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Thread: Sublingual Mixing and Dosing

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    Hi guys! How many loading days do I need to do when using Rx sublingual? And I cannot remember if I asked this or not; do I have to do skip days like with injections? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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    I ordered 5 vials of the PREMIXED HUCOG 10000 IU. Which was just delivered today. My husband and I will be sharing this and I realize the potency will not last long but since we are both doing it I suspect we'll be fine if we only mix 1 vial use it and when we run out mix another.. (Until we complete or 40 days) right? WE ARE PLANNING ON TAKING THIS SUBLINGUAL I want to start our dosage at 175


    1) should I order x2 30 ml glass vials since we will not be together when we take our 2nd dose each day, or can i space it out 13 1/2 hours from the first dose?

    2) I should be mixing this with 1 vial of my premixed 10,000 hcg with 19ml of bac water or 29 mL or should i use saline?

    3) what kind of needle/ syringe do i need for that amount (to mix with)

    Your help is so much appreciated!

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    Do I need to use a new mixing needle, syringe or amber bottle for each 15 day mix or can I just reuse the one I already used? I am doing sublingual and mix with wound wash only. Thank you/
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    I would a clean mixing needle, but you don't have to with sublingual. I have two bottles, and I got several syringes. I plan on using a new one each time, and I also take my daily dose with a syringe under the tongue for better measuring.

    Quote Originally Posted by loriegirl View Post
    Do I need to use a new mixing needle, syringe or amber bottle for each 15 day mix or can I just reuse the one I already used? I am doing sublingual and mix with wound wash only. Thank you/
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    I grabbed the Arm and Hammer brand wound wash since Grammy said it didn't matter and mixed with that. I do SL and my drops taste REALLY bitter this time!! I don't know if it's the drops or the wound wash. I will try saline to mix next time.

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    Colleen, can I mix my 5,000 vial with 7.5 cc of saline and then dose at .25? I would like to have less liquid to hold under my tongue for the next batch I make up.


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    Hi There,
    Any help is appreciated...
    I'm getting ready to mix my own sublingual drops and have read that the best mixing agent is sodium chloride. that being said, does my entire 15ml worth of liquid consist of sodium chloride or does of a portion of the mix need to be b12? Also, should i only mix for the 15 day dose and as i get near the last doses mix for another 15 days etc.? Or can i mix it all at once? I know there should be a concern about potency. Thanks again!

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    I am doing sublingual and I used to mix it with silver and B12, however decided to do with saline this round. I read mixed comments and suggestions regarding plain saline. I got a saline solution by Baxter and it says 0.9% sodium chloride Irrigation USP, also on the bottle it says not for injection. I wonder if its then safe for sublingual usage. I just wanted to make sure if I am using the right stuff and not mess up my HCG mix. PLeaseee Help!!!!! Thanks a lot everyone

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    I am sooo lost. I want to start HCG as soon as possible. I know I want rx strength and I want the oral drops, and need to lose over 100 pounds. Other then that I'm lost. Can someone point me in the right direction. Where should I buy the drops....also what else do I need to purchase. I've been researching this forum and it's only making me more confused...lol. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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    i mixed my 5000 iu hcg with 20 ml of saline. what's my dosage. i think i messed up!


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