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Thread: favorite scale?

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    favorite scale?

    Any input on reliable bathroom scales? Mine fluctuates by two pounds!

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    EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale from Amazon. I love that scale. You can read all the reviews on Amazon.

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    Taylor Digital scale. I got mine at Target for about $30. It is extremely accurate.
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    favorite scale?

    Digital sales (all of them) need about 30-30 sec to warm up before giving an accurate reading, and need to be level. Try actually using a level and see. And try letting the scale "warm up" I usually step on mine with one foot for 30sec then hop off let it zero and get back on. It seems like forever, but all in all it's still less than a min total to weigh in. I have an 11 dollar scale from harbor freight that has been very good to me, ad very reliable. custom made glass beads and classes on glass bead making.

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    I love my fitbit aria scale, it then syncs to my computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LynneR View Post
    Taylor Digital scale. I got mine at Target for about $30. It is extremely accurate.
    This is what I have. It works well.


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