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Thread: Anybody using this weekend for loading(15,16,17) and start VLCD on 18th of Monday??

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    Angry 4lb gain since the morning!

    Hey everyone. Hope all is going well and scales keep going down.

    I have a question for my sanity... Has anyone had any outpatient procedures and had an increase in weight? I weighed myself right before i had radio frequency ablation (3 shots) into my lower spine today. Nothing is injected, its to kill nerve endings but i did have an iv and moderate sedation plus some iv pain Meds after. Because of not being able to eat before the procedure I only had one meal today and all of a sudden I'm 4.5 lbs heavier than this morning. I have my weekly weigh in with my Dr tomorrow and I just hate losing the 4lbs I lost this week in less than 12 hrs...Ughhh I'm afraid the scale won't go back ti where it was by tomorrow.

    If anyone has any experience with this I'd really appreciate the feedback... Thanks and good luck to all.
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    Don't ve experience with that myself. But this procedure, as any invasive medical procedure will cause inflammation, which causes water retention. In addition, the sedative med causes ur blood vessels to go wider, and this forces ur body to retain water in order to increase blood volume to fill up those vessels and keep ur blood pressure normal.
    So don't worry abt it. As soon as ur blood vessel tone returns to normal & the inflammation subsides u ll lose that water weight again.

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