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Thread: Can I drop most of the carbs and increase the protein?

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    Can I drop most of the carbs and increase the protein?

    I seem to do so much better when my carb intake is very low. Is it possible to drop the fruit, melba toast and maybe even one of the veggies? Would I need to increase my protein? I'd really like to give it a try, but would like some advice before I jump in, lol.

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    I would drop one fruit, the melba and try that. You can drop both fruits if you like but you might have more trouble with constipation. I wouldn't drop any of the veggies. They have negligible carbs.

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    If I drop the fruit and melba do I need to increase the protein? If so, what should I increase it to?

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    Hi Colleen,

    Today I'm dropping two fruits and increasing protein by 200 cals.
    Is it ok to use the extra protein as a snack?

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    Yes increase by 100 calories per fruit.

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    I wouldn't drop both fruits but a lot of people do better when they skip the melba. I would keep at least one fruit and both veggies. You can have the extra protein as a snack. You don't have to add it to your actual meals.

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    Gluten is the devil for MOST people so I would definitely drop the melba!!!!

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    In my previous rounds and most of this one: I've dropped both fruits, or at least one of the fruit. I've never done the melba. I also don't increase the protein or veggies any which puts me under 500 calories most days. I've always understood this to be okay and not needed to increase protein. Do you think it's better to increase your protein amount if you drop the fruit as opposed to eating concsistently under the 500 calories? Generally, I don't have too much hunger at all.

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