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Thread: Flax Seed Meal - Carb Content

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    Flax Seed Meal - Carb Content

    I see so many people raving about Minute Muffins on this forum and decided to try one today. It was super yummy but when I entered it into my food diary, I noticed it has a significant carb content. 1/4 Cup had 8g carbs...which sounds super low but I'm trying to keep my carbs to less than 10% of my daily caloric intake during P3. Usually come in around 6-7%.

    However, I also noticed that all the carbs are attributed to fiber...not sugar or starch.

    So my question is this...do those carbs count towards my daily carb intake???


    R1: 42 Days; Start 210#; Stabilized 188.4#; -24"
    R2: 32 Days; 190.4#; Stabilized 178.4; -12"

    R3: After Load - 183.2
    R3/Week 1 - 178.2 (-5.0)
    VLCD #8 - 178.2 (-0.0) NO CHANGE!
    VLCD #9 - 177.2 (-1.0) YAY!

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