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Thread: Could this cause a gain?

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    Could this cause a gain?

    Yesterday at dinner i started eating when i realized i forgot to take my drops. So i ate my shrimp, waited 15 minutes, took my drops, waited another 20 mins and ate my cucumbers and strawberries. I did have a double serving of strawberries too. Earlier for lunch i had a burger w/mrs dash and tomatoes (and a 1/2 tbsp reduced sugar ketchup-i know, not protocol). The meat was 88% lean and i cooked in my goerge foreman so alot of the fat dripped away. I also didn't drink all my water for the day Today i woke up to a .8 gain. I was doing awesome up until now. What should i do?

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    A double portion of strawberries is never a good idea. And hamburger and tomato makes a lot of people gain. Especially when it's not lean burger. Nothing you can do about it though but stay on protocol. It will drop back off.

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    Could this cause a gain?

    Ok. Gonna just stay on protocol. Maybe cut my fruit today. And regarding the timing of the drops, does it matter if i take them before or after i eat (as long i wait 15 mins). I was busy at work today and ate before taking them.

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    Could this cause a gain?

    Ok. Thanks!


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