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Thread: ACK!!! quick, help me find something safe from this chinese food menu!!!

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    ACK!!! quick, help me find something safe from this chinese food menu!!!

    So we have to go out to dinner with my brother in law for his birthday, this includes the whole family and tons of friends. My husband and I are both on VLCD4 and dont want to screw it up!! But we also dont want to spend the entire evening discussing this diet with the fam, who are super critical and opinionated, and will have LOTS to say about hcg.

    Here's a link to the restaurant's menu, click on the photos..


    obviously we'll have to deconstruct something, but any tips on how to order without drawing huge amounts of attention to our food choices??

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Almost every chinese place has steamed white meat chicken and broccoli, order that with any sauce on the side, no rice. If anyone ask just say you are eating "healthy". I would say if you have to go, that would be your best option. Good luck!

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    thank you! I think thats the best bet, better than trying to order a dish "no oil, no butter, no sauce, no marinade" and hope it comes out like that!

    we are stuck going or I would find a good reason to back out, haha. have to drive 2 hours to get there, too! boo.


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