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Thread: Extreme Fatigue

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    Red face Extreme Fatigue

    Has anyone else experience extreme fatigue on the HcG program? I feel weak.
    Day 11 - lost 7 pounds and am 8 pounds from my goal weight.

    I am on thyroid medication and do have a low thyroid, but I feel like I did before I was diagnosed.

    I also have a rash, like eczema, on my buttocks, back of thighs and calves. However that started before hcg - during atkins which started me on my weight loss.

    I take a shot 1 x a day and have stuck to the program consistently.

    Suggestions or comments are welcome.

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    I am only hungry sometimes. Usually right before my meal. I am on 4ml shot/day.
    I don't have much more to lose, but it's all the fat (inner thigh, buttocks, knees).

    Any thoughts?

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    I felt extreme fatigue when I was using the HHCG drops. When I switched to HCG Plus pellets for round two I experience a normal level of energy, as if I were not dieting at all.


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    My previous rds, I felt like I was flying, this week I am very tired, just slept 12 hours, am using frans hucog, same as I have always used. I flew for ten days and now am tired, I am surprized, I liked flying.... so I guess it can happen.
    dose today 175.

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    Oh yes, I did experience some extreme fatigue.
    If you get dizzy too, then perhaps you should take a small dose of magnesium/potassium. Also take some sort of multi vitamin.
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    I took some b12 and will eat cucmbers for lunch, lots of K in that, i feel a bit better, the fatigue runs through in waves. hunger is better today, had issues the last three days.

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    Hey everybody...
    It's weird because I was just about to do a post on hCG and its effects on energy levels. Normally, I'd be taking a nap in the days - or be extremely tempted to do so! But I'm on Day 5 of my VLCD and I haven't experienced any day-time fatigue! The *only* time I start to feel tired is at nights.

    I'm a morning person and tend to wind down/get sleepy anytime after 9pm. Before I started my hCG diet, I could resist the normal sleepiness and stay up late - but it seems as though being on the hCG has started to reset my metabolism in every sense; including my normal energy level. Interesting! Has anyone else experienced this?

    Regarding your fatigue though, you should definitely consider taking a multi-vitamin or some B12 and make sure you're getting enough (quality AND quantity!) sleep at nights. If you're not getting high-quality sleep, then you could consider melatonin supplements. Ask your doc or health food store.

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    thnaks, I am the queen of the perfect sleep time, high quality plus, but I have been sleepy this rd. I will drink more vitmains this am, yesterday was better with a 175 dose. its 1015 and allI have had is tea.

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