pounds that just are stubborn), cheat just to trick their body which causes them to break the stall. I did apple day and lost 0.6 and then -0.2. I guess I got impatient, so I wanted to try to experiment. Does anyone have any experience with this? I also havent had proper bowl movements in a week despite drinking smooth tea just because I feel like my body doesnt much to take out lol. So maybe the "cheat food" will help me to start some bowl movements.

    Now, i only have 10 more days left and I wanted to check out my "experiment". SO today was my cheat day.
    Breakfast: 6 strawberries
    Lunch: 2 boiled eggs
    Snack: one diet coke, hot cheetos, and two subway cookies. (it took me nearly an hour to eat this and I am stuffed. I dont feel bad at all, because i wanted to "experiment with my body"
    Dinner:I will update you guys tonight!

    I know that cheating wont help me stablize in phase 3, but I honestly wanted to experiment and share my experiences with you guys. Anyways, I will keep you guys posted for the next couple of days on my weight and the effects of this. I am planning on drinking smooth tea tonight!

    I wish you all best of luck! My advice is if you cheated, dont feel horrible. We are just human, and it may take a few days to get back, but enjoy your cheats!

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    how did it go??

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    cheated to break stall

    How did it go?


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