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Thread: dosing question

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    dosing question

    Hi Grammy,
    I want to start a second round and dont know about dosing. Did the first round thru a clinic but find that I'm not stabilizing well, so would love to try it on my own. How do i know what my dose should be and how do I mix the hcg for shots? Never did the shots before!

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    Read thru the newcomers posts and there seems to be so many different opinions that it's overwhelming! Do you mix it just the one time and then draw all the shots out of the one vial? Or is there a specific post you can recommend- or video explaining it?

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    how many iu's do you suggest I buy? Lookin to lose another 15-20 lbs and not sure how long of a round I would need. Thanks for all your help!
    Read all the newcomer info, and finally understand to just disregard everything else and follow the formula given there. Very overwhelming but excited to get started!

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    They say it is best to buy a few 2000 vials, so you can mix more often, thus having fresher product. A lot of people mix another batch after 2 weeks. Others buy a 5000 and use it all the way thru. I know you have to do a minimum of 23 injections, but Grammy always reccs at least 30 injections for better stablization, just by what she has seen with people. HTH

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    was planning on buying the 2000 vials but didnt know how many to buy? how long sshould one 2000 vial last? also, do you skip a day once a week or give the shots all the way through?

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    i bought 3 vials of corion 2000. will be mixing one vial every 12-13 shots depending on when it runs out. i will be skipping every 7th day. so 6 shots then skip - repeat. i'm pulling each shot every day as needed that way its easier if i have to adjust my dose. i started on 150iu but per Grammy that may be too strong. i'm gonna see how i feel after a few days of vlcd and then adjust as needed.

    this mixing formula was the easiest for me to do - mix the corion 2000 with 4ml bac water. using a 1ml syringe, each 10 units (100 in all) will equal out to 50iu of hcg. so 150iu will be 30 units, 125iu will be 25 units etc.

    remember that this is what worked for me. it may not be workable for you so you'll need to find the formula that's easiest for you and makes sense. also remember to buy enough bac water (lol i almost didn't and would have been highly irritated to have to reorder)

    i hope this helps and good luck

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    I'm takin Corion 5000 and am at a dose of about 110 which is what seemed to work last round. Is it too low? My friends take the maximum dose of 200 and think I'm nuts I feel some hunger here and there. I'm only 3 days into my 3rd round so I know I need a little more time to know for sure. Would just like your opinion

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