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Thread: Ask Grammy

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    Round 3 P3 (Final!) Rx injections
    Hi Grammy,

    I'm on day 25 on P2 and because I was feeling weak after skip days and throughout the week, I increased my dosage yesterday (3 clicks of transdermal gel vs. 2).
    I had a burst of new energy today in the afternoon but after dinner am very weak. Walking upstairs is exhausting. For the past few days I've been cutting out a fruit and increasing my protein but I still am super low in energy.

    I was originally going for 40+ days but can't due to a scheduled trip in April. What are the reasons for weakness? Maybe my hcg lost its potency (it's a 6 week dosage of gel in the fridge) or I lost muscle + fat.. Do you think it's okay to stop at day 30 or day 33 (with 2 skip days under my belt)?

    Even though I'm not at goal weight (about 5 lbs away) I'd rather stabilize for 3 solid weeks of P3 before I leave on a trip to China for all of P4.

    Please let me know what you think~ I really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much!!
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    Hi Grammy,

    It felt like actual hunger but it must be an empty feeling which I am not used to. I'll take my HCG today and really be perceptive this time. Thank you, Grammy.

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    Hi Grammy,

    I was just wondering how did you eat your foods while on p2? Did you eat breakfast? Or wait till noon to eat? Did you use your fruits as snacks? Thank you!

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    Hi Grammy,

    I am gearing up to start my second round and need some advice! I was originally going to start loading on 3/12 but I am running in a 5k on 3/17, so I have pushed it back a little. I would like to start my injections on the day of the race, so I can load all weekend. Do you think this will be a problem? I know I would be burning through a lot of those extra calories and don't want to sabotage myself, but I also don't want to wait too much longer....I am really chomping at the bit to get started again!!

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    mlee, did the weakness just start? If it did, it might be that the stuff has lost potency. The other reasons for weakness are wrong dose or the hcg isn't working for you. I generally tell people that if they can't fix the weakness, they should STOP because they are losing normal fat and muscle and will just regain the weight anyway.

    Let me know how you feel, trying! The empty feeling is good. Actual hunger is not.

    Sue, I have done it both ways. Some rounds I ate one of my fruits for breakfast. That was early on though and in later rounds I skipped breakfast like the protocol said. That was easier on a lower dose than my first two rounds.

    Marni, that should be fine!

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    Hello Grammy...
    My hubby and I are on VLCD26. I have lost 14.2 lb and he has lost 25 lb. Lucky men...we have followed the exact same diet and he has lost so much more. We are a bit nervous about P3. A couple of questions. Can we start taking out multi vitamins again? Should we eat a certain amount of calories each day? We have planned out our menu and though we would introduce eggs for two days....then just cheese for two more days....and yogurt after that for two days. Then if they are all of we will start to eat them on the same day. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oh...and one more thing. Should or can we exercise during p3?

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    I have a really important event coming up the end of March and need to be on a unrestricted diet. By the time we do our injection tomorrow and finish out our VLCD for 72 hours we will have 29 days of VLCD. Do you think that will be ok?

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