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Thread: Mixing instructions confusions and dosing confusions

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    Mixing instructions confusions and dosing confusions

    I finally received my HCG. 5000iu and I want to do a 23 day. Historically Ive been very hungry on the program so I need advice on the dose.
    How much bac water do I add:
    Dose recommendations? I read a lot of 125 iu, 175 and 200 as max? But my confusion is what does that equate to in ML and CCs? The tiny syrnges indicate ml/cc. Would I fill it to the 40 indicator?

    Thanks guys! Have a great day everyone!

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    I have the cc syringes and was told to fill to the .18 mark (which I think is 180iu?) It probably depends on the amount of bac water? I get my HCG from a clinic and a naturopath does the mixing - sorry not more help. Will be watching for other answers!

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    2000 iu = 8 ml bac water (or TOTAL fluid volume) If you're hcg is premixed with 1 ml then use 1 ml less of bac water.
    5000 iu = 20 ml bac water (or TOTAL fluid volume)

    For EITHER vial mixed this way the dosing is:

    125 iu dose = .50 ml/cc, or 50 on an insulin needle
    150 iu dose = .60 ml/cc, or 60 on an insulin needle
    175 iu dose = .70 ml/cc, or 70 on an insulin needle
    200 iu dose = .80 ml/cc, or 80 on an insulin needle
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    The iu's you use depend on whether you're injecting subq (under the skin) or IM (in the muscle). Most people do subq.

    Also, the brand of hcg determines what dose you should start with.
    For Corion and Ovidac, start with 150iu, if doing subq.
    For Hucog, start with 175iu, if doing subq.

    There are different ways to mix, so the amount you fill the syringe depends on that.

    Here's one way:

    For a 5,000iu vial, add 20cc bac water (add 19cc if using liquid Hucog, because it already has 1cc in it)

    Fill your syringe to .6cc or 60 units for a dose of 150iu.
    Or fill your syringe to .7cc or 70 units for a dose of 175 iu.

    If you have the smaller syringes, you'll have to mix differently.

    What amount do your syringes hold?
    What brand hcg do you have?
    How many iu's (and what brand) were you taking in your previous rounds that left you hungry?

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    ok I mixed today and my directions were way different. I had liquid 5000 iu's of hucog. My directions told me to put 9 ml of b. water in mixing vial and then the 1 ml of hucog (whole bottle).
    Does 9 ml=19cc's?
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    Thats what I read. I have the hucog freeze dried. So a total of 10 ml, right? Then I inject .40 on the syringe for a dose of 200?

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    I have hucog. My syringe holds a total of 1 ml/cc. I was injecting 20 (marker on the syringe). and was hungry. What would you suggest? I want to do a 23 day and I want to lose 15 lbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanting2bsuccessful View Post
    Thats what I read. I have the hucog freeze dried. So a total of 10 ml, right? Then I inject .40 on the syringe for a dose of 200?
    if you mix 5000 iu's with 10 cc's of water, you have 500 iu's per cc. so start with a dose of 175, which is .35 on your syringe.

    mary- cc's and ml's are the same. if you added 9 to the liquid, you also have 500 iu's per cc. so start with .35 on your syringe (175iu's)
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    Makes sense (finally) :-)! Thanks everyone!

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    Just a tip before you start mixing

    Make sure you understand what supplies you will need for mixing, before you mix!

    The Vials
    For example, if you need to mix 10ml of bacteriostatic water with your hCG powder I highly suggest a 30ml or 40ml storage vial. Obviously you can't mix 10ml of bac water into your tiny vial of hCG powder, so (as you probably already know) you will need to use a "storage" vial into which you will move your hCG powder when mixing. (I just wanted to make that clear for anyone who's an idiot like me.) I made the mistake of starting to mix for 12ml of bac water and then realized that my storage vial was only meant to handle about 5ml - although it could fit 10ml totally maxed out. I think it's best to have a vial twice the size of the amount of bac water you will mix with your powder. For example, if you want to mix 10ml of bacteriostatic water with your hCG powder you will want to have a storage vial that is meant for 20ml or more.

    The Mixture
    With regard to the mixture, I'm no expert. BUT, again, I will suggest that you look at your supplies first before you start mixing! If your syringes are 1cc/ml (ml and cc are the same) verses .5cc/ml you will want to take that into account first! Thinking these things through first helps.

    The Syring
    If you have 5,000iu of hCG powder and you want to mix it with 10ml you will end up with 500iu per 1ml/cc (as previously mentioned). It's just 5,000iu divided by 10ml/cc = 500iu. If your syringe is 1cc/ml (sometimes called 10 units), then each tenth (.10ml/cc or 10 units) will contain 50iu of hCG. Your syringe will have the numbers 1-10 printed on it. Of course, these numbers indicate tenths of 1ml/cc. For example the number 1 is 1 tenth of 1cc, or 1/10 of 1cc, or .10cc. This is just another way of referring to a tenth of 1cc. Unfortunately this can all be confusing at first because of a lack of standardized terminology - but, in the end, it's actually quite easy.

    If your syringes are .5ml/cc (or half of 1ml/cc) then the math changes accordingly.

    Just some thoughts based on my experience. Hope it helps someone.
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