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Thread: Please help, hcg dosage question day 5 VLCD.

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    Exclamation Please help, hcg dosage question day 5 VLCD.

    I also posted on newbie section
    I'm 5 lbs down but feel it should be more.... I have been so super strict following protocol.. I am only injecting 17 units a day on a 30 unit insulin syringe. Is my dose too low? I am 5'5" 142.5 currently. I was fine after day 1 VLCD up until last night and today, feeling hungry in between which was not happening.... So appreciate any support in advance!!!


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    I'd guess your dose is too high. With the way doctors have you mix, that's probably 170 iu which is pretty high for most. Try skipping your next shot and see how you feel by evening. That said, 5 pounds in 5 days is really good! You won't continue to average a pound a day but it's a great start.

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    Thank you and if I experience no hunger tomorrow, how much do you think I should drop it by? I mixed 5cc bac water to 5,000 . . Thanks so much

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    Thanks so much!!! :-)

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    That's exactly what it was. No shot today and no hunger and I even omitted 2nd fruit.... Tomorrow I will go for 14 units, thx again!!!

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