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Thread: I need help! Day 20 & only lost 7.5 lbs!

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    I need help! Day 20 & only lost 7.5 lbs!

    I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong! I'm taking the homeopathic drops. The first 7 days, I lost 4 lbs, the next 7 days, I lost 3.5, the next 6 days I've only lost 1 lb. I have long stalls between weight loss, like 4 days at the same weight or only losing .5. My husband is on the drops too and he's lost 15 lbs so far. We are eating the same foods but his weight seems to be dropping faster, eventhough he also experienced a stall of about 5-6 days. I even did the apple day one day and lost 2 lbs, just to gain it back the next day. Here is an example of what we are eating:

    Coffee with one Stevia
    100 grams of chicken breast
    One portion of either tomato, spinach or lettuce
    An apple, half a grapefruit or 6-9 strawberries
    100 grams of fish (tilapia)
    One portion of vegetable (same as above)
    Fruit (same as above)

    We have been seasoning our food with salt, pepper, lemon pepper, lemon and sometimes salsa (w/ no sugar).

    I feel like I'm drinking lots of water and we have even been going on nightly walks. It's very discouraging to be following such a strict diet and not see the results that I anticipated. Some things I thought may be responsible for the setbacks are:
    1. The first week I experienced a very itchy rash on my arms, stomach and back. I had to put some Cortisone cream to help with the itching. It was either that or stop the drops. I only used the cream for about 3-4 days and haven't used it for at least 7.
    2. I have been on my period now for about 5 days. I'm not sure if others experience a stall during this time.

    Would it be okay to extend the drops & diet another week to try and get over this hump?

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    Are you eating anything you don't normally eat? It sounds like you got hives ... that would concern me.
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    Yes, I believe it was hives. I'm not sure if it was from the Tilapia and my body just got used to it, if it was from the drops or if it was from flushing the toxins from my body.

    See, I was wondering the same thing about my drops I'm using drops from they say HCG 12x, 30x, 60x (whatever that means). And I'm only on the 26 day plan so the end is near

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    Oh, but I forgot to mention. I personally know 3 people who purchased their drops from the same website and they had losses of between 15-23 lbs. So that makes me think that it's not the drops.

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    I was wondering if it could be that we were dieting before starting the drops. Not on a 500 cal diet but just eating less and healthy. Total weight loss for me including before hcg is 15 lbs and for my husband 27 lbs. But still I thought I would lose more with the hcg. We only started dieting about 2 1/2 weeks before taking the hcg. So basically that means I lost about the same or more dieting without the drops than with :/

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    Earlier this year on the diet I had a huge stall for around a week and then lost weight in 2lbs clumps over the next few days. my body was holding on to water or something for some reason and it ended up flushing itself out. I had to have a lot of faith over that week and it did pay off.


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