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Thread: Pellets vs. Drops & ETC ETC

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    Cool Pellets vs. Drops & ETC ETC

    *I posted this in another section but got zero replies minus someone telling me to read a year old thread I already skimmed :/ Hope I get more personal responses in here?

    Hello everyone! :] I'm new to HCG/hhcg and hope to start very soon!

    At first, I was about to purchase "BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Activator Capsules" ( It lists HCG on it's label (HCG (Human Chloronic Gonadotropin) Glycopeptide Stimulating Complex, 758 mg, serving size 2 capsules). But from reading the forums, hCG Activator is just aminos. So why does it list blatantly list HCG as an ingredient?

    After browsing though the forums though, it seems better to go with either the pellets or drops. I'm now considering:

    Meridian Health Labs' hcg pellets (


    Yavonae's hCG flavoured drops or pellets (

    Could someone share insight as to the pellets vs drops method in terms of efficiency or effectiveness?
    Are these sellers reputable?
    Are there other sellers you'd recommend over them (in terms of price)?
    Is it safe (or even recommended) to take separate B12 or amino acid vitamin supplements simultaneously alongside either pellet/drops regimen?

    Any advice or insight would be welcome and thanks in advance for your response! :]

    Can I also add why do most of these sellers have the most horrible, rundown website "designs" (most are very poorly design & ugly templates where it's made by plug-in your text & images)?! A poor looking website just screams sketchy & causes a lot of people to be hesitant to buy/gives off the wrongg impression. Sorry for the rant but it bothers me so much! >:[

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    Quote Originally Posted by aki1 View Post
    [I]Can I also add why do most of these sellers have the most horrible, rundown website "designs" (most are very poorly design & ugly templates where it's made by plug-in your text & images)?! A poor looking website just screams sketchy & causes a lot of people to be hesitant to buy/gives off the wrongg impression. Sorry for the rant but it bothers me so much! >:[
    Do I detect a designer in our midst? :-D

    I don't know the answer to the homeopathic/pellets/Rx question. I've been on Rx and homeopathic drops with no detectable difference. Then just today I ordered pellets after reading the Aussie gals discuss pellets (pellets seem SO much easier than drops, Rx, and shots).

    They advised this company (my order was shipped within hours):
    I started with homeopathic drops, switched to Rx sublingual, then ended with homeopathic pellets. If I had to do it over again I'd go with pellets. And I'd cycle.

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    I'm interested to see how this thread goes since I have also posted a few questions on this subject and got little response as well. I just ordered pellets from Meridian and am waiting for them to arrive. I only ordered them out of frustration of not being able to get any RX where I am in a decent amount of time and I am still not sure of my choice and would love to hear all the input I can about them.
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    I ordered my pellets from Intermountain as well.

    I take sublingual B-12.

    Can't give you any advice on the drops.
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    I have ordered my pellets from Vox ( and find I really like them so I can't really help you on those sellers as I have not tried them. They sell them for $39.99 for the first bottle but prices do go down if you order more than one at a time.

    I just take my b12 separately in pill form along with all my other vitamins with no problems.

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    I haven't taken homeopathic drops so I can't help you with that one. I have taken RX sublingual and the Vox pellets and had great results with both. I do like taking the pellets better.

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    I am taking meridian pellets, i switched after 3 weeks in p2 from drops. I find them more convenient, and they work really well.
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    I am on VLCD4, and I got my pellets from meridian, I was unsure at first. I had never tried this diet before and after reading this thread for a while and finally joining up, one late nite I just decided instead of risking ordering rx and trying to get it into the states and pay all that money for it not to work and just be let down, I decided to go with pellets. I love the pellets for the simple fact they dose very well as in you dont have anything but to count out for pellets, 3x a day. Last nite on accident I did 5 pellets, and I was simply not hungry at all I felt like I could've went without my morning dose, but I didn't. I have lost 11.5 pounds this week. Plus the pellets say do not touch them, just pour them into the cap and use it to place under your tongue, i put them into a little bag into my purse at work, and I talk on the phone at work a lot. I also talk to my customers a lot, so I can't afford 15 mins of not talking. I can talk still, and they honestly disolve in less than 10 minutes. This is the first diet I have never felt hunger on. So far so good.

    Plus with shipping my pellets were around 32 dollars and some change, I ordered them on a late Weds night, technically Thursday morning around 1am, I got them on Saturday.

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    Re: Pellets vs. Drops & ETC ETC

    I switch off and on between the hhcg drops and the VOX pellets for convenience. At work, it's almost guaranteed that I'll get a phone call 30 seconds after I use the drops LOL so the pellets work for me when I need to be able to talk or be discreet. Both seem to work about the same for me (hunger and results). The pellets are a nice little bit of sweetness if my mouth is tasting kinda funky, too (being a smoker and not being able to chew gum sucks). If I had to choose one or the other, knowing now what I know, I'd go ahead and go for the pellets just because they're easier overall.
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    Re: Pellets vs. Drops & ETC ETC

    First off, thank you to everyone who responded! It really means a lot and it's encouraging to hear from each of you! Weight loss is diet & exercise but I'm sure community could be that extra magic step that helps us get through it! /end my cheesiness :P

    I was afraid that no one would reply to another of my threads so I went ahead and bought two bottles of Yavonae's hCG before I'd cowardly back out. In retrospect, maybe I should've gone with Meridian/Vox pellets. Oh well, next time after my experience with drops!

    @Catthai: Caught! Indeed, I'm a graphic designer hmm, I'll bookmark that site for future pellet purchases. Good luck on your P2!

    @Kim N: I'm waiting on my drops to arrive as well. I would've preferred to find out the differences/majority opinions between drops & pellets and purchase based off that but I couldn't bear waiting any longer! Hope we find some good answers & advice! Good luck on P4 & congrats on losing 35.4 lbs!

    @michmich: Thanks for the validating Intermoutain's legitimacy! I currently take B12 oral vitamins so I suppose I can continue with those once I start my drops too.. I love your icon btw. How appropriate!

    @Mylittlelambs: Thanks for validating Vox! It's always helpful to have a list of reputable sellers. Seeing as how some get shut down randomly. You're so close to your goal! Good luck!

    @blondee: Any input is welcome It's just encouraging to hear from others. Vox seems to be the forerunner in pellet choice. I assume you meant taking Rx sublingual or Vox pellets seperately in different phases & not simultaneously?

    @captncrunch: Thank you for validating Meridian! Was convience the only deciding difference between drops vs. pellets for you? Or was there a difference in effectiveness? I don't mind the hassle of ingesting pellets or holding drops under my tongue so I could go either way... But yay you on losing 26 lbs!

    @SaMical: That's exactly how I feel/felt! I just bit the bullet and bought the drops from Yavonae after deciding it would be easiest to buy/seeing some senior members mention it by name. Thanks so much for your personal play-by-play on pellet life The everyday detail answers are the most helpful!

    @Rhibert: So you switch between drops & pellets throughout the day? I haven't read a lot about that so that's interesting to hear. If I may ask, why don't you stick to pellets on the whole? I'm a smoker too so I also ask why can't you chew gum? Congrats on your loss so far!

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