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Thread: Get Potassium from FOOD not Smart Water

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    Get Potassium from FOOD not Smart Water

    After reading some posts about people drinking Smart Water for potassium, I bought some today. Wish I had researched it first. Only 10mg potassium in a whole liter! The RDA is 4700mg. What a ripoff. Here are some better potassium sources for us in P2:

    Beet greens cooked 655 mg per 1/2 cup
    Tomato paste 664 mg in quarter cup (sauce is pretty high too)
    Halibut cooked, 572 mg in 3.5 oz
    Cod cooked, 512 mg in 3.5 oz
    Spinach cooked 419 mg per 1/2 cup
    Swiss chard 100 grams raw 379 mg
    Kale 100 grams raw 264 mg
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