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Thread: Homeopathic HCG Lounge January 2012

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    Happy Friday Everyone!!

    Woke up to a 2 lb loss this morning along with 1.8 loss yesterday. I've officially released 10.2 lbs since Monday!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth_M View Post
    Naida just needs to keep that baby inside till this has blown over. She's due in 10 days.
    Nesting at Nana's...sweet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ceridwen View Post
    the best time for my hubby El to get his open heart surgery
    Prayed for you both this morning! For wisdom to ask the right questions and make clear the direction, and confidence to walk it through.

    Quote Originally Posted by wallsie View Post
    The dad and son were rescued because they floated out of the car and people got to them... hospitalized.. but mom and baby's body were found. A man jumped in and was able to break the window with a hammer but then the car just "disappeared" on him. Last I heard they still couldn't find the car in the water. All happened in a grocery store parking lot.
    What??? - in a grocery store parking lot????

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    Quote Originally Posted by mustgetfit View Post
    Happy Friday Everyone!!

    Woke up to a 2 lb loss this morning along with 1.8 loss yesterday. I've officially released 10.2 lbs since Monday!!
    WOW- amazing loss!

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    Yay! down .8 today (13.2 total on day 15) I measured today and was 21.5 in down from 2 weeks ago. YIPPEE. have a good day everyone, we got snow so my kids have a snow day!!
    Post load:163.8
    WEEK 1: -8.6pounds
    WEEK 2: -4.6pounds
    WEEK 3: -1.8pounds==15lbs total

    LDW: 148.8

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    Quote Originally Posted by llissa View Post

    What??? - in a grocery store parking lot????
    Yeah. we are in a state of emergency here. hopefully things will start to recede today even though the big river hasn't crested yet.. it is expected to be above flood level, too. The small water ways are what has produced yesterday's crisis


    Highest weight 204
    Start HHCG 180 March 2011
    R1P2- 14.5 pounds/165.5
    R2P2- start weight 164.5
    R2P2 w3 VLCD 153 ENDED at 20 days- 152.5/ July 6
    R2P3 July 14- 151.5
    R2P3 July 28- 150.5
    R3P2 Sept 10- 151.5
    R3P2 Sept 18- 146.5
    R3P2 Sept 28- 140.5 START P3 again
    R3P3 Oct 6-140.5
    R3P3 Oct 18 -140 and P3 ends
    P3P4 Oct 19 starts
    R3P4- Oct 21===140

    R4 P2- start 148 feb 4

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    So far so good, 318.4 is what my weight is when i got home today.
    August 2011 - 367bls
    January 2012 - 331lbs
    July 2012 - 282lbs
    August 12 2012 - 290lbs

    After loading - 293.4
    Day 1 - 289.2 (-4.2)
    Day 2 - 285.4 (-3.8)
    Day 3 - 283.2 (-2.2)
    Day 4 - 282.8 (-.4)
    Day 5 - 283.8 (+1)
    Day 6 - 281.2 (-2.6)
    Day 7 - 279.9 (-1.3)
    Day 8 - 278.2 (-1.7)
    Day 9 - 279.4 (+1.2) - brithday dinner
    Bad weekend out of town no drops. Had cheat days
    Day 10 - 283.1 (+3.7) - no drops

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    Round 1 Phase2 HCG Drops
    Lot's going on the board today. Stay strong and prayers to all! We finally got some snow here in Mass... only 3 inches or so but 1st snowfall of the year (been since Halloween),

    I had a big goose egg today But the great news is.... I went to the doctors yesterday for a blood pressure check.. the last six months or so it has been very high (for me anyhow) 145/92.
    I couldnt believe it 132/70!!! I dont have to go on blood pressure medicine.. I am so excited. I've only lost 16lbs but what a difference it made.

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Lots of good losses today... so sorry for those of you with weather-related issues- it really sucks.

    I'm drinking a cup of Yerba Mate- it's kinda gross... I haven't tried the chocolate one yet. Isn't it funny how I'm so paranoid that it will cause a gain or stall yet last weekend i had no problem saying yes to wine and french fries? The mind is a strange thing... at least mine is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diane69 View Post
    Betsy, I am too still re-losing from my gain over the holidays. Almost there ( 1lb. To go). Then it's all gravey from there on out! Yep I'm with you on the patch just wish I had known about a lot sooner! Gonna sell my bottles of drops that I had stock piled, don't think I'll ever go back!
    I still have two pounds to go now after weighing this morning to reach that "new" territory. I'm a bit disappointed though in only a .4 loss esp since I had a goose egg yesterday. I should lose on average 3lbs in the 3rd week and I'm only at .4 and I'm half way thru week 3. Not sure what to think the problem is. This is the weight range that I stabilized at for a good while in last round so maybe that's a set point? Not exactly sure what a set point is but I've seen it mentioned on the forums a bunch. How do you break past it? Or maybe I should just end P2 now, take my week PI, and then start P2 again? Not sure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lessofkate View Post
    Okay, here's my two cents on the whole "scale number" thing: I am 45 years old and I have no desire to make myself look 25 (actually, to be honest, I am much thinner and in much better shape now than I was at 25)! We women should be proud of the miles we've been down and hold our heads up high (it helps reduce the chin waddle : )

    I thank God for each new day that I have with the people I love and for the opportunity to continue this journey called life. I also thank Him for my hcg journey - the peeps it has brought into my life and the joy it has given me in my accomplishment. There is no way I'm going to squander that joy because "society" thinks I should look 25. Society can kiss my droopy booty!!!!
    Plucky attitude! I like it! There is a lot to be said for gaining perspective as you get older. The things we used to obsess about in our 20' and 30's are just not that important after all.

    AFM: I am rejoicing at my new size. You have to be happy with how you look and feel, taking into consideration such things as age and leftover effects from pregnancy or surgery.

    Quote Originally Posted by dfrf0424 View Post
    Down 1.1lb and happy with that. I had a oops, making dip for coworker Bday and licked the spoon, I wasn't thinking. This is going to be a rough day, Food everywhere. I notice conversations abouth how long to go. 23 vs 30 vs 40 or taking a break in the middle and jumping back in. Is there any place where we have stats on success with the different days. I have no idea what I need to do, I want to lose 30 lbs by my Bday. Then I will work for my next goal. Do you think I can lose 30 lbs from Feb to April? My mind has been running all the different ways and now I feel overwhelmed. Stop the madness lol.
    From your ticker, I could not tell if you lost 32 lbs in the first round or a net loss of 16?

    You might lose 30 by April, but since losses typically slow in subsequent rounds, you might not. You have to take each round at a time. If your head is in the game and you are averaging a half pound a day in a round, that is a sign to stay with it.

    The greatest losses are the first week of Round 1, probably due to the fact that we ate a lot of carbs up to that point and too late at night. Also the percentage of body fat is greatest then. Once you begin losing, there is not as much left and losses can slow.

    Losses also depend on inflammation, sleep, hormones, and cheating (including the "but I only had a little____").

    If you were not stable in previous P3/4s, then it would be advisable to do at least 30 days of HCG and then watch the scale closely for any sensitivities to show up during maintenance.

    Sometimes, we take a break from P2 due to travel. It could be stabilizing or it could mean a gain.

    What you are after is stabilization after the loss. Sticking to the plan strictly will insure greater success.

    Good luck!

    AFM: Down 1.4 this morning. Relosing is not fun, but seeing the scale move back down is nice.

    Hugs to all of you with weather challenges, grief, and disappointment. Take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing.
    Post-HCG & Post-Leptin Reset, working on adrenals and thyroid, and taking charge of my own health at Optimal Health Cave link
    Currently getting back to the ticker weight.

    Dr. Simeons' protocol, Pounds & Inches at
    Why We Get Fat & What to Do About it by Gary Taubes
    Ageless by Suzanne Somers
    The Mood Cure by Julia Ross


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