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Thread: List of P3 approved foods

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    List of P3 approved foods

    I'm only in the middle of my first round phase 2, but I like to try to be ahead on what's coming up. So I was wondering if anyone had a list of P3 foods that are ok. Obviously I will be adding them slowly to see how I gain or not, but just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purrtyflirty View Post
    Go to Forum: General hCG Diet Information and read the sticky titled "Thread: Newcomer information- come here first!!"
    Including the links. It will give you lots of information including how to approach P3.
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    Great P3 info, courtesy of Margie (mgsondance.)

    Margie knows A LOT and I try to read all her posts...she's one of my Protocol Gurus!

    I'm starting P3 tomorrow and am scared outta my everlovin' mind! gah!

    Making a shopping list now.

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    R3 Total: - BUST
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    Also if you have a iphone I found a great app. Just wish I would have had it when I was in P2. Its called HCG Diet app and is wonderful. It has a list of what you can it in each phase and how much. You just type in the name and it give you all the info. You can add it keeps track of your measurements, pictures, and water intake. Tells you when you need to take a steak day in P3 and has a count down of each phase.

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    P3 is no added sugar, and no starch. You have to read the labels of everything. Look at the ingredients, not the nutritional info. For example, dairy products have natural sugars reflected in the nutritional box, but don't necessarily have added sugar according to the ingredient list.

    Here's a list of P3 hard to find foods:

    Market Pantry Reduced Sodium (Target store brand)
    Safeway Select Reduced Sodium (Safeway store brand)
    Albertson's Reduced Sodium (Albertson's store brand)
    Kroger Reduced Sodium
    Jimmy Dean Reduced Sodium
    Gwaltney Beef Bacon
    Kirkland Signature Low Sodium (Costco store brand)

    Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vinegar
    Marie's (found in the refrigerated section):
    - Chunky Blue Cheese
    - Yogurt Blue Cheese
    - Premium Super Blue Cheese
    - Lite Chunky Blue Cheese
    - Creamy Italian Garlic
    Bolthouse Farms (in the refrigerated section):
    - Parmigiano Caesar Yogurt Dressing
    Annie's Naturals:
    - Tuscany Italian
    - Caesar
    - Goddess
    - Green Garlic
    - Oil and Vinegar
    - Lemon and Chive
    Brianna's Real French Vinaigrette

    Mountain High Original Plain
    Stonyfield Organic Plain, (Cream Top, Low-Fat, and Fat Free)
    Dannon All Natural Plain (all fat contents)

    Greek Yogurts:
    Fage Plain, (all fat contents)
    Oikos Plain
    Chobani Plain, (all fat contents)
    Voskos Plain, (all fat contents)
    Dannon Plain 0% fat

    Daisy (full fat and light)

    PEANUT BUTTER (many health food stores will allow you to grind peanuts into butter)
    Laura Scudder's (all except Reduced Fat)

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    I'd like to add for the peanut butter, any brand (Smucker's is the most popular) that's all natural and contains ONLY peanuts or peanuts and salt.

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    Peanut butter is technically P4 because it is a legume not a nut.
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    I totally forgot that my iPhone app has a list of foods! Duh!! Lol I love using the app to track my weight. Thank you!

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