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Thread: P2 "Mini Steak Day"???

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    P2 "Mini Steak Day"???

    I've been having major stalls this round. Im going crazy and getting really pissed off. Im following protocol to a t. Im walking and toning 2-3 times a week. I've only lost 1.2 in the past 8 days! I have at least 11 more pound to lose and only 9 days left of p2. I just read about a mini steak day. I don't know if this is real or someone just made it up, but it is basically a p3 steak day but with a lean 3.5 ounce steak instead. Does this sound right?
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    What can I do to break this stall?

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    Unfortunately, "have patience" is the best answer.
    You're still burning fat, but you're also now holding more water. It will break!
    You can try cutting down to 1 fruit instead of 2 (still keep your total daily calories up close to 500) and make sure you're drink enough water.
    Avoid the scale for a couple of days if you can stand it. (Easier suggested than done...)
    Hang in there!!!!!

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    I do cut fruit on some days and drink all my water. I have to weigh myself everyday. I always have even before I ever heard of hcg. It's just easier for me to control my weight that way. I am getting closer to my ultimate goal, but I mean that's still 20-25 pounds away. I'm just so annoyed. I coukd understand if i was cheating, but thats thats whats making me so frustrated. I havent cheated at all! I kinda feel like why bother when I'm not seeing the scale go down
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    It's common to have a stall right where you are. Most women who do a 23 day round lose 12-15 pounds in that time. If you thought you'd lose a pound a day, you were misinformed, darn it. The first week much of your losses were water. in the 2nd week, your body replaces the water but still loses fat, so it doesn't show up on the scales. I know it's frustrating but it's part of the process.

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    But in my other 3 rounds I DID lose a pound a day. (My last round I averaged .94 per day). I've also never had a stall last this long before. Could it be slower this time because I have less to lose?
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